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Why attend WSO2Con?

Need to increase your pace of innovation? WSO2Con USA 2015 can get you there - here's why you should attend!

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Why attend WSO2Con?

  1. 1. Why attend WSO2Con? Average Attendance at WSO2Con Speaker quotes Attendee quotes Over 50 customer success stories presented Over 80Companies represented at each WSO2Con 22% 14% 12% 52% Engineers & Developers Architects ( Software/ Enterprise/ Solutions ) Senior IT decision Makers (Analyst, VP, Head of IT etc) C-Level Tim O'Reilly Founder, Chairman and CEO O’Reilly Media “What WSO2 is doing that I think is so amazing, is that they are building the infra- structure; the plumbing, the electrical infrastructure, the pipes. WSO2 is building the stuff, which basically people are going to build cities on top of. People are going to build connected companies on top of the stuff that WSO2 is building.” Dave Gray Author - ‘The Connected Company "What makes these industries unique are the physics-based analytics that are very domain-specific. So if you take a platform like WSO2's or build on top of it, there's an effective approach.” Himagiri Mukkamala Executive Director of Software Engineering – Predix Platform GE Global Research Center “We like to leverage emerging technologies and try to stay vendor-agnostic because our customer ecosystem uses a wide variety of tools and software. That’s where working with WSO2 has been so advan- tageous.” Jim Crabbe Senior Product Manager Boeing API Management Analytics App Dev App Dev Integration Strategy Cloud IoT DevOps WSO2Con Asia WSO2Con US Explore the world’s only 100% open source middleware stack Understand how to scale and deploy solutions for a connected business Plenty of opportunities to network with industry experts and peers Discover integration with any legacy system or web service Examine the power of expert support WSO2Con EU Experience over 40 sessions, including... “I was glad to hear Sanjiva (Weerawarana, founder, chairman and CEO of WSO2) talk about platforms because they are so central to the way value is created in our industry. So with any new idea that rethinks a real-world process, ask yourself how can WSO2 technology, and what I am doing building on that technology, help them to do it.” ’’ ’’ ’’ ’’ ’’ #WSO2ConUSA closing keynote by @pzfreo. Excellent informative sessions. Thanks & Kudos to @wso2 team for a successful conference Excellent 2nd day "Technology" @wso2 @WSO2Con #WSO2ConUSA with great keynotes and a full afternoon of techie talk and customer 1:1 #IoT #WSO2ConUSA WSO2 Identity Server is the One Ring to rule them all. OpenID and Active DIrectory integration.... Identity Server does it. more photos of @davegray 's keynote at #WSO2ConUSA on my iphone than my cat. brain cells tingling... How do you define a great conference equation? Innovative demos + Awesome sessions + topping of networking = #WSO2ConUSA I have been to a lot of conferences in the past 15 years of #IT all four of the #WSO2ConUSA keynotes rocked @WSO2Con #iotp #GE #healthcare What an wonderful day of sessions at #WSO2ConUSA. Good keynotes on connected devices, IOT / Humans and other interesting sessions. #WSO2ConUSA @prabath, what a security rock star! Great session on wso2 identity server. Anand Krishnamurthy Anthony Carlson Dr. Paul Coleman Ishmal Bartley Vishal Chandra Jin Chun Josep di Paolantonio C Z Doval Santos