Adventures Of The Hetalia Sims Part 1


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This is what happens when Sealand moves to Jerk Englands house.

Disclaimer: I do not claim the characters of Axis Powers Hetalia and their rights should go to the respected owners.

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Adventures Of The Hetalia Sims Part 1

  1. 1. Adventures of the Hetalia Sims Hi, and welcome to my slide show. This would be my first Hetalia story I’ve every made, so lets see how this goes. Disclaimer: I do not own the characters from Axis Powers Hetalia, nor do I own The Sims 2, but I do own a copy of the game. =) Sealand’s stay in jerk England’s House part 1
  2. 2. This story will start with an introduction of a boy. His name: Peter Kirkland, or better known as Sealand. Sealand is a bright child with a headstrong attitude. He is persistent and he never takes no for an answer. But, despite his good characteristics, he has at least on flaw: He is still a child, and because of this set back, The Sims 2 will not let him live by himself. So, to abide by The Sims 2 living arrangements code of conduct, we have given him a brother. This is where his story begins….
  3. 3. “ Sealand,” UK started when he saw his little brother. “It’s so nice that you want me to take care of you, while you’re still a kid.” He held his arms out, ready to embrace his sibling when Sealand stepped back. “Hey now! I’m only here ‘till Sweden and Finland move in, than I’m out of here.” UK sighed “Fine, then don’t expect much from me. I’ll feed you and give you a bed room and that is it.”
  4. 4. That was pretty much the flow of things in the house. Sealand would wake up, go to school, come home, do his homework eat some burnt Mac and Cheese and go to bed. Sometimes, Arthur would try to “bond” with Sealand, but that usually ended with a swift kick in the shin by Sealand. It was tedious and mundane, but that is what they seemed to grow accustomed to. That was, until one day after an Allied forces meeting….
  5. 5. “… .And that’s how we are going to win the War!” America was his usual perky self. “Now any opposing ideas will not be taken into consideration because if we want to win we have to do the smart thing and the smart thing would be to listen to the hero, which is me, so what do you guys think?” The other countries just stared at each other, until finally UK broke the silence.
  6. 6. “ That is quite possibly the most idiotic idea I have ever heard” UK said as he looked around the table. “Sometimes I wonder if you ever actually think with your brain and not your stomach.” “Well,” France piped in “I don’t have anything better.” “Hmm.. I wonder why?” UK pointed out. “No offence France, but your recommendation isn’t a lot to go on,” “Shut up,” “No, you.” China and Russia just exchanged glances as their friends bickered on.
  7. 7. “ That’s it!” America exclaimed. “I’ve had it! Meeting adjourned.” “Finally!” they all seemed to think. France looked at England, and sighed. “You are the one that raised him.” “Don’t hold that against me!” England said. “Umm… England,” America shouted from the kitchen, “We’ve got a bit of a problem…..” They all got up to see what had happened, when they were all met with an unexpected surprise.
  8. 8. “ Maybe we shouldn’t have of been so loud when we were fighting about the plans….” America stated. “I’ll say. Now they know everything.” England reprimanded “I thought you said it was a stupid plan anyway…” “Well…” France stood behind them, quivering in terror.
  9. 9. “ What is she doing here.” he thought to himself. “I don’t think she’s after me, I swear I didn’t do anything.” China got up and looked at Russia, “Why is everyone so nervous, aru?” “I think it’s because she’s here.” “Who, aru?”
  10. 10. “ Hungary” Russia spoke. “This muffin is delicious… umm” Hungary tried to recollect what the boy had called himself when he introduced himself to her. “Sealand. Well, no one actually calls me that because no one recognizes me as a country yet, so you can use my birth name, Peter. And thank you. I worked hard on it.” England swiftly walked over to his little brother, “Sealand,” he said through gritted teeth, “Why is Hungary in our kitchen? And what happened to Belarus?” “I got tired of her.”
  11. 11. “ So, I told her that the her dress made her butt look like the size of a globe, and she got mad and she smashed my doll house.” Sealand was nonchalant about the entire situation. Russia’s smile was ear to ear. “That’s my baby sister.”
  12. 12. “ I told Belarus her to go home, and afterwards I saw Ms. Hungary outside and I decided to let her in for a muffin or two. It’s not a big deal.” “It is a big deal, Sealand!” UK was getting angrier at Sealand’s unwillingness to care. “She works for the Axis Powers.”
