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Customers, Content & Experiences - Beyond Random Acts Of Technology


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This is the talk I gave at Intelligent Content 2014 #ICC2014 and also the keynote address for ContentTech #ContentTech. It's about how CIO/CMO Alignment is about more than just understanding one another - and suggests a framework for addressing the landscape of technology.

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Customers, Content & Experiences - Beyond Random Acts Of Technology

  1. 1. #ContentTECH @Robert_Rose  
  2. 2. #ContentTECH Hi,  I’m  Robert  Rose  @Robert_Rose     @Robert_Rose  
  3. 3. #ContentTECH @Robert_Rose  
  4. 4. #ContentTECH Only  three  ideas  I’d  like  you  to  explore  further…   @Robert_Rose   Yeah,  that     and  3  Presents  
  5. 5. #ContentTECH The  Content  Marke?ng  journey…   A  Form  Not  A  Formula   •  •  Connected  concepts   Not  a  linear  pathway   @Robert_Rose   Our  customers’  journeys  aren’t  linear  –   so,  why  do  we  expect  that  guiding  them  will  be?  
  6. 6. #ContentTECH In  it,  we  see  much  of  the  “digital  transforma?on”   CLASSIC   MARKETING   @Robert_Rose   “Tradi?onal”   1.0  Digital   2.0  Social  &   Content  
  7. 7. #ContentTECH But from what decade is our technology? We  started  with  content…Because,  you   know…  Web  sites!     Web     Analy?cs   Web  Content  Mgmt   Then,  it  was  about  op?mizing   Deliver  right  content  at  the  right  Ame   And  because  CRM  couldn’t  deliver.     Conversion   Analy?cs   And  CRM  is  the  handoff  point   Because,  you  know….  Not  markeAng!     Oh  yeah,  measurement  too…Which   Sales   were  the  “fries  with  that”  for  everything  we   @Robert_Rose   Metrics   purchased.   Marke?ng  Automa?on   CRM  
  8. 8. #ContentTECH Then, recently, a disturbance in the force… The  “appifica?on”  of  marke?ng…     Mobile   MarkeAng   Sales   Enablers   Video   MarkeAng   DAM   CommuniAes   Channel   MarkeAng   Dashboards   CuraAon   Social   Media   @Robert_Rose   Content  MarkeAng  Tools  
  9. 9. #ContentTECH Marketing Technology The  “appifica?on”  of  marke?ng…     @Robert_Rose  
  10. 10. #ContentTECH Enter content marketing technologies… Looking  at  the  process…     1.  Create  &  Edit  Content   2.  Aggregate,  Curate,  OpAmize  Content   3.  Promote,  Converse  &  Listen   4.  Measure  Analyze  &  Learn   @Robert_Rose  
  11. 11. #ContentTECH Enter content marketing technologies… They  are  filling  the  “in  between”   Filling  the  gaps  of  tradiAonal  tech.     5  Categories…   Content  CollaboraAon   CuraAon  &  ConversaAon   Social  Content  AnalyAcs   Engagement  AutomaAon   Na$ve  Adver$sing  &  Promo$on    (not  shown)   @Robert_Rose  
  12. 12. #ContentTECH Is this the right map? Maybe…..   But  it  really  doesn’t  maXer…  what  it   signals  is  more  important     A  strategic  inflec?on  point…   The  process  of  CM  is  becoming  beXer   understood     GeZng  beyond  random  acts  of   technology  will  be  the  key.   @Robert_Rose  
  13. 13. #ContentTECH Andy Grove’s strategic inflection points… RELEVANCE New Paradigm Dissonance Gap Old Paradigm @Robert_Rose   TIME
  14. 14. #ContentTECH We know we have to change… The  digital  disrup?on   AffecAng  our  business  and  the  way  we   market  it.     Compe??veness   We  need  to  differenAate.     Innova?on  New  Product   We  need  to  rise  above  the  noise.   @Robert_Rose  
  15. 15. #ContentTECH So….. How do we change? @Robert_Rose  
  16. 16. #ContentTECH First, we bust the CIO/CMO alignment myths Not  aligning  separate  strategies   BeXer  communicaAon  is  only  part  of   the  soluAon     It’s  not  becoming  each  other   Knowing  how  to  code  or  write  copy   does  not  an  expert  make     It’s  about  collabora?ng  on  a   new,  unified  strategy   @Robert_Rose  
  17. 17. #ContentTECH There’s good reason to collaborate…. @Robert_Rose   •  IBM  CMO  Study  2013  
  18. 18. #ContentTECH Who has the trust? *   Trust  their  CIO’s   *   DON’T  Trust  their  CMO’s   Or  are  even  impressed  with  their  work   *  Fournaise  Group  Study  -­‐  2010   @Robert_Rose  
  19. 19. #ContentTECH Who performs? *   Have  cost  over-­‐runs   17%  go  so  bad  they  threaten  company   **   •  •  Mckinsey  Study  2010   @Robert_Rose   Nielsen  Study  2009     Is  the  average  short-­‐term   return  on  marke?ng   investment  
  20. 20. #ContentTECH Currently businesses believe… Value from technology is predictable and all that’s needed is better planning. Marketing is science that should be solved with algorithms   @Robert_Rose   Neither  is  true  
  21. 21. #ContentTECH A unified strategy of content and technology Leverage  the  unique  strengths   of  each.       This  is  a  bigger  discussion  than   just  content  and  marke?ng...     But  crea?ng  customer  content   experiences  can  be  a  star?ng   point.     @Robert_Rose  
  22. 22. #ContentTECH And it’s where content strategy can shine! Hey  Content  Strategists  -­‐   looking  for  a  Raison  d’Etre   lately?     Content  strategists  can  be  the   driver  of  the  CMO/CIO   alignment.     Content  can  be  the  grounding   force  of  a  business  strategy.   @Robert_Rose   “The  coopera$on  is  there  to  democra$ze  data,   making  it  accessible  and  ac$onable  across  the   enterprise.  What  is  most  obvious  through   these  findings  is  that  this  will  not  be  possible   without  partnership,  and  no  partnership  can   flourish  without  support.”    CMO  Council  4/2013    Big  Data’s  Biggest  Role:  Aligning  the  CMO    and  the  CIO  
  23. 23. #ContentTECH A framework built to change…. @Robert_Rose  
  24. 24. #ContentTECH It’s already happening… @Robert_Rose   As  you  start  to  look  at   technologies  –  prepare   ques?ons:     Speed,  flexibility   Vs.   IntegraAon,  portability   Vs.   Scalability,   dependability  
  25. 25. #ContentTECH Summing up…. Only  you  can  stop   random  acts  of   technology     Understand  your   buyer’s  journey  –  and   where  technology  will   help  facilitate  you  and   the  customer   @Robert_Rose     Marke?ng  Technology   is  a  collabora?on  –  an   integra?on,  not   agreement  on  different   strategies.     Build  a  unified  strategy   that  drives  value   Use  the  framework  to   ask  beeer  ques?ons  –   and  as  a  “filter”  for   what  kinds  of   technology  to  buy  and   implement.  
  26. 26. #ContentTECH Three presents…. Yes, I remembered… Content  Collabora?on  Tools   13  Vendor  Profiles  &  Landscape     Content  Cura?on  &  Conversa?on  Tools   12  Vendor  Profiles  &  Landscape     Na?ve  Adver?sing  and  Promo?on  Tools   7  Vendor  Profiles  &  Landscape   @Robert_Rose  
  27. 27. #ContentTECH Thank  You  @Robert_Rose     @Robert_Rose