The operator's role in mobile advertising


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The operator's role in mobile advertising

  1. 1. The Operator’s Role in Mobile Advertising
  2. 2. The Operator’s Role in Operators Can Do It BetterMobile Advertising Why is it important for the operator to have a key role in advertising? What value does the operator add?It is in the interest of all parties that operators play a key Let’s take the SMS advertising experience for example.role in mobile advertising Today, the advertiser needs to contact an SMS aggregator and provide a list of phone numbers to send SMSs to. IfStaking a Key Role in Mobile Advertising the advertiser does not have a database of customers, this database is usually acquired by running a campaign askingWith brands seeking media channels that can reach more users to opt in (send an SMS to a short code, register online,people and provide a better return on the advertising etc.) This of course, makes things more complicated anddollar and with the communication space becoming more more costly for the advertiser. And for all of the effort andand more crowded, it was only a matter of time until expense, the only information the advertiser obtains aboutthe full attention of advertisers would turn to the mobile the users is their phone number and their interest in theenvironment. campaign.This creates an excellent opportunity for operators to stake The same goes for advertising through ad networks on thea role in the mobile advertising arena — and there are mobile Web. Ad networks, in pretty much the same waycompelling reasons why this role should be a prominent one. as Goggle Analytics over the Web, can provide information about the OS and handset used to display the ad, theIn many countries there are many more people who have amount of time the ad was displayed, the country, IP address,and use mobile phones than there are people who have etc., but no real information about who the users are — andand watch TV, read newspapers, etc. Mobile phones go surely no indication of their interests and habits.everywhere with users, offering a real personal connectionthrough multiple touchpoints: from SMS, through mobile An advertiser interested in having a coordinated multi-Internet to ringback tones and more. Moreover, advertising channel campaign with SMS messages as well as mobileover the mobile can target the users who will find any given video ads for example, would need to contact eachad most relevant and valuable, and therefore are highly likely aggregator separately, making it very hard and costly toto respond to it by clicking or purchasing. For these reasons manage and execute and evaluate the effectiveness of suchand more, the mobile environment is an attractive and a campaign. For this reason, such campaigns are rarelyeffective way for advertisers to directly and effectively reach attempted.their buyers and potential buyers. The user experience of off-deck mobile advertising withoutToday, there is already much activity in the mobile advertising a prominent operator role is also poor — the user does notdomain, with increasing numbers of consumer brands using have one central place to manage the mobile advertisingthe mobile to promote their product to consumers through experience (opt in/out, choose interests, etc.), so the ads arethe mobile phone. Some mobile advertisers seek to be less targeted and therefore less relevant.first off the line to be perceived as innovative, but mostare eyeing the solid potential and benefits of meeting the Operators – Owners of Key Assets for Mobileconsumer on a one-on-one basis. AdvertisingMany of the mobile campaigns done today bypass the As a result of the advertiser needs identified above andoperator completely, mostly by using bulk SMS and mobile the potential for significant revenues, the new emergingInternet banners that lead users into WAP mini-sites. For advertising ecosystem is drawing many players to the field.running money into the mobile advertising pipes and having Yet the network mobile operator holds key assets of greatan educating role for the industry, these off-deck campaigns value that cannot be replicated by any other player. Theseare welcomed. However, bypassing the operator in the include:mobile advertising value chain provides advertisers withinferior results. • Subscriber Knowledge: The mobile operator, extracting information from the network, knows exactly who theFor more information please visit 2
  3. 3. end user is, behavior and browsing patterns (behavioral • Real-time Metrics: Knowing how many and which targeting), and more. This puts the operator in a users called to receive more information is valuable unique position to profile its subscribers and use the knowledge that only the operator can provide. Analyzing information for better targeting, both for the advertiser in real time which subscribers respond and which don’t (better returns) and for the end user (meaningful, enables the advertiser to modify the campaign on the go relevant ads vs. spam). This enables the advertiser to to maximize the campaign’s effectiveness and success, target users according to relevant characteristics such as taking the best approach with each of these groups. their age, gender, income, hobbies and not settle for a With this real-time information and post-campaign list of phone numbers. reports, mobile operators can demonstrate and quantify the success