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Where does technology fit in school libraries?
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Where does technology fit in school libraries?


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Published in: Education
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  • 1. Where Does Technology Fit in School Libraries?
    By: Amie Shahan
  • 2. Technology is used for business, used in appliances and for leisure. (Morley, 2011) With this in mind, libraries across the world realize this changing and computer-oriented society needs a library that will adapt to its specific needs.
  • 3. “The role of the librarian has to change in order for the technology world to enter the doors of the library.” (Hill, 2010)
  • 4. HOW?
  • 5. Through Open Content
    Users will be able to use search engines such as , but it will cause the search results to produce MANY hits.
    Librarians will be there to help with database search technology, which produces more efficient and trustworthy sources.
  • 6. E-Books
    “The time is now to implement e-books into school libraries.” (Ishizuka, 2010)
    “Most students are very computer savvy and ready for the change to happen quickly.” (Hill, 2010)
  • 7. Benefits of E-Books:- Integrates technology into the school libraries- Cost effective : the cost of the book in digital format is much cheaper than a hard copy format. - Earth-friendly- E-Books are also quite impressive to students, which will increase their desire to read!
  • 8. GAMES
  • 9. “…Literacy isn’t just about print anymore. Literacy is the ability to rapidly decode abstract meaning from symbols.” (Neilburger, 2007)
  • 10. Benefits of Gaming:
    Attracts Learners
    Family Oriented
    • Great way to increase family involvement within the school and library
    Makes Learning Fun
    • Difficult concepts can be eased with step by step learning
    • Gives immediate results so the learner knows what to work on.
    Check out for information about National Gaming Day at your school library!
  • 11. Open YOUR library doors to technology!
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