Content Context & Chaos


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My talk for SDL's Innovate ( #SDLInnovate ) conference in San Jose. I discuss how content can be a centralizing force to content marketing, context is the new CMO mandate - and the embrace of context can actually be a smart way to construct a process for driving better customer experiences.

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Content Context & Chaos

  1. 1. @Robert_Rose
  2. 2. We can skip this part, right?Growth, fragmentation, multiple channels...
  3. 3. The true challenge is the pressure of executing fastand chaotic change while simultaneously deliveringincreasingly profitable, data-driven results.
  4. 4. CMO’s feelthe pressure“on the clock”
  5. 5. CMO’s feelthey don’thave the rightpeople
  6. 6. CMO’s feelunready fortechnology... and yet...
  7. 7. “Creating customerexperiences withcontent will havehuge effect. Wehave to figure outhow to stayrelevant andengaging.”CMOFortune 500 CPG Company
  8. 8. They’re notunaware.They’re justwrong.
  9. 9. Who’s afraid of the marketing hipster?
  10. 10. A centralizing, grounding force.
  11. 11. Most organizations are siloedNow even within marketing
  12. 12. Most organizations realizethese silos are inefficient, atbest, and want to transform
  13. 13. B2C & B2B processes for CXMshare a vision, but are moredifferent than alike
  14. 14. Marketing doesn’t really need orwant any more technology
  15. 15. WEB SOCIAL CRM BRAND EMKTG PRWebsiteContentSEOTrafficSEOLeadsFacebookTwitterLILikesFollowersTwitterCRMCommunityTVRADIOStrategy????BlogEmailContentWorkingon itPressNewsroomEarnedMediaNotFortune 500 Insurance Company
  16. 16. !Unified!Content!Process!!Social!Brand!Social!CRM!Brand!Web!Team!E:Marke<ng!Public!Rela<ons!Can you re-align content engagement as centralizing forceFind new, cross-functional roles within each teamCentralize content/experience strategyMeasurement aligned for content, not teams.
  17. 17. “A fragmented approach tocontent leads to inconsistentmessaging; huge variations invoice, tone, brand, andmessaging; and an inconsistentcustomer experience.”Rebecca Lieb
  18. 18. We Forgot Marketing.....
  19. 19. Build your content and experience powergrid, one house, one street at a time.
  20. 20. An experience, and content imperative
  21. 21. Everythingour CMSdoesn’tdoWhat wewish a CMSwoulddoThesexy, coolvendornew featuresHow marketers purchase content technologyTHESPREADSHEET
  22. 22. CMSDoesn’tDoWishListSexy, CoolNew FeaturesWe’ll waitfor Phase 2on this.Our rationalizationfor purchaseWe don’tunderstandthis stuffHow marketers purchase content technology
  23. 23. All WCMS FailAll SOE’s will FAILImplementationfocused on change is criticalCREATE: CONTEXTUAL CONTENTDELIVER: CONTEXTUAL EXPERIENCES
  24. 24. Technology optimizes experience. Understanding theaudiences enables optimization of content.
  25. 25. Reviewing content and contextual experiences
  26. 26. CMO’s depend solely on marketingresearch and competitivebenchmarketing.
  27. 27. Solely using data in aggregate to optimizeexperiences, only perpetuates biasesyou may already have built in.
  28. 28. AMBIENT CONTEXT: Just be observant...CONTENT NEEDS: Insight
  29. 29. IMPLICIT CONTEXT: Infer from behaviorCONTENT NEEDS: Empathy
  30. 30. Financial Services ConsultancyEngagement or frustration?Long form or short form content?SOLUTION: Understand audience needs anddeliver appropriate content to appropriate channel
  31. 31. EXPLICIT CONTEXT: Noting/Listening To PreferencesCONTENT NEEDS: Intimacy
  32. 32. •  Volunteer*to*go*on*the*Summer*“Get*To*Know*Ya”*Tour*•  Visited*30*Customers*in*10*ci?es*over*12*Weeks**•  NOT*About*Product*–*About*Connec?on*•  Discoveries*Galore…*Photos*Galore…*Stories*Galore…*•  They*didn’t*care*about*75%*the*stuff*we*were*talking*about.*•  Wanted*us*to*help*them*with*adop?on*programs….**More*FUN*One innovative example…!
  33. 33. Investing in creative uncertainty
  34. 34. data in hand is used to optimizetransactions - not create relationshipsIt’s the engagement that’s important,systems can come with time.
  35. 35. “We delegate what’suncomfortable. Processmakes us comfortable,organized and scalable. Butdo we need to pit it againstcreativity?We require mental andphysical space for ideas tobe shaped, shared, iterated,stomped to smithereens andreiterated.”- Beth ComstockCMO, GE
  36. 36. I was either going tohave to spend 2 Yearsteaching our agenciesand structuring theprocess to do this.Or, I could give it awayand get straight towork.”      -­‐  J.  Mildenhall
  37. 37. Jonathan MildenhallVP, Worldwide CreativeCoca Cola
  38. 38. What Is Your 10%
  39. 39. Thanks....