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The Tools You Need to Build Relationships and Drive Revenue Checklist


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This Campaign Manager Leadership series paper provides a checklist for marketers when considering blending offline data with online data to improve the customer experience.

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The Tools You Need to Build Relationships and Drive Revenue Checklist

  2. 2. A COMPLETE VIEW As a marketer today, you know you can’t wait for customers to tell you what they want. You have to anticipate their needs and reach them where they are – as though you’d read their minds. For that reason, you can’t rely on email alone, or it might not be your customers’ preferred channel and could vary by the type of communication. You need a complete view of your customers so that you can be where they are no matter what channel they choose. And it’s possible today. But do you have the tools to get the view you need?
  3. 3. FORWARD THINKING CAMPAIGN MANAGER LEADERSHIP SERIES Forward-thinking organizations have achieved the following success: • Boosted customer profitability by 50 percent. • Increased campaign conversion rates by 20 percent. • Improved campaign results by 35 percent.
  4. 4. WHAT WOULD KNEW? With a centralized view of your customers you can monitor and steer their conversations. The result will be better for the customer – you’re better able to address their needs and your brand, because you stay engaged with your customers and better understand their behaviors and desires. The following questions should help you identify steps you need to take to meet these requirements. YOU DO IF YOUTM
  5. 5. Integrating systems is a critical first step for two reasons. First, it is the only way to ensure a consistent customer experience that is expected and valued today. In the United States, 73 percent of customers state they would pay more for a brand that delivers a positive customer experience. Secondly, marketers report that lack of data integration is the #1 barrier to calculating ROI. YOUR CHALLENGES Customers decide when and how they will interact with your brand. Of these challenges, which do you currently face?: Quantifying offline customer interactions? Coordinating multiple interaction points? Risking a disconnected customer experience? Integrating, syncing online and offline experiences for a complete customer view? Lacking coordination and alignment in cross-channel marketing efforts? SOURCE: SDL, “SDL Campaign Management & Analytics Holiday Shopping Preferences 2013,” http:// new-holiday-study-finds-consumers-willing-to-pay- more-for-a-positive-customer-experience.html
  6. 6. Being able to see previous customer actions and predict future needs is critical to marketers today because it directly impacts the customer experience. But that’s difficult, if not impossible, without a single view of the customer. According to our Data-Driven Marketing Survey, only 18 percent of marketers have a single view of all customer interactions. This minority has a distinct competitive advantage. They are able to respond more quickly to customer needs, with the confidence that they have all the information they need. CUSTOMER FOOTPRINTS Customers move across channels and expect to interact seamlessly with your organization. Can you: Identify customers’ preferred communication channels? Highlight the points of impact on the path to purchase? See into customer buying habits? Get insight into interactions with your call center or customer service representatives? SOURCE: Teradata Data-Driven Marketing Survey, Global, 2013 Capabilities/Data-Driven-Marketing/
  7. 7. Because each interaction is a new opportunity with the customer, you should take advantage of it. More importantly, customers expect you to. In, fact 47 percent report that they are frustrated that marketers don’t use the information they’ve provided to make their experience better. HOW WELL DO YOU KNOW THEM? Each customer interaction presents you with indicators and an opportunity to renew or win their trust. Can you: Monitor how they engage with your brand? Predict their next step and stay a step ahead? Gather and record key indicators of their likes and dislikes? View information regarding favorite channels and details of buying behaviors? SOURCE: Accenture, “2012 Global Consumer Pulse Research,” PDF/Accenture-Global-Consumer-Pulse-Research- Study-2012.pdf
  8. 8. Being able to see forward with a complete, single view is critical. All too frequently, the fault doesn’t lie with marketing but with the organizational structure itself. An astonishing majority of marketers – 70 percent – do not control the data they use for their marketing initiatives. Work to get alignment with IT as a strategic partner and more control of the information you need. FORWARD VISION Turning indicators into insights is the key to strategic action. Can you: Identify patterns and use insights to design better informed and more engaging experiences? Integrate online and offline channels for a complete picture? SOURCE: Teradata Data-Driven Marketing Survey, Global, 2013 Capabilities/Data-Driven-Marketing/
  9. 9. A key point to remember here is to get alignment with all of the parties involved, both within marketing and the business as a whole. For example, you might believe that customer loyalty should be a high priority, whereas others in your department might rate other initiatives higher. Likewise, measuring the success of marketing activities by proving ROI can prove extremely valuable for everyone involved. WHERE ARE YOU GOING? What are your requirements and expectations for the future, tomorrow and in the long-term? Will you and your department need to: Take control and design optimized customer interactions? Analyze and predict customer behavior? Build out the steps, assign collateral and plan responses to multiple interactions? Execute real-time interactions across multiple channels? Visualize campaign results? Prove effectiveness with outcomes and metrics?
  10. 10. THE RIGHT SOLUTION To be successful in today’s era of data-driven marketing, marketers need to interact with customers in real-time and on the customer’s terms. This requires blending offline customer data with inbound real-time data from call centers, websites, social communities and more, to establish a relevant and meaningful dialogue that reinforces your brand while allowing the customer to retain control. Drawing key insights to inform a data-driven marketing strategy produces stronger, more successful customer interactions and increased revenues. In the end, the right solution will provide you with the data and flexibility you need to know more about your marketing, your customers, and your business. And knowing more is a true competitive advantage.
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