Film Crew


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Film Crew

  1. 1. Roles in the film production By Sufia Begum 12A2
  2. 2. Director The director is responsible for managing the creative aspects of a film, such as controlling the what goes into the film plot, directing the actors and picking the locations for the film to be shot. The director also has to manage technical details such as the positioning the cameras and the lighting.
  3. 3. Producer A film producer instruct, manages, oversees, and controls matters such as raising the fund, hiring employees and arranging for distributors. The producer is involved throughout the all stages of the film production.
  4. 4. Art director The production designer is responsible for the art director. The art director supervises the artists and the craftspeople, for instance the set designers and graphic artists. The art director and the construction coordinator work closely together so that are able to manage the artistic and textural details of sets.
  5. 5. Make -up Artists The Make-up artists is responsible for the actors or actress makeup, hair and special effects. Their role is to change the actor's appearance on screen. For example to makes them look youthful, older, or to make them look hideous. This is done so that the actor can look the part for them film.
  6. 6. Costume designer The costume designer is in charge for the clothe and costumes worn by all the actors that appear on screen. They also have to design, plan, and organize the production of some of the garments. This include what the fabric should be , the colours and the sizes. The costume designer and the director work very closely together as they need to understand and interpret "character“.
  7. 7. Production sound mixer The production sound mixer is person in charge of the sound department . They are responsible for recording all the sound during filming. Their job involves what type microphones they should use, operation of a sound recording device, and occasionally the mixing of audio signals in real time.
  8. 8. Director of photography The director of photography is in charge of the camera and lighting crew. Their jobs description involves making decisions on lighting and framing of scenes . Usually, the director inform the director of photography how the shot should look.
  9. 9. Publicist A publicist job is to produce and oversee publicity for a film. This is important as they try produce a positive publicity and try to avoid negatives publicity.
  10. 10. Sound editor <ul><li>The sound editor is in charge of gathering and editing all the sound effects in the soundtrack . </li></ul>Lighting technicians Lighting technicians is responsible of setting up and controlling lighting equipment.
  11. 11. Stunt man/double A stunt double is a specially skilled replacement of an actor. Their roles is perform dangerous stunts, in movies or television which the actors cannot perform. For example such as jumping off a building, jumping of a moving vehicle and other dangerous actions. Stunt doubles are mainly used when an actor's physical condition prevent them from performing the stunts.