BRAID-Kids Newsletter - May 2011


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BRAID-Kids, University of Alberta

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BRAID-Kids Newsletter - May 2011

  1. 1. BRAID-Kids-newsletter-May2011_page1.pdf 1 16/05/11 8:53 PM BRAID-Kids Newsletter May 2011, Volume 2 - Number 1 Cree Pride Tessirae Campiou, BRAID-Kids Research Assistant. She is energetic and is motivated to work with families... (especially those that feed her!) C M Y Driftpile Diabetes Co-ordinator and an active member of BRAID-Kids. She advocates for healthy living for community members. CM MY Priscilla Lalonde, Community Research Consultant. Priscilla is pleased to work with the project and is looking forward to meeting community members. CY CMY K Karie Quinn, R.D. Community Dietitian Consultant. Karie has been coming to Driftpile for a couple of years now to work with families in making healthier food choices. Dr. Ellen Toth Diabetes doctor UA BRAID of RESEARCH If you see them around Driftpile, say “Hi!” Kelli Campbell, Research Assistant T TEA Th TE The TEAM The TEAM E Paulette Campiou, Have YOU tried the BEEP TEST yet? s! BRAID-KIDS TESTING Prizees! Wednesday, June 8th 9:00 am Mihtatakaw Sipiy School Gym Priz Children will be brought to the gym with their class first thing in the morning to get tested. We will measure your child’s: > Blood sugars > Blood pressure > Weight, height & waist > Fitness (running test) To get tested, children must be fasting. They should have nothing to eat or drink (except water) after midnight on Tuesday June 7th, and no breakfast before coming to school on Wednesday June 8th. You’re also invited to: DIABETES WALK & LUNCHEON A BRAID-Kids info session & forum will take place during the luncheon Tuesday, June 7th 9:00am - 2:00pm Mihtatakaw Sipiy School Gym For info call 780-355-3931 A healthy breakfast will be provided after testing On June 8th.... un! Fun R un! Fun R un! Fun R Come HUNGRY and ready to RUN! To sign-up or to get some more info, please contact Tessirae at the Maggie Willier Wellness Centre (780-355-3931), or visit her at LEGENDS GYM.
  2. 2. BRAID-Kids-newsletter-May2011_page2.pdf 1 16/05/11 9:13 PM BRAID-Kids LEGENDS GYM Open Monday-Thursday 11 am - 4 pm (until end of May) M Y CM MY CY CMY K COMMUNITY EVENTS C As part of BRAID-Kids, Tessirae has been opening up the gym. Stop by and check out the equipment and have a chat with Tessirae! “SEE TESS RUN! RUN RUN, TESS, RUN!” PLANTING A GARDEN? Need someone to help with plowing and/or tilling? The Health Centre can help! Contact Paulette or Tessirae Phone: 780-355-3931 Oh, LIGHTEN-UP!... with these healthy favourites from Nutritionist Karie Quinn: Don’t “Gotta Be KD” Mac & Cheese! Ingredients: KD Instructions: BEST GARDEN CONTEST The Driftpile Diabetes Program and the BRAID-Kids project are hosting a "Best Garden" contest. Details will be posted soon! FOUR FIRE CEREMONY TEACHINGS The Health Centre will be hosting "Four Fire Ceremony Teachings" at the Elders Lodge. These sessions are for any woman or young woman going into womanhood to complete a ceremony dress, shawl and moccasins. These will prepare you for the Rites of Passage. For more information and to register contact the Health Centre. Phone: 780-355-3931. CLINICS: At the Health Centre Phone: 780-355-3931 Footcare Clinic Every 2 months Contact: Paulette SLICK Community Screener Clinic (Diabetes) June dates TBA Contact: Paulette 1 ½ cups cooked macaroni or pasta shells (small) Cheese Sauce: ¼ cup margarine ¼ cup all-purpose flour 1 tsp dry mustard ½ tsp pepper (optional) ¼ tsp hot sauce (optional) 3 ½ cups 1% Milk ¾ lb Shredded Cheddar Cheese ½ tsp paprika or favourite herb (optional) 1. In a large pan melt margarine over medium heat; remove from heat and add flour, mustard and hot sauce (if desired) and stir until blended. 2. Whisk in milk, then bring to a boil over medium heat, whisking often to prevent burning. Lower heat and simmer for 5 minutes until thick. 3. Remove from heat and stir in cheese. 4. Sprinkle paprika or your favourite herb over the top for color and taste! (This yummy cheese sauce can also be used on broccoli or cauliflower!) Yummy Cheese-Stuffed Trout Li Trout kaa shiipahwit avik li Frimaazh Recipe shared by the Labrador Métis Nation From the Métis Cookbook and Guide to Healthy Living Ingredients: 2 lbs. whole trout, cleaned ¹⁄2 cup fresh mushrooms, sliced ¹⁄2 cup green onion, chopped ¹⁄2 cup green pepper, chopped 2 tbsp. grated parmesan cheese Salt and pepper to taste Instructions: 1. In a small bowl, combine mushrooms, green onion, green pepper and parmesan cheese. 2. Spoon into cavity of fish, seasoning with salt and pepper. 3. Securely close cavity with toothpicks or skewer to keep stuffing inside. 4. Place on lightly greased broiler pan. 5. Broil 4–5” from heat, about 5 to 10 minutes on each side, or until fish flakes easy. Makes 6 servings. Exchange recipes and find other resources - Visit BRAID-Kids on