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Wedding invitation verses everything you need to know


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Learn about Wedding invitation verses everything you need to know

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Wedding invitation verses everything you need to know

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  2. 2. Wedding Invitation Verses: Everything You Need To Know! Anatomy of a Wedding Invitation A wedding invitation that is typical in nature includes a few elements that are necessary to include. Such customary elements are the host line, the line on behalf of the bride and groom requesting everyone to come on their wedding, time and date of the wedding, location where it will take place and most importantly the reception R.S.V.P line so that the wedding planners know the guest count before arranging everything. Read More
  3. 3. Host Line for a Wedding Invitation A wedding invitation be it of any category begins with the name of those who are issuing these invitations to the guests. Conventionally, it has been noticed that this job of wedding invitation and distribution is done by the bride’s parents. Read More
  4. 4. Wedding Invitation from the Bride’s Parents Many couples who are married already and are the parents of the bride follow the set pattern as part of the wedding invitation. With even different surnames, they prefer to join the surnames. Mr. and Mrs. Williams invite you instead of writing Mr. John Williams and Miss Amy King. More at Write A Writing: Bridal Shower And Wedding Shower Invitations
  5. 5. Wedding Invitation by the Groom’s Parents The parents of groom can be mentioned after the bride’s parents’ name has been written down in the wedding invitation card. In case both the parents are co-hosting the wedding day, their names shall be reported. Otherwise there is no need. Read More
  6. 6. Couple Hosting the Wedding See, if the wedding has been planned by the couple themselves and they are inviting guests to their wedding. The name of the couple separately should be mentioned in the wedding card and they should celebrate the big wedding along with all the other guests.
  7. 7. Wedding Invitation Verses by the Bride and Groom Verse 1 Together with their parents Juliet Esabella Karens and Nile Kristian Barrons request the honor of your presence at their marriage on Sunday, the seventh of November two thousand twelve at six o’clock in the evening Verse 2 Because you have shared in our lives by your friendship and love, we Esabella Karens and Nile Kristian Barrons together with our parents invite you to share the beginning of our new life together when we exchange marriage vows on Friday, the eleventh of May two thousand twelve at seven o’clock Read More Verses Here
  8. 8. Wedding Invitation By The Divorced Or Deceased Parents Divorced parents’ names appear in the wedding invitation such that they are listed separately with “and” coming to make sure that they are not together anymore. If the parents are deceased then the word “late” should appear before their name. In case, one of the parents as re-married then their new name should be written separately. Include the social titles such as Mr. and Mrs. or even Miss, Dr. Prof. in the wedding invitation card. Read More
  9. 9. Summer Wedding Invitation Verses Wedding invitation verses should be written according to the type of weather experienced at that time. Since it is summer these days, following wedding invitation verses can be considered. Verse 1 The daisies of the field are as fresh and perfect as our love… Please celebrate with us the freshness of new life and new love as we Marie Goldberg and Karl Burton. Read More Verses Here
  10. 10. Private Wedding Ceremony Such kind of details must be mentioned in the wedding card. For instance, if there will be full meal provided by the hosts, then it should be mentioned. If the host is not inviting a lot of guest then the title of the wedding invitation card should be private and such wedding invitation should be made in the following way. Verse 1 On Saturday, June 3, 2012, we slipped a ring on each other’s finger, and made a promise for life… Join us as we celebrate now that we’re husband and wife! Read More Verse 2 We will be married in a private wedding ceremony on Saturday, the 4th June 2012 Please celebrate with us at our reception following the ceremony at six o’clock Harbor view Golf Club
  11. 11. Religious Wedding Invitation Verses Verse 1 God gives life as a chance to give love… Mr. & Mrs. Charles Worth request you to share in their joy as their daughter Jennifer Lauren Worth.. Read More Verses Here
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