Meet the 2013 1to1 Media Customer Champions


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Meet the 2013 1to1 Media Customer Champions

  1. 1. Edouard Piquet Aeromexico Julie Bernard Macy’s Barry Ratzlaff Hyundai Scott Taber Four Seasons Jimmy Stead Frost Bank Karen Mangia Cisco Tom Probola Ricoh Karl Halbach ADP George Larribas Wells Fargo Leo Minervini Carlo’s Bakery Matt Flannery Kiva Joeri Weyenberg Kaplan University Meet Our 2013 Customer Champions
  2. 2. Scott Taber Four Seasons, PG 7 When 1to1 Media launched the Customer Champions program in 2004, the goal was to shine a light on the people within companies of all sizes who are making a difference in moving their organizations’ customer experiences forward. In its 10th year, the Customer Champions community has grown to 130 people strong! These leaders have been instrumental in getting their compa- nies to where they are today: on the path to customer centricity. They are technologists, data specialists, marketing creatives, employee activists, and service pros. Most importantly, they are customer experience evangelists. Ten years means lots of changes for our Customer Champions community. 1to1 Media wanted to catch up with some of our past winners. Find out what a few of them are up to in our “Where Are They Now?” e-book accessible on 2013 1to1 Media Customer Elevating the Customer Experience, Fostering Meet Our Customer Champions: Barry Ratzlaff Hyundai, PG 4 Julie Bernard Macy’s, PG 8 Jimmy Stead Frost Bank, PG 6 Tom Probola Ricoh, PG 10 Mila D’Antonio Editor-in-Chief, 1to1 Media 2
  3. 3. 1to1 Media 1to1 Media also decided that it’s time for a change in how we present the program. For the first time, we featured and awarded our Customer Champions at the Forrester Customer Experience Forum West in Los Angeles, where Harley Manning, vice president and research director at Forrester Research, and I presented the winners with certificates. Some of them even participated in a lively panel discussion about their individual customer experience strategies. We are proud of our Customer Champion community and we want to tell their stories in the hope that they can inspire change in others. If you know a business leader who fits the bill of a Customer Champion, let me know about this person. Hopefully they can join our growing community in 2014. Sincerely, Mila D’Antonio Champions: Employee Engagement, Delivering Bottom-line Impact Edouard Piquet Aeromexico, PG 17 Karen Mangia Cisco, PG 11 Karl Halbach ADP, PG 16 George Larribas Wells Fargo, PG 12 Leo Minervini Carlo’s Bakery, PG 13 Matt Flannery Kiva, PG 14 Joeri Weyenberg Kaplan University, PG 18 3
  4. 4. 1to1 Media Ratzlaff is a firm believer that transparency provides the foundation for earning customer trust. Under his watchful eye, the automaker has recently launched Hyundai Reviews, allowing customers to review interactions with dealers, which are then posted online. He takes pride in interacting with customers and then sharing the knowledge from these conversations and surveys with the rest of the organization to bring about improvements in the way the company operates. Problem: A need to earn customer trust. Solution: Simplified and enhanced customer relationships. The Customer Protector Barry Ratzlaff Executive Director of Customer Contact, Blue Link and Service Business Development, Hyundai Motor America 2013 Customer Champion 4
  5. 5. 5 Your Customers Applaud You ...and so do we. Congratulations to Barry Ratzlaff and all the 2013 1to1 Media Customer Champions! Creating Value through Superior Customer Experiences
  6. 6. 6 1to1 Media 2013 Customer Champion Stead continuously aims to assess and improve Frost Bank’s digital products and services. He holds a strong belief that successful companies listen and act upon customer feedback, so he has built his team of designers and software developers to be one that incorporates mobile banking app features customers have specifically requested. From transferring funds and finding ATMs to a “contact” button that allows users to quickly call a customer service representative, these easy-to-use features have led 76 percent of all Frost Bank customers to register for online banking, with 60 percent actively using digital services to manage their accounts. Problem: Needed a user-friendly mobile banking application that extends and enhances the financial relationship. Solution: Used customer feedback to add and improve mobile banking features, thereby encouraging app usage and cultivating satisfaction. Jimmy Stead Vice President of e-Commerce, Frost Bank The Mobile Maven 2013 Customer Champion 6
  7. 7. 7 1to1 Media Problem: A need to improve the hotel experience for each guest. Solution: Leveraged guest feedback and shared it with staff at individual hotels. Scott Taber Vice President of Rooms, Americas, Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts The Feedback Champion Collecting customer feedback, extracting insights, and sharing them with the rest of the organization is central to Taber’s strategy to improve the guest experience at each Four Seasons property. Apart from using customer feedback to highlight successes and identify any emerging issues, Taber leverages these insights for staff training purposes, expos- ing employees to customer data. Customer insights are used to identify hotel-specific innovations that can extended to the entire organization. 2013 Customer Champion 7