  13. 13. “ Jerk England!” Sealand started to yell, don’t be so rude! She is still right behind me.” “It’s okay, Peter.” Hungary declared. “I’ll leave you guys alone.” She and the other Allied powers then slipped in to the living room to avoid the domestic situation. “Geeze, Jerk England,” Sealand said “With the way you talk about girls, I’m not surprised the only people you can ever get is guys.”
  14. 14. “ What is that supposed to mean?!” England shouted. “It means you just make girls uncomfortable and they don’t even bother to talk to you.” Sealand reasoned. “To think that if I actually listen to you I wouldn’t be able to hook any kind of girl.” “What does this have to do with you bringing the enemy into the house?!” England’s voice was laced with anger, and Sealand was quick to reply. “It means that I can even get enemy women better that you can.” “You twerp, you’re a kid! They just think your cute” “I well I still can.” Sealand replied “Watch me.”
  15. 15. Sealand skipped into the living room with a big grin on his face. “Ms. Hungary,” Sealand said “Would you mind taking me to the park.” “Aw,” Hungary tousled Sealand’s hair, “Sure! Your so cute.” England was fuming in the background. “Dammit Sealand!” ~~~~~~
  16. 16. It was around 8:30 when Sealand arrived back at the house. There was an eerie silence, that seemed to fill the house. “Jerk England, I’m home.” No one answered. He walked up the steps of the house and down the hall to a door that had an odd glow beneath it. “Yeah, guess what? I got some.” he bragged to the door. “It was good, too. See Jerk England, I bet a girl would never go to the park and buy you ice cream.” “Shut the hell up.” A voice called from the other side “Damn you, Sealand.” He could hear a person rushing around the room, slamming books shut and what sounded like someone speed changing. As curious as he was Sealand opened the door and walked in.
  17. 17. What he saw both astounded him and amazed him at the same time. Bookshelves lined the walls, and a desk with all sorts of magical nick-knacks drew some attention. But, what scared him the most was a podium with a spell book on it and a bubbling cauldron in the far corner of the room. It was so cool that this even existed in his house, but the fact that it was his brother’s terrified him. “En… England…. Oh my God!”
  18. 18. Sealand started frantically apologizing, “I’m sorry! I’m sorry for everything I’ve ever done to you, and anything I’ve ever called you! Please don’t turn me into a toad!” England looked towards his petrified brother. “Sealand, I’m not going to hurt you-” “Ahhh, Stay away from me!” With that, Sealand ran down the stairs and out the door.”
  19. 19. “ Sealand!” England shouted out the door, but it was too late. Sealand had run downtown.
  20. 20. The next place Sealand found himself, was in an ally behind a night club. “At least I’m safe,” he thought to himself. Who knew what Jerk England would have done to his if he had stayed. He looked around at the dank and cold ally. In reality, he didn’t know where he was. He felt his stomach gurgle as he stood in the ally way. “I’m hungry,” he thought to himself. He then remembered of an old marshmallow he had stuffed in his pocket for some strange reason, and he found a stick. He then ran to the front of the night club to roast his marshmallow.
  21. 21. “ Yes,” he thought as flames engulfed his marshmallow. “This will do nicely.”
  22. 22. Before the marshmallow was thoroughly cooked, Sealand noticed a strange man running towards him. He was rather tall and had strangely colored white hair and reddish purple eyes. As the man grew closer, Sealand paid close attention to the man and almost dropped his stick in the fire.
  23. 23. “ This kid!” The man proceeded to say, “This kid is the one I’ve been looking for!” Sealand stuffed his marshmallow into his mouth as he listen to the man ramble on. “This is the micro nation! I knew it! Hey kid, you’re under appreciated. How would you like to be fully appreciated and awesome and become my protégé.” He rambled. Sealand swallowed his marshmallow. “Will I get food better than burnt Mac and Cheese?” He asked. “Is wurst okay?” “Yes” “Than yes” Sealand contemplated for a few more seconds “Sure why not?” ~~~~~~
  24. 24. And that is where I will leave you, readers. Next time, What happens when you leave Prussia in charge of a little kid. Why does Prussia need a protégé? Will England g inane because a third sibling has left his house? Why do Sims gather around trees that are on fire when it is raining? All these questions and more might be answered in the next installment of the Adventures of the Hetalia Sims! ------- 
  25. 25. “ Belarus Smash!” ~~~~~ A thank you to rechter_sims for creating such amazing Sims. With the exception of Japan, the Italy brothers, Germany, and about 40% of Sealand (pretty much a mini UK that I tweaked a little) Rechter created all the Sims you see in the story. My Sims game has not been the same since I’ve uploaded them. Until next time, happy simming. =)