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Top 10 Buzzwords that changed traditional marketing world this year - Basic Foundation Course on Digital Marketing

If you are into Sales and Marketing then this "Basic Foundation Course on Digital Marketing - Top 10 Buzzwords that changed traditional marketing world" will help you to understand digital marketing.

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Top 10 Buzzwords that changed traditional marketing world this year - Basic Foundation Course on Digital Marketing

  1. 1. Top 10 BuzzwordsThat ChangedTraditionalMarketing WorldThis YearBasic Foundation Course of Digital Marketing By Yogesh M. A. Digital Leadership Coach from Mumbai, India
  2. 2. #1 Digital Marketing 1. The traditional world now transforming into digital world. 2. Digital marketplaces has been growing rapidly worldwide. 3. Digital media users & Social media users has been growing every corner of the world. 4. Tablet computing taking the entire marketing world forward. 5. Traditional marketing transforming into Digital Marketing.
  3. 3. #2 Digital Neighborhood1. The Digital Business World has been growing rapidly day by day.2. As a marketer you must have your ‘digital footprints’ on these growing digital neighborhood marketplaces to improve your VCP(=Visibility+Credibility+Profitability)3. ‘Sharing your knowledge’ is the best marketing strategy on digital neighborhood marketplaces
  4. 4. #3 Like Minded People 1. If you are a purchase manager of any particular product then each and every Manufacturer, Distributors, Retailers, R esellers and Marketers of that product is coming into your ‘Like Minded Persons’ category. 2. If you are connected to a Like Minded people on Digital Marketplaces then you can spread your message very less time and your campaign can become viral into particular business community 3. Connect more and more Like Minded people to get fast results on digital neighborhood marketplaces and build Strong & Effective Business Network.
  5. 5. #4 Tweeple1. People who use Twitter is popularly known as Tweeple.2. Start using Twitter to share your knowledge with like minded people.3. You can connect your Twitter handle to various social media & digital media tools to promote yourself very Fast & Save your valuable Time on digital neighborhood marketplaces.4. Twitter is the best marketing tool for your business or career marketing.
  6. 6. #5 Digital Personal Branding 1. You can build your digital personal brand positioning on digital marketplaces. 2. You can create your own media like your personal blog to share your knowledge & improve your VCP. 3. You can connect your blog to various digital media & social media marketplaces. 4. You can create your business ecosystem with the help of Digital Personal Branding Strategy.
  7. 7. #6 Infographic Example #1• Create your content like following Infographic format
  8. 8. Infographic Example #2
  9. 9. Infographic Example #3
  10. 10. Infographic Example #4
  11. 11. #7 Blogging1. You can create your personal blog without having any more technical knowledge.2. You can share your presentations, articles, images, business study reports, videos and many other types of content to impress your business network members.3. Your personal blog can help you to build your complete business ecosystem for your content logistics or marketing.4. Your single blog post can automatically update your social & digital media marketplaces.
  12. 12. #8 Business Networking 1. You can Build strong business network to explore many business opportunities and update each others time to time. 2. Create your 100% complete profile (digital footprints) on various digital neighborhood marketplaces. 3. Create Big, Bigger and Better business network to become successful on digital marketing.
  13. 13. #9 Digital Time Management1. You can schedule your blog posts so that you can easily promote your content as per suitable date and time.2. You can schedule your social media & digital media updates.3. You can use various digital tools to manage your time to improve your Digital Business Ecosystem.
  14. 14. #10 RTSEO1. Real Time Search Engine Optimization or ReTweet Search Engine Optimization can help you to grab attention of like minded people.2. Twitter now become a important search engine for business people.3. You can use various strategies to reach your prospective readers, customers, employers, employees etc. through RTSEO.
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  17. 17. Thank You By Yogesh M. A.Digital Marketing Trainer from Mumbai, India Participate in our Offline Training Workshops