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#ChangeMarketing Services


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This presentation provides an overview of the ways in which we can enhance the impact of your marketing efforts on your customers, your business and the world at large.

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#ChangeMarketing Services

  1. 1. #ChangeMarketing Services<br />8 Ways We Can Make Your Marketing Matter (Again)<br />
  2. 2. 21/09/2010<br />2.<br />FUTURELAB<br />Waysto make more from the customersyou have today<br />Innovations to attract your customers of tomorrow<br />Ourpromise<br />We bringyou new profitopportunities<br />
  3. 3. 21/09/2010<br />3<br />The Number 1 Marketing Challenge for 2011-2015<br />The Core Issue<br />The Urgency<br />Processes, business models, skill-gaps and orthodoxies get in the way of doing what is right. <br />Meanwhile, billions are wasted and customers become annoyed.<br />The Imperative<br />To the customer.<br />The world has changed. <br />Marketing needs to catch up.<br />To the business.<br />To the world.<br />Make Marketing Matter<br />
  4. 4. 21/09/2010<br />4.<br />8 Ways<br />we can make your marketing matter (again)<br />#1 Improve the ROI of your marketing investments.<br />#2 Establish a customer-centric approach to marketing.<br />#3 Manage word-of-mouth and social media.<br />#4 Streamline agency relations.<br />#5 Engage shoppers across channels.<br />#6 Communicate sustainability.<br />#7 Develop customer centric propositions.<br />#8 Launch a marketing transformation programme.<br />Make Marketing Matter<br />
  5. 5. 21/09/2010<br />5.<br />#1 Improve the ROI of Your Marketing Investments.<br />The Challenge<br />Our Response<br />Your Win<br />Data modeling to predict the performance of your media/marketing mix.<br />Improved return from the investments you make.<br />Right-sized marketing budgets.<br />Budgets allocated according to impact.<br />In spite of the best efforts, marketing investments regularly fail to generate an adequate return-on-investment ...<br />... if the data to measure this return is available at all. <br />Customer impact analysis to identify which initiatives are wasted.<br />Strategic reviews to connect every initiative to the bottom line.<br />Futurelab associates have generated performance improvements of 2-40% across 100 projects and $5 billion in media investments*. <br />* based on an internal review of Futurelab associate experience. Past results are no guarantee for future performance.<br />
  6. 6. 21/09/2010<br />6.<br />#2 Establish a Customer-centric Approach to Marketing.<br />The Challenge<br />Our Response<br />Your Win<br />Messages your customers embrace.<br />Real engagement across all your touchpoints.<br />A brand reputation based on behaviourand utility.<br />The days of brand-centric shout & sell marketing <br />are over.<br /> But many marketers struggle to implement a customer-centric alternative.<br />A planning, analysis and operating model which transforms your marketing from being brand-centric to being customer-centric.<br />
  7. 7. 21/09/2010<br />7.<br />#3: Manage Word-of-Mouth and Social Media.<br />The Challenge<br />Our Response<br />Your Win<br />1. Establish a Human Media task force<br />Executive level understanding of WOM & social media.<br />Tactical programmes to manage WOM/social.<br />A data/fact based approach to drive (online) customer advocacy.<br />Most companies struggle to integrate word-of-mouth and social media into their daily operations.<br />As a result, reputations are damaged and valuable opportunities for customer engagement are lost.<br /><ul><li>Ensure core tactical capabilities.
  8. 8. Measure state of affairs & root causes.
  9. 9. Create executive level awareness.</li></ul>2. Integrate Social Media & WOM<br />Customer strategy<br />Experience management<br />Social media/WOM tactics<br />3. Implement all-company approach<br /><ul><li>Customer advocacy programme.
  10. 10. All-employee implementation guidelines.
  11. 11. Closed-loop feedback mechanisms.</li></li></ul><li>21/09/2010<br />8.<br />#4 Streamline Agency Relations.<br />The Challenge<br />Our Response<br />Your Win<br />More efficient & effective agency relations.<br />Stronger and more commercial creative.<br />More performant media investments.<br />Better data for reporting and result-management.<br />Advertisers are looking for money-generating marketing initiatives. <br />But too many agencies still deliver creative cool.<br />This results in wasted funds and frustration.<br />Bridge the Brand-Agency <br />divide<br />Reading tip: <br />Bridging the Brand-Agency Divide<br />Request your copy<br /><br /><ul><li>Process & KPI development.