  8. 8. 8 1to1 Media Bernard has inspired the customer centricity movement at Macy’s and has been instrumental in getting the customer a seat the table. She has driven these changes from the top down and the bottom up. With support from Macy’s CEO, Bernard has been able to apply customer data insights to identify revenue opportunities and solve challenges in departments across the company and impact the customer’s in-store and online experiences. The result: Macy’s is more relevant for the customer, and sales have followed. Problem: Needed to transition customer data from being a marketing asset to a strategic company asset. Solution: Re-positioned customer data as a competitive advantage and applied against traditional business decisions throughout the organization. Julie Bernard SVP, Customer Strategy, Marketing Advertising, Macy’s The Data Visionary 2013 Customer Champion 8
  9. 9. 9 A TRUE CUSTOMER CHAMPION Congratulations to 1to1 Media Customer Champion Julie Bernard of Macy’s for always putting the customer first. When Macy’s opened 150 years ago, it quickly became known for exceptional customer service. Today, the company has renewed its focus on the customer – and Julie Bernard has played an indispensable role in making that happen. As SVP, customer strategy, marketing and advertising, Julie has led the company’s push to better understand customers, put them at the center of all decisions, and personalize their experience in store and online. Congrats, Julie, for never forgetting it’s all about the customer.
  10. 10. 10 Problem: Needed a structured VOC program that turns customer data into actionable insights. Solution: Conducted consumer studies and implemented employee education initiatives to ensure an empowered workforce that can deliver real-time results. While consumer studies and complaint management programs have helped Ricoh gain insight into the customer experience, Probola firmly believes that true value begins with empowered employees. Because Probola understands that great customer experiences are the result of great employee experiences, Ricoh implemented employee education initiatives designed to impart insights and knowledge gathered from consumer feedback. By enabling employees to voice their own frustrations and equipping them with necessary tools, customer service call center employees now have the confidence and information needed to resolve issues quickly, boost satisfaction, and enhance customer relationships. Tom Probola Senior Manager, Customer Excellence, Ricoh Americas Corporation The Data Gatherer 2013 Customer Champion 1to1 Media
  11. 11. 11 Problem: Sought an integrated approach to gathering, analyzing, and acting on the voice of its customers, partners, and employees. Solution: Established listening posts across all customer channels and implemented process improvements as a result of the insights. Mangia is responsible for supporting all activities related to the Ease of Doing Business with Cisco program. Under Mangia’s direction, a number of customer, partner, and employee listening posts are used to gather perceptions, trigger actions, and analyze progress. The result: based on customer insights, Cisco simplified website navigation which generated a dramatic reduction in customer support inquiries, resulting in more than $300 million in annual savings. Karen Mangia Director, Listening Services Center of Excellence, Cisco Systems The Results-Oriented Networker 2013 Customer Champion 1to1 Media
  12. 12. 12 1to1 Media The Employee Whisperer Following Wells Fargo’s merger with Wachovia, Larribas developed a system to help integrate teams across all business units, making it easier for different client service teams to discuss the main customer issues and then focus on finding solutions. Larribas uses customer surveys to highlight great service and reward exemplary behavior. Feedback is also shared across the organization to help client-facing employees have better conversations with customers. Problem: Needed to rally employees around the brand. Solution: Integrated teams across the organization to improve focus on customers. George Larribas Executive Vice President and Head of Client Delivery, Wells Fargo Treasury Management 2013 Customer Champion 12
