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  1. 1. Company :- Honda Subject:- Marketing Management - ll Course:- PGDM (2013-15) Sec-C Presented By:- Bhawan Singh, Mohit Kumar Presented to:- Dr. Mukesh Porwal
  2. 2. Company Analysis Honda motor company Limited is a Japanese public multinational corporation; primarily known as a manufacturer of automobile and motor cycle. Honda has been world largest motorcycle manufacturer since 1959 as well as world largest internal combustion engines manufacturer, its producing 14 million internal combustion every year. Company Profile Founded By:- Hamamatsu (Japan) September 24, 1948 Founder:- Soichiro Honda , Takes Fujisawa Headquarters:- Minato, Tokiyo, Japan Takanobu Ito:- President, CEO, Representative Director
  3. 3. Products Motorcycles Power equipments Engines Robots Aircraft Solar Cells Mountain Bikes Water Pump Honda Brio Honda city Honda accord Honda CR-V Honda Amaze
  4. 4. Competitors of the Honda Motor Ltd. Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd. Suzuki motor corporation Toyota Motor Corporation Hyundai motor Ltd. Tata motor Pvt. Ltd. Audi Bajaj Motor Nissan Motor Ltd.
  5. 5. Honda Cars India Ltd is a leading Manufacturer of premium cars in India. The company established in 1995 with commitment to provide Honda latest passenger car models and technologies to the Indian customer. Growth rate of Honda motor= $39.65 Operating profit =620billion yen(5.8 billion) Net Income= 3899000 Total revenue=104889000 Total Assets= 879774
  6. 6. Threat of New Entry Supplier Power Competitive Rivalry Threat Of Substitution Buyer Power
  7. 7. Competitive Rivalry:- Competitive rivalry Mean the intensity of competition among the existing competitor in the market, its depend on their capabilities. Some main rivals are the Honda Motor. These are the Toyota, Duster, M&M Ford Motor General Motor etc. Honda and these Rival keeps on innovating, improving, researching and developing to competing to the Auto industry. Example:- whenever one company release one model in the market others will catch up and have similar product to compete. Honda Activa & TVS Wego Renault Duster ( petrol RxL) Honda city ML 1.5, Honda Accord & Toyota Camry when Honda has just released its FCX Clarity, the next generation of its fuel cell vehicles, GM put their fuel cell platform into the body of a Chevy Equinox SUV.
  8. 8. Buyer Power:- Honda have a lot of competitors. So customers will confuse when they make decision for what Brand will be the best choice. It depends not only the famous company but also the price and quality. EX . Honda introduced Air Blade Scooter with functions like sport and fashion model, more fuel-efficient engine technology. Customer want to buy it must order and wait around one to two months. Warranty, Toll free no 24/7,towing benefit gives Honda. Threat of Substitution:-Means how easily your customers can switch to your competitors product. Honda gives Honda car insurance  Light weight ,easy to start, size & support Quality & material Fuel  Best Technology
  9. 9. Threat of new entrant:-When new company enter in the market its face the different problem like Cultural difference, government police, customer can easily switch. Ex- Ford and Honda aggressively compete each other in American market. But Honda getting their less profit due to the Government policies. That time is was threat for Honda motor. Renault duster Suzuki introduced Hayate scooter (less than 23% price) with air Blade Its reduce the share of Honda. Supplier Power :-One of the factor help the company to compete against with other companies is the ability to reduce the cost. So the supplier play the important role to make the company success. Raw material, Parts, Key supplier:-Kinzoku Kogyo Co Ltd; Hirata Technical Co Ltd Hongo Co Ltd Kikuchi Co. Ltd; Marujun Co Ltd Among these companies, Kikuchi Co Ltd deal with not only the supplier of Honda but also Nissan‘s supplier. If Nissan was willing to purchase with higher price or had some benefit promotion than Honda, Honda might be affected on the capacity and increase the cost
  10. 10. BCG Matrix BCG Matrix:- Its based on the observation that the company unit can be classified into four categories based on combination of market growth and market share relative to the best competitor. BCG matrix divided into four part. Part of BCG Matrix :Star Cash cow Question mark Dog
  11. 11. BEG Matrix Honda Market Growth Rate Cash Use HIGH LOW HIGH Honda Accord Honda Civic Honda Amaze Honda Activa Honda city Relative Market Share Cash Generation Honda CBR Honda Pump25 Honda Jazz Honda70 LOW
  12. 12. Honda Product Mix Product Mix Width Product 1 Cars Product2 Bikes Product3 Jets Product4 Engines Product5 Pumps Activa N420HA GX25 WX10,WX15 Civic Aviator HA-420 GX100 WB20,WB30 Crosstour Product Line Length Accord CB Trigger GX120 WH15,WH20 Honda CR-V CB twister GX340 WMP20 Honda CR-Z CB Unicorn GX390 WT20,WT30,WT 40 FCX Clarity CB Unicorn dazzler GXR120 WDP30 Insight CB 1000R iGX340 WSP50,WSP53 Odyssey CB Stunner iGX390 WSP73 Pilot CBR 1000RR GC160 WSP100 Ridgeline CBR 150R GCV190 CBR250R GXV50 CB Shine CBR 300
  13. 13. Product Life Cycle Product Life Cycle: PLC used to map the lifespan of the product. There are four step of the PLC. Introduction Stage Growth stage Maturity stage Decline stage
  14. 14. Product Life Cycle Honda Honda Amaze Brio,CRV,Cbshie VFR1200X,CBR2 50R Honda city, Accord, CBF Stunner, Activa, Honda jet, ASIMO, Civic, Unicorn, Honda70, Jazz,CB750 K1,CB350 Solar cells Revenue/Profit Dream neo CBR150R VT250 Odyssey Revenue Profit Time