  12. 12. Agency selection and management.
  13. 13. International agency alignment.
  14. 14. Large project implementation.</li></li></ul><li>21/09/2010<br />9.<br />#5 Engage Shoppers Across Channels.<br />The Challenge<br />Our Response<br />Your Win<br />Integrate all channels into one journey<br />Consumers want to research online, try products in store, purchase them on eBay and then be serviced in the shop around the corner.<br />But silo-organised brands and retailers are often unable to comply.<br />Integrate the customer experience across channels.<br />Prioritise channel action plans focused on the highest ROI.<br />Monetise under-leveraged channels.<br /><ul><li>Behavioural motivations
  15. 15. Choice drivers
  16. 16. Rational/emotional insights
  17. 17. Recommendation drivers
  18. 18. Internal alignment
  19. 19. Cross-channel integration
  20. 20. Competitive benchmarks
  21. 21. Recommendation drivers
  22. 22. Underleveraged channels
  23. 23. Innovation opportunities
  24. 24. Customer data leveraging
  25. 25. Prime customer segments</li></ul>UNDERSTAND<br />VALIDATE<br />Only 2.5% of shoppers make up 80% of sales for the majority of FMCG brands .<br />CMO Council<br />ACTION<br />
  26. 26. 21/09/2010<br />10.<br />#6 Communicate Sustainability<br />The Challenge<br />Our Response<br />Your Win<br />When it comes to communicating their sustainability efforts, most companies:<br />They communicate too much, and “get caught”. <br />Or communicate too little, and “sell themselves short”.<br />1. Get a clear picture of the situation<br />A picture of how sustainable your brand really is (and what people think).<br />A pragmatic, balanced and managed communication strategy on sustainability.<br /><ul><li>Audit actual situation (LCA)
  27. 27. Audit industry situation
  28. 28. Evaluate customer perceptions</li></ul>2. Create touchpoint communication plan<br /><ul><li>Balance reality & perception
  29. 29. Focus on behaviours in stead of words</li></ul>88 % of business leaders believe they should be integrating sustainable business practices … 54% believe this has been done.<br />UN Global Compact, 2010<br />3. Establish continuous monitoring<br /><ul><li>Audience response & feedback data
  30. 30. Continuous innovation </li></li></ul><li>21/09/2010<br />11.<br />#7 Develop Customer-centric Propositions.<br />The Challenge<br />Our Response<br />Your Win<br />Depending on the source, 70-95% of new product introductions fail to deliver on their financial objectives.<br />With that level of failure rate, it is safe to say that the way products get developed is flawed.<br />A more focused product development pipeline<br />Increased success rate of product introductions<br />Higher competitiveness<br />An integrated process to ensure your propositions resonate with your customers.<br /><ul><li>Connect to both rational & emotional customer insights.
  31. 31. Clearly differentiated your business from the competition.
  32. 32. Make promises on which your business can deliver.</li></ul>80% of CEO’s think their business offers a superior customer experience. <br />8 % of their customers agree.<br />Bain & Company<br />
  33. 33. 21/09/2010<br />12.<br />#8: Conduct a #ChangeMarketing Programme.<br />The Challenge<br />Our Response<br />Your Win<br />A total change management programme to ensure your marketing is in sync and:<br />Marketing practice, systems and processes are out of sync with today’s commercial reality.<br />Sometimes tactical measures don’t help if the whole marketing department needs an overhaul.<br />A higher performing marketing department.<br />A more admired company.<br />Better alignment among your people.<br />Adds to the lives of your customers and earns their money in return.<br />Contributes to your bottom line and the actions of your people.<br />Reading tip: <br />The 10 Point <br />Action Guide to<br />#ChangeMarketing <br />Request your copy<br /><br />Makes the world a better place to live in for yourself and all others.<br />inspiration – assessment – alignment - action<br />Upgrade your marketing<br />
  34. 34. 21/09/2010<br />13<br />Do You Want to Know More?<br />According toyourgeographyandpreference, the next step canbe:<br />Reach out toFuturelab in yourregion via or get in touchwith:<br />Alain Thys <br />E:<br />M: +32 497 403 415<br />Stefan Kolle<br />E:<br />M: +32 473 888 996<br />An online presentation<br />An informal cup of coffee<br />A telephoneconversation<br />