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sustain sPort                                                         The low-calorie sports drink with five electrolytes ...
SuPPoRTiNg ReSeaRch                                                      What Are Electrolytes?1. Jones Chan and Claudia O...
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Vitality Sustain Sport


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Sustain sport

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Vitality Sustain Sport

  1. 1. sustain sPort The low-calorie sports drink with five electrolytes to help you rehydrate, rebound, and recover. The Need The loss of water, electrolytes, and energy when exercising can cause elevatedSuSTaiN SPoRT Lemon Blast body temperature, headaches, tiredness, and poor concentration. Sustain coMPeTiTive SoluTioNS Supplement Facts Drinking a lot of water without replacing the critical electrolytes you’ve lost may put you at risk for hyponatremia—a potentially fatal condition. Sports drinks are Serving Size 500mL (1 Sachet 28g) Servings Per Container 15 a little better than water, but may contain only two electrolytes and as many as 150 calories per serving. Amount Amount Per Per Serving* 100g* The Melaleuca SoluTioN Calories 109 22 Sustain Sport replaces five electrolytes you lose through exercising—twice as Kilojoules 458 92 many electrolytes as Gatorade® Blast. Plus Sustain only contains 109 calories per Protein (g) 0 0 serve, compared to 150 calories in Gatorade®. Total Fat (g) 0 0 The Melaleuca value Total Carbohydrates (g) 27 5.4 Sugar (g) A 600mL bottle of Gatorade® can cost up to AU$2.50 or more. A 500mL serving 26 5.2 Sodium (mg) 334 (14.5 mmol) 66.7 (2.9 mmol) of Sustain Sport costs only AU$1.73/NZ$1.99. Potassium (mg) 95 (2.5 mmol) 19 (0.5 mmol) Magnesium (mg) 27 (1.1 mmol) 5.4 (0.2 mmol) Calcium (mg) 189 (4.7 mmol) 37.8 (0.9 mmol) Anytime you go for a run, sweat it out in the gym, or play a few sets of tennis, you naturally lose hydration, critical electrolytes, and energy. During intense exercise, sweat loss can exceed two litres per hour! Dehydration’s *Average Amounts. negative consequences include reduced oxygen supply to muscle cells, INGREDIENTS: Fructose, Dextrose, Citric Acid (acidity regulator, antioxidant 330), Flavour Lemon (Natural), impaired heat exchange, headaches, tiredness, and poor concentration. Malic Acid (acidity regulator 296), Sodium Citrate, Dehydration negatively impacts both your health and your performance. 1 Sodium Chloride, Potassium Chloride, Ascorbic Acid, Calcium Lactate, Silicon Dioxide (anti-caking agent Your Thirst Mechanism 551), Magnesium Sulfate Simple thirst is not a good indicator that you’re dehydrated. For example, in the guidelines for U.S. soldiers deployed around the world, it is stated that “thirst is a poor indicator of dehydration. Soldiers do not sensediRecTioNS when they are dehydrated and usually do not replace body water losses,To make a single serving, mix 1 sachet of even when drinking water is readily available. Soldiers under stress inSustain Sport with 500mL of cold water. hot environments will exhibit ‘voluntary dehydration.’ They maintain themselves about 1.5 litres below their ideal hydration status without any sense of thirst.” 2 Granted, pumping iron in the gym or playing 18 holes of golf is not anywhere near as stressful as serving in the military! However, trusting your thirst mechanism and your risk for dehydration when you’re exercising are the same. 05/09
  2. 2. SuPPoRTiNg ReSeaRch What Are Electrolytes?1. Jones Chan and Claudia O’Donnell, “Ingredients pitch in for Water is great at keeping you hydrated during short exercise periods. performance-enhancing products,” The Science of Stamina, June But when you’re really pushing it, water just doesn’t give you what you 1, 2001. need—critical electrolytes. Minerals like calcium, sodium, magnesium,2. U.S. Army Medical Research and Development Command and potassium are known as electrolytes. These minerals dissolve in the website: intra (inside) and extra (outside) cellular water as charged particles and3. Murray R, Paul G, Seifert J, “The effects of glucose, fructose, and sucrose ingestion during exercise,” Medicine & Science in Sport & they are responsible for regulating the electrical charge and flow of water Exercise,” Vol. 21, No. 3, 1989, across cell membranes. Electrolytes are absolutely essential for the proper p. 275–282. functioning of each cell. Sustain Sport contains a proprietary electrolyte complex of calcium, magnesium, sodium, and potassium. These four electrolytes: • rehydrate your cells • maximise muscle performance • help convert carbohydrates into energy • minimise muscle tissue breakdown Unlike plain water, these nutrients step in to replace the electrolytes you naturally lose during exercise and while you sweat. Store brand sport drinks may only contain two electrolytes—Sustain Sport gives you twice as many! Five Electrolytes, Low Calories Besides missing the mark with the number of electrolytes, store sports drinks can contain large amounts of simple sugars as the major sources of carbohydrate. These syrupy sweet mixtures lead to blood sugar spikes. Plus, too much simple sugar draws water into the intestines and away from the rest of your body—leaving you further dehydrated. Sustain Sport is different because it does exactly what it says—sustains you during exercise and training. With its exclusive blend of fructose and dextrose, Sustain Sport helps with proper and steady rehydration and reduced muscle fatigue—without radical blood sugar highs or lows. Studies have looked at which particular type of carbohydrate solution is most effective when rehydration is critical. According to researchers, increasing a drink’s carbohydrate content increases the amount of energy available to the muscles. Unfortunately, high carbohydrate content also tends to decrease the rate at which water can be made available to the body. This can prevent proper rehydration during prolonged exercise. Studies have shown that using ingredients like fructose allows for more carbohydrates—without a reduction in water absorption. 3 Sustain Sport contains only 109 calories per serving. With Sustain Sport, you get maximum boost with minimal calories! Reach a New Peak of Performance According to Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise, you can compete at your best for 37% longer after chugging a performance drink when compared with drinking water. Gulp down a Sustain Sport every time you exercise for optimal hydration and recovery! Q05/09