Vocational Qualifications for Digital Skills


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An introduction to the benefits of improving your digital skills with IT user qualifications from BCS, The Chartered Institute for IT.

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Vocational Qualifications for Digital Skills

  1. 1. Vocational qualifications
  2. 2. What is a Vocational Qualification?‘A recognised qualification atany level relating to a particularline of work or specific job role.’VQ Day www.vqday.org.uk
  3. 3. Vocational QualificationsArt and craftsBusiness managementDIGITAL SKILLSEngineeringFashionLanguagesSocial careTravel and tourism etc…Typicalsubjectareasinclude…
  4. 4. Digital skills: why?Seven million…Brits have ‘never usedthe internet.’Source: BBC News Technology 15/5/2013
  5. 5. Digital skills: why?‘Sixteen million adults…don’t have the basic onlineskills to confidently takeadvantage of digital skills.’Source: BBC News Technology 15/5/2013
  6. 6. • Onlineapplications• Wordprocessing• Spreadsheets• Presentations• Databases• Email• Internet• Creativity• Social media
  7. 7. Digital skills can…1. Help you get a joba) Find jobs onlineb) Apply for jobs onlinec) Build an online profiled) Keep up to date with company news
  8. 8. Get more done……in less time
  9. 9. Digital skills can…2. Improve your work skillsa) Increase your productivityb) Improve your effectivenessc) Decrease your stress or frustrationd) Enable multi-tasking
  10. 10. Low skillsLow payPoor job satisfactionHighly skilledBetter payGreat job satisfaction
  11. 11. Digital skills can…3. Improve your job prospectsa) Great skillsb) Better payc) Improved job satisfaction
  12. 12. Digital skills at home
  13. 13. 1. Social mediaa) Share photos, videos, news on Facebookb) Share and watch videos on YouTubec) Share and follow news on Twitterd) Research and feedback toolsTop five uses at home
  14. 14. Bring the high street to your home
  15. 15. 2. The interneta) Find and book a holidayb) Manage your financesc) Plan your traveld) ShoppingTop five uses at home
  16. 16. The online movementFrom the good old days…… to the rise of the apps
  17. 17. 3. Entertainmenta) Online gamesb) Movie streamingc) Live TVd) Smart technologyTop five uses at home
  18. 18. At home…Or away…
  19. 19. 4. Educationa) Online coursesb) Elearningc) Ebooksd) Blogs and forumsTop five uses at home
  20. 20. From: CatherineTo: Nana and GranddadCc:Subject: Hello from ScotlandDear Nana and GranddadWe have school holidays again soon and mumand dad have promised we will be headingover for a visit.I was so happy to hear you decided to buy alaptop and get online. Now I can sendmessages and share my photos with you.When I next see you I can let you know abouthow we can talk over the internet as well. Weare having lots of lessons in school and thinkthis will be really good for you to use too.Hope you are well and can’t wait to see yousoon.Lots of loveCatherine xxx
  21. 21. 5. Stay in toucha) Emailb) Online chattingc) Skype / video callTop five uses at home
  22. 22. Catching up with the family has never been easier
  23. 23. BCS qualifications in digital skills•Computer and Online Basics•Digital skills•E-safety•ECDLwww.bcs.org/userqualifications