  13. 13. 13 1to1 Media The Social Sweetheart While Carlo’s Bakery has operated via the “pencil and paper” method for more than 100 years, Minervini recognized the company’s need to move to the cloud in order to satisfy increasing customer demand. Because of the “Cake Boss” bakery’s growing fame, Minervini understood that the brand not only needed to streamline its order process, but it also needed to tap into social media chatter in order to understand customer wants and needs, improve strategy, and address complaints. Ultimately, Minervini wants to bring the intimate nature of the small business to the personal practice of creating cakes by integrating customer feed- back to enhance service and make all customers—near and far—feel like family. Problem: Operated under a “pencil and paper” order system that couldn’t withstand increasing customer demand. Solution: Transitioned operations to the cloud and enabled social media monitoring to streamline the brand’s customer focus on customer feedback. Leo Minervini Chief Information Officer, Carlo’s Bakery 2013 Customer Champion 13
  14. 14. 14 1to1 Media The Impassioned Philanthropist Flannery overseas all aspects of Kiva’s operations—the community support team, the lender-facing engineers and product managers, as well as partnerships with more than 200 field partners across 68 countries. Given his role, key customers are at the center of everything Flannery does. In order to share his customer-cen- tered approach with the entire organization, he frequently shares feedback from the community support team from the lender base, as well as his stories from the field when he has the opportunity to meet with borrowers and field partners. By continuously sharing the feedback he receives from all corners of the world, Kiva’s staff in turn feels more connected to their work and to the customers. Problem: A globally dispersed staff and field partners. Solution: By regularly sharing feedback and deploying unifying technologies, staff and partners feel more connected. Matt Flannery CEO and Co-Founder, KIVA 2013 Customer Champion 14
  15. 15. 15 Congratulations to Kiva and Carlo's Bakery, our 1to1 Media Customer Champions. You’re amazing — especially with a little help from the Salesforce Effect.
  16. 16. 16 Problem: Sought a standardized approach for measuring customer loyalty across its nearly 600,000 small business, midmarket, and enterprise clients. Solution: Consolidated 97 separate surveys into a single, standardized Net Promoter Score (NPS) survey leveraged across all market segments. 1to1 Media The Client-Focused Collaborator Halbach’s efforts have helped ADP obtain a much deeper understanding of the client experience while senior leadership has made CX measurement a strategic driver for every group within the organization. Halbach has led a collaborative, cross-organizational effort to transform ADP’s collection, analysis, and response to client feedback away from a busi- ness unit and product mentality to a client-centric focus that’s less numbers-oriented and centered instead around the client experience. The result: ADP has been able to improve the client experience while strengthening client retention and sales referrals. Karl Halbach Divisional Vice President and General Manager, ADP Benefit Services 2013 Customer Champion 16
  17. 17. 17 Problem: Needed to understand customers and address pain points. Solution: Developed a systematic approach to capture cus- tomer feedback. Talking with customers directly is an integral part of Piquet’s job and he encourages the rest of the organization to follow in his footsteps to fully understand customers’ needs. Feedback from both these direct conver- sations and other initiatives is analyzed and used to drive improvements within the organization and identify issues that need to be prioritized. 1to1 Media The Attentive Listener Edouard Piquet Senior Vice President of Customer Experience, Aeromexico 2013 Customer Champion 17
  18. 18. 18 1to1 Media The Educational Innovator Educational institutions require great financial commitment, both from the student and the U.S. Department of Education. To alleviate the burden, Weyenberg and his team devel- oped and introduced the Kaplan Commitment, which allows Kaplan’s customers—the students—an opportunity to attend classes to determine if the coursework supports their educational goals. During this period, engaged students can officially enroll and receive credit for completed courses, while dissatisfied students can withdraw without facing financial penalties. By allowing students to “test drive” courses, Weyenberg has helped realign Kaplan University’s focus on the student experience, thereby ensuring that those who do enroll are dedicated to their educational pursuits and investments. Problem: Lacked an engaged, educational environment for current and prospective Kaplan University students. Solution: Developed an innovative learning program that allows undergraduate students to “test drive” courses before making a financial commitment. Joeri Weyenberg Vice President of Marketing, Kaplan University 2013 Customer Champion 18
  19. 19. 19 You pledged Kaplan University to do better for its students — and that makes you a true champion. Joeri Weyenberg pioneered the Kaplan Commitment, which empowers students with tools to make the right decision before making a financial commitment. That’s putting customers first. Joeri Weyenberg, we salute you.
  20. 20. 20 1to1 Media Connect with1to1 Media To learn more, go to: