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IT Talent Management


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Talent strategies driven by senior leadership are far more successful than those led solely by HR. To help you build your business case for the executive board, here are our top five reasons why, for today’s forward-thinking organisations, implementing an ongoing programme for your IT talent is a must.

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IT Talent Management

  1. 1. Reasons for IT talent management Companies with strong talent practices outperformed their peer group, earning 22% higher shareholder returns. McKinsey
  2. 2. Gain a clear understanding of the IT skills you have and those you need Clearer insight into your IT talent resource means smarter allocation and deployment. You can reshape your workforce and respond more quickly to change. You’ll address capability needs and accelerate the development of your people, while defining where to best invest your time and resources to create the most value.
  3. 3. Align your IT people with your business goals Effective talent management programmes are owned and driven by the business on a continuous basis; they adapt and are shaped in line with business strategy. Talent management promotes consistent performance which in itself provides for smarter planning and a more effective organisation design.
  4. 4. Attract and retain the best IT performers With a visible talent management strategy in place, you’ll attract top performers to your organisation and keep them – reducing staff turnover and the time and money associated with recruitment processes. You’ll be able to identify and develop critical talent and core contributors, and reap the rewards of their experience and commitment.
  5. 5. Refine your succession planning Today’s competitive market does not allow for vacant leadership roles. Talent management supports you in effectively identifying and nurturing tomorrow’s IT leaders, and future-proofing your strategies. Talent developed from within your organisation is already rooted in your business and proven to deliver within your environment.
  6. 6. Increase your capability and your competitive advantage Engage with your IT people; listen and respond to their developmental needs. You’ll create a loyal and motivated workforce which is aligned with your business strategy and contributes to meeting its goals through innovation and expertise.
  7. 7. The impact of an effective IT talent strategy will be felt far beyond the IT department.
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