Mobile advertising giving mobile users what they want


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Mobile advertising giving mobile users what they want

  1. 1. Giving Mobile Users What They Want
  2. 2. Giving Mobile Users according to Harris Interactive, the most desired incentives are cash and free airtime.2What They Want Mobile campaigns have started to listen to what consumers want and give it to them. For example,Do People Really Want Mobile Advertising? Coca-Cola launched a mobile campaign for the company’s Fanta brand in Germany offering consumersThe starting point for some when contemplating the free airtime, texts and downloads. To take part,concept of mobile advertising has been that nobody consumers were required to send a unique code foundreally likes or wants mobile ads — so why even bother in promotional Fanta bottle tops via SMS to a shortwith them? code to receive three free minutes of airtime or three free text messages. This SMS is zero rated. Within 72Ongoing research shows, however, that consumers are hours of sending the code, the consumers’ mobileopen – and even willing – to receive mobile ads, with phone is topped up with the relevant incentive. Theone stipulation: that the ads deliver value. campaign sparked considerable consumer interest andWhen Is the Price Right? participation.3Let’s face it — people generally need motivation to Another example comes from Turkey, where Pepsido things. How many pupils in our schools would targeted the youth audience with a campaign thatcontinue to study hard if there were no tests or grades? seemingly was intended to convey the feeling thatHow many of our colleagues in the workplace would Pepsi drinkers are special and therefore deserve specialcontinue to do their jobs all day every day if there were incentives. Pepsi consumers were invited to sendno paychecks? Granted, there are myriad examples of their photos and get them printed on Pepsi cans. Thealtruistic deeds and true dedicated volunteers, but the first 1,000 participants instantly won 10 credits whichbottom line is that rewards — and costs — drive many translate to 2.5 minutes of airtime. The promotionof the behavioral choices we all make every day in struck a responsive note with consumers.4nearly every aspect of our lives. A Power that Rests Exclusively in the Hands ofIf we want to use mobile phones, we know we must Operatorspay. But a large percentage of users would probably The ability of brands to give consumers free minutesbecome very attentive if they were suddenly asked this and free SMS would seem to be an effective way toquestion: “Would you like reduced rates or even free win the hearts of teens — and their parents. First andphone service?” foremost, many brands, working with the operators,The attraction of mobile ads is that they offer users are giving teens incentives that nearly any teen wouldvalue in direct and tangible ways. One recent study want: free airtime and free text messaging. In addition,found that nearly 3/4 of those asked would welcome this approach can convey the message of a specialmobile marketing content in return for special offers.1 bond between the brand and the youth segment, and demonstrate accountability – the brand reliably keepsWhat Users Want Most its promises and delivers free incentives, even if it is complicated to do so and means working with differentMobile advertising can offer users a wide range of operators in each country. This can enhance brandvaluable benefits. For example, users with special reputation and loyalty.interests can enjoy receiving information on newreleases and special announcements in areas of The ability to incentivize users with free minutes andinterest and relevance to them. Travelers in foreign free SMS is a power that rests exclusively in the handscities, users entering malls, etc. can get discount of operators. It doesn’t matter whether users arecoupons for lodging, restaurants, books, clothes, and 2 on. Value can take on highly creative forms, but Mobile_Advertising.pdf1 Internet Advertising Bureau (IAB) 3 MMA Forum Berlin (September 2009) 4 IbidFor more information please visit 2
  3. 3. prepaid or postpaid – operators can deliver the goods;prepaid users can be addressed with free mobile topups while postpaid users can get mobile bill reductions.Brands have recognized that giving free airtime andSMS is a meaningful part of launching a creative andengaging mobile campaign. Now it is time for theoperators to become aware of the potentially significantand unique asset that lies in their hands, the offeringof mobile incentives over their exclusive multichannelmobile advertising space. This could be a meaningfulstep to fuel the development and evolution of themobile advertising market. About Comverse Comverse is the world’s leading provider of software and systems Copyright ©2009 Comverse, Inc. All rights reserved. enabling value-added services for voice, messaging, mobile Internet and mobile advertising; converged billing and active customer Comverse, its logo, the spark design, Kenan and Netcentrex are registered management; and IP communications. Comverse’s extensive trademarks of Comverse Technology, Inc. or its subsidiaries in the United customer base spans more than 130 countries and covers over States and other selected countries. Other denoted product names of 500 communication service providers serving more than two Comverse or other companies may be trademarks or registered trademarks billion subscribers. The company’s innovative product portfolio of Comverse, Inc. or its subsidiaries, or their respective owners. The materials enables communication service providers to unleash the value of presented in this communication are summary in nature, subject to change, the network for their customers by making their networks smarter. and intended for general information only.For more information please visit 3