EU Trademarks (excerpt)


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Registering a trademark in EU, protecting your brand image.

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EU Trademarks (excerpt)

  1. 1. Trademarks in EU (excerpt) Professional Training in Milan (Italy) 3 March 2014 Avv. Andrea Maggipinto, Ph.D. Attorney at Law Bar Association of Milan
  2. 2. Your Identity Trademark: a recognizable sign (design or expression) which identifies your products or services from those of others. If you are in business, you have a trademark. It's your identify. The brand image is often more important than products and services themselves. Avv. Andrea Maggipinto
  3. 3. Protect IP assets EU Charter of Fundamental Rights Art 17. Right to property: 1. Everyone has the right to own, use, dispose of and bequeath his or her lawfully acquired possessions. No one may be deprived of his or her possessions, except in the public interest and in the cases and under the conditions provided for by law, subject to fair compensation being paid in good time for their loss. The use of property may be regulated by law insofar as is necessary for the general interest. 2. Intellectual property shall be protected. Avv. Andrea Maggipinto
  4. 4. EU system Directive 89/104 (now Directive 2008/95): harmonization of substantive national laws Regulation 40/94 (now Regulation 207/2009): the “Community Trademark” Unified trademark registration system in Europe: one registration provides protection in all member States of the EU Avv. Andrea Maggipinto
  5. 5. Requirements Art. 2 Directive and Art. 4 Regulation Two requirements for a trademark: a) the sign must be capable of being represented graphically; b) the sign must be capable of distinguishing the goods or services of one trader from those of another. Traditional and “Nontraditional” marks (appearance, motion, shape, sound, scent, taste, touch..) Avv. Andrea Maggipinto
  6. 6. Grounds for refusal Any mark may be registered as a trade mark unless a specific ground for refusal exists: Absolute grounds: related to the intrinsic qualities of the mark Relative grounds: related to conflicts with earlier trade mark rights belonging to third parties Avv. Andrea Maggipinto
  7. 7. Types of Relief Opposition proceedings Cancellation proceedings Civil remedies (injunctive relief, corrective advertising, accounting of profits, actual damages, etc.) Criminal penalties for trademark counterfeiting Avv. Andrea Maggipinto
  8. 8. Cases Before the EU Court of Justice Sieckmann/DPMA (smell Cinnamat) - Case C-273/00 Shield Mark BV/Kist (Für Elise, kukelekuu)- Case C-283/01 Libertel Group/BBM (colour ORANGE) - Case C-104/01 Philips/Remington (triple-headed shaver) - Case C-299/99 Dyson/UK Patent Office (transparent bin) - Case C-321/03 Glaverbel/OHIM (patterned glass) - C-445/02 Procter & Gamble/OHIM (soap shape) - C-107/03 Eurocermex SA/OHIM (CORONA bottle) - C-286/04 Windsurfing C./Huber & Attenberger (chiemsee) - Cases C-108-109/97 Nestle SA/Mars UK Ltd (Have a Break) - Case C-353/03 Procter & Gamble Co./OHIM (baby-dry) - Case C-383/99 Wm. Wrigley Jr. / OHIM (DOUBLEMINT) - Case C-191/01 P Avv. Andrea Maggipinto
  9. 9. Registering a trademark in EU WHO can register a trademark? WHY should I register a trademark? WHAT should I register? HOW to register a trademark? WHERE to register a trademark? WHEN to register a trademark? WHAT language should I use? Avv. Andrea Maggipinto
  10. 10. Avv. Andrea Maggipinto, Ph.D. @amaggipinto andreamaggipinto W W W . M A G G I P I N T O . O R G Via Caradosso n. 7 20123 Milan (Italy) T: +39 02 48102313 F: +39 02 48102321