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Landslide Alarm system for Railways
Landslide Alarm system for Railways
Landslide Alarm system for Railways
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Landslide Alarm system for Railways


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Published in: Education
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  • 1. AIMTo prevent accidents on INDIAN RAILWAYS’ tracks due to:a. Landslidesb. Logged water/floodMATERIALS REQUIREDa) Landslide system• Ply board (3ft * 2ft.) 2• 2 Metal) pillars (1ft * 2.5cm ) (square based)• Steel Net• Steel Wire (6 ft)• 9 V Battery• 5 LEDs• Connecting Wiresb) Flood Alarm System• ply board (7inch* 12inch) 2• 1 metal pillar (1ft * 2.5cm ) (square based)• 5 LEDs• Connecting Wires• 9V battery• Sweing machine’s metal box’s base• Painting:• Brushes• Charts• Acrylic Paints• CardboardsTHEORY• A landslide or landslip is a geological phenomenon which includes a wide range of ground movement, such as rock falls, deep failure of slopes and shallow debris flows, which can occur in offshore, coastal and onshore environments.• A flood is an overflow of water that submerges land.• Flooding may result from the volume of water within a body of water, such as a river or lake, which overflows or breaks leveesPRESENT SCENARIO:• Konkan track is built through a mountainous terrain containing many rivers.• Flash floods, landslides and tunnel collapses affected work at many places on the project.• Torrential rainfall caused landslides at many places, washed away tracks and disrupted services.• Despite the corporations efforts at addressing the problems through engineering measures such as protective netting along cuttings to prevent boulders from rolling onto the tracks, the problems continued to recur each year.• June 22, 2003, landslide accident: Fifty-one people died as a result of the accident, and several others were injured. Barely a year later a second major accident occurred on the line on June 16, 2004 killing 14 people.• After the accident, questions were raised about the safety and credibility of the Konkan Railway.
  • 2. FINDS APPLICATION: • This type of alarm system is presently being practiced in the North American countries providing them a much safer journey than ours. CONCEPT: a) Landslide Alarm System • However, when the debris and bigger rock pieces roll down, the net is unable to handle them and the steel wire attached breaks. • The breaking net carries away the wire and hence the switch’s pin completing the circuit. • As and when the circuit completes, the signal glows asking the train to stop. b) Flood Alarm System • When the water logging reaches to an unbearable stage the rising water comes in wire’s contact. • Water being a conductor of electricity completes the circuit. • Hence the signal glows, asking the train to stop. PROCEDURE: a) Landslide Alarm System:-  Fix the two metal pillars/pipes on the plank board through the length.  Attach the steel net on the two pillars (fixing on one pillar using the steel wire and just hanging it loosely on the other)  Attach the wire on the pillar with fixed net parallel to the net.  The other end of wire will be attached to the swithc’s pin.  Initially the pin will be inserted in the switch makn gthe circuit closed.  Attach the battery and connecting wires with the switch.  Arrange the LEDs as a signal and fix them on the pillar.  Roll down stones from the prepared mountains and also give force through thehand to break the net and show the working.************************************************************************************************************************** THE SWITCH:  A ready made pin-In switch is available in the market which has a similar functioning as that of our earphone pin’s.  Inserting the pin inside the switch breaks it and removing completes the circuit.  The pin wil be attached to the wire’s free ends.************************************************************************************************************************** b) Flood Alarm System:-  Fix the metal pillar on the plank board.  Attach the battery and connecting wires.  Arrange the LEDs as a signal and fix them on the pillar.  The wires connected to the battery will be cut up to a certain height and fixed on plastic base before on the pillar.  Place this setup plankboard in the metal box tray and fill water in it to show the working.************************************************************************************************************************** PRESENTATION AND PAINTING:
  • 3.  Mountains and hilly terrain were made  Using our innovation the project was given a presentable look.  Railway tracks can be made by hand or bought from the market to depict reality.************************************************************************************************************************** RESULT: 1. Landslide Alarm System • The smaller rock pieces are stopped by the steel net. • As the debris and Heavier pieces fall the signal glows. 2. Flood Alarm System • As water crosses the bearable level signal glows. CONCLUSION • Seeing the red signal the train stops at a safer distance preventing an accident that could steal manys lives. BIBLIOGRAPHY  Sites:    Sources:  History Channel-TV 18