Mobile Technology in the Built Environment


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Here's Neil Pawsey's (COMIT) presentation given at the 'Mobile Apps in the Built Environment' event at The Building Centre in March 2012 - #BEapps

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  • So could mobile IT provide the missing link to the site based staff not linked into traditional construction IT solutions such as the project extranet?
  • COMIT’s aim is to learn from experience to deliver measurable business benefits Led by Arup, BSRIA and Loughborough University Community of about 45 companies from the key stakeholders.
  • It was recognised that the work to be done was…. People were using Mobile IT but no-one knew about it Technology companies were seeing construction as an obvious industry for mobile, but they were bashing their heads against a brick wall. Construction companies felt that tech companies were selling them solutions without understanding the construction industry and banding around acronyms that they didn’t understand e.g. WLAN, PDA etc. People were seeing how PDAs could be used for diaries etc. and said let’s have a mobile solution and were then applying it to anything without seeing if the process would benefit sufficiently. Wider awareness in general
  • Mobile Technology in the Built Environment

    1. 1. Construction Opportunities for Mobile IT Neill Pawsey (Programme Director – COMIT Projects Ltd)
    2. 2. “The early bird gets the worm, but the second mouse gets the cheese” - author
    3. 3. Mobile IT - The missing link?
    4. 4. What is COMIT? “learn from experience to deliver measurable business benefits” Initially a 2-year DTI sponsored research and development project Now an ongoing organisation COMIT Community – Construction – Technology – Research –
    5. 5. Members and
    6. 6. Our Work Document existing applications of Mobile IT in Construction Create a better understanding between technology and construction companies Understand which applications will deliver business benefits Create wider awareness of the benefits of Mobile IT in
    7. 7. Original COMIT projects Monitoring health and safety on site Monitoring progress Maintenance inspections Site design problem resolution 5 - Goods received notes Quality inspections Task allocation Drawing distribution and usage Site diaries On-site accounting of operatives/
    8. 8. More Recent Projects Rapid Site Set-up (SARP) Intelligent Tools (HAV) Mobile Timesheet Collection User Acceptance of Mobile IT On-Site Crew Activity Reporting (OSCAR) RFID in the Supply Chain Enhanced GPS Systems Real Time Field Reporting using Smart Devices Augmented Reality Technologies – Proof of Concept Real Time Location (RTL) Technologies Social Media in Construction (Mobile Apps)
    9. 9. Real Time Field Reporting with Smart Devices COSTAIN – M1 Junctions 10 – 13 A variety of smart devices/tablets were trialled with site engineers and operatives testing both hardware and software Testing also carried out at sites in USA Report to be published April
    10. 10. With thanks to Engineering News Record
    11. 11. Augmented Reality • Are we building it in the right place? • Ensuring the correct drawing is being used • Show me the construction detail for this object • Are we ahead or behind schedule? • Dealing with interface and clashing issues • Am I about to put a trench through existing utilities? • Safety zone infringement • Give me the data for this asset • How was this
    12. 12. Some Future Projects and Ideas Construction Waste Reduction - Material Tracking Scaffold Safety RFID for Tools Tracking RFID in Industry Surface Ironwork (including water) Asset Tracking Distributed Information Modelling for Infrastructure (DiMi) Heterogeneous Real-Time Data
    13. 13. Mobile Apps in COMIT Enterprise Mobility = Employee empowerment• Mileage, trip and expense tracking• Locate team, send jobs, track business mileage and expenses• Submit expense reports for approval and get reimbursed from the
    14. 14. Mobile Apps in COMIT Vela Mobile “Enables construction team members to create and update issues, reference project documents, and run QA/QC, Safety and Commissioning checklists throughout all project phases” - iTunes
    15. 15. More Recent
    16. 16. You!