of campaigns to advertisers to prove the• Subscriber Relationship: The operator has a trusted value of their mobile advertising spending. customer care and billing relationship with the end user. This enables the operator to bundle services in order to Case Study - SingTel enhance advertising monetization and offer easy self- care management of service opt-in/opt-out, etc. Singaporean quad-play operator SingTel announced the launch of SingTel iMedia, its advertising service offering• Real-time Triggers: The operator knows the users’ businesses a targeted and effective means to reach location and can use it as a trigger for campaigns. Also customers across three media — the mobile, TV and the users’ billing situation can trigger advertisement. For Internet. example, when the subscriber tries to make a call or download a ringtone and that subscriber is out of credit, SingTel iMedia offers advertisers innovative profiling tools to this can trigger an internal campaign to provide the understand customers’ needs and preferences. By analyzing desired service for free if the subscriber opts in to an customer profiles, advertisers can place ads that are relevant advertisement service. Benefits to the advertiser include to customers so that they can make informed purchase meeting users when they are most attentive. Upon decisions. Advertisers can also activate ads that include direct topping up balance, users are most likely to accept response mechanisms, providing an interactive, targeted and receiving ads in return for more credit (minutes, airtime, measurable advertising approach. etc.) Advertisers are able to run campaigns through several• Multiple Channels: Full control over the various mobile channels and manage them in a central place using the communication channels enables the operator to offer: SingTel iMedia online media planning tool. This tool provides assistance to SMEs and media agencies: -- A unique, broad and rich inventory for advertisers (person-to-person SMS, system notifications, • Online Self Help: Advertisers have complete control ringback tones, interstitial ads displayed between and visibility over the whole advertising campaign browsing pages over the mobile Internet, MMS, anytime. This ranges from creating a SingTel billing banners and more) account, booking ad space and creating campaigns online, with the ability to generate estimates of the -- The ability to recommend the best channel to reach campaign cost. an individual user • Online Report: Advertisers can track the results of the -- The ability to reach all users through various campaigns in terms of the number ads sent or displayed channels: from voice advertising on voice calls to and the number of customers responding to them. multimedia advertising on IPTV • Online Preview: Before the ad is displayed to• Value to Subscribers: The operator can offer its customers, the system allows advertisers to preview how subscribers incentives for agreeing to receive advertising, these messages will appear on the customers’ mobile increasing attractiveness of the medium and user phones. responsiveness. With the right profiling, the end user receives meaningful ads (and not spam) in a controlled SingTel end-users are eager to participate because they can environment (e.g., up to four ads a day) benefit from discounts, news and exclusive event invitationsFor more information please visit 3
  4. 4. in return for responding to ads. In addition, end usersmaintain control by using SingTel portal, where it is easyto customize and manage advertising preferences: how,when and what kind of advertising to receive. This featureis extremely important to users to feel that they can protecttheir privacy at any level at any time.Operators Are Getting on BoardThe time for operators to carve their place in the value chainis now. Today’s mobile advertising campaigns generallyuse one communication channel at a time in a standalonefashion; this is not as efficient and effective as a holisticand comprehensive approach that advertisers would want.Why not have campaigns that start with a ringback tone ad,followed by an SMS directing the user to a mobile site? Theuser experience is superior, encouraging users to engage andinteract with the brand, and these result in better returns forthe advertiser. About Comverse Comverse is the world’s leading provider of software and systems Copyright ©2009 Comverse, Inc. All rights reserved. enabling value-added services for voice, messaging, mobile Internet and mobile advertising; converged billing and active customer Comverse, its logo, the spark design, Kenan and Netcentrex are registered management; and IP communications. Comverse’s extensive trademarks of Comverse Technology, Inc. or its subsidiaries in the United customer base spans more than 130 countries and covers over States and other selected countries. Other denoted product names of 500 communication service providers serving more than two Comverse or other companies may be trademarks or registered trademarks billion subscribers. The company’s innovative product portfolio of Comverse, Inc. or its subsidiaries, or their respective owners. The materials enables communication service providers to unleash the value of presented in this communication are summary in nature, subject to change, the network for their customers by making their networks smarter. and intended for general information only.For more information please visit 4