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Rx melaleuca oil


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Melaleuca oil

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Rx melaleuca oil

  1. 1. Melaleuca Oil T36-C5® and T40-C3® The product that started Melaleuca Inc. 5. Effectively solvent. Melaleuca Oil Australian standard*: Oil of Melaleuca In 1985, Melaleuca Inc. introduced is a natural cleanser. As it kills bacteria, alternifolia must contain less than T36-C5 to the U.S. and news spread far it also gently cleans dirt or debris out 15% cineole. and wide about the benefits of tea tree of cuts and scrapes — jump-starting the Melaleuca standards are much oil. What started as a simple, effective healing process. higher again. product used to treat and soothe minor 6. Pleasantly aromatic. Melaleuca cuts, scrapes, burns, insect bites and T36-C5 has no more than 5% cineole Oil has a natural, pleasing scent — never scratches has become a phenomenal artificial or medicine-like. T40-C3 has no more than 3% cineole success as an ingredient in a variety of other Melaleuca products. Its six Quality comes in four ways This explains why “T36-C5” and naturally useful properties have created Terpinen-4-ol and Cineole “T40-C3” are included as part of the further uses in both home cleaning and compounds names and Melaleuca has trademarked a variety of personal care products that It is known that there are over 100 these names and put them on every have created an exceptional range of compounds in pure Melaleuca Oil. bottle — proudly displaying the company’s naturally derived products. However, none of these compounds heritage and the uncompromising alone are nearly as effective as all quality of Melaleuca Oil. Six naturally useful properties of them together. Two of the major Why are Melaleuca Oil T36-C5 and T40-C3 3. Melaleuca tree species compounds — terpinen-4-ol and cineole products so good? Just consider the There are over 300 species of Melaleuca are two of the keys to the quality of following six properties: tree. The Australian Standard allows Melaleuca Oil. the blending of oil from any quality 1. Naturally antiseptic. Melaleuca Oil 1. Terpinen-4-ol — is linked to the or combination of the 300 species of stops topical bacteria in its tracks so antibacterial properties of the oil, and Melaleuca tree. Melaleuca once again you have less possibility of infection in higher levels, delivers more antiseptic holds a higher standard. The company — paving the way for faster healing. power. ensures that it uses only pure oil 2. Gently soothes. Melaleuca Oil extracted from the genetically superior Australian standard*: Oil of Melaleuca takes the ‘ouch’ out of minor cuts, Melaleuca alternifolia without diluting alternifolia must contain more than 30% burns, abrasions and bug bites. It calms it with other oils. terpinen-4-ol dry, itchy skin — no more scratching. 4. Listed with the TGA as a Melaleuca standards are much higher 3. Safely penetrates. Melaleuca Oil therapeutic complementary — the company goes far beyond the medicine carries its healing benefits below the Australian standard. Both T36-C5 and T40-C3 are regulated top skin layer, so you feel relief right T36-C5 has at least 36% terpinen-4-ol by the TGA (Therapeutic Goods where irritation begins…and where Association) as the product is considered other medicines often can’t reach. T40-C3 has at least 40% terpinen-4-ol a therapeutic good with therapeutic 4. Beneficially non-caustic. Melaleuca 2. Cineole — Helps the oil penetrate, claims. Be careful when using Melaleuca Oil T36-C5 is mild on most skin types. but high levels can reduce the amount Oil that is not listed with the TGA as T40-C3 is ideal for even the most of other germ-killing compounds and you can not be sure of its authenticity sensitive skin. it may irritate sensitive skin. and quality. l e a d e r s h i p i n a c t i o n
  2. 2. Product Focus Melaleuca:The Wellness Company® Standard Australian Standards for Melaleuca alternifolia oil Melaleuca Oil T36-C5® and T40-C3® Terpinen-4-ol minimum content: 36% (T36-C5), Terpinen-4-ol minimum content: 30% 40% (T40-C3) Cineole maximum content: 15% (less cineole means Cineole maximum content: 5% (T36-C5), 3% (T40-C3) more terpinen-4-ol) Blending of oil from any quality or combination Only highest-quality Melaleuca alternifolia oil of 300 Melaleuca species permitted No guarantee of consistent quality from bottle The quality guarantee is in the name—every bottle, to bottle every time.*Australian Standards “I had a very small but painful cutThe Australian Standard was prepared and on my fingertip. It had started to getapproved by the Council of Standards Australia infected so I got my Melaleuca Oil T36-C5in 1997 and can be found in the document and put it straight on my cut. The nextAS2782-1997 (ISO4730:1996) Oil of Melaleuca, day the swelling had gone down and theterpinen-4-ol type (Tea Tree Oil).This document can be sourced from pain was gone and my cut has nicely. Thank you Melaleuca!” Wendy Pluckrose,VICBusiness Building Information Sources:• Product Information Brochure — Melaleuca Oil T36-C5 and T40-C3• Product Training Resource pages 99-101• Product Demonstration — demonstrating Melaleuca Oil’s Penetrating properties found on page 100 of the Product Training Resource• Product Experiences — found on our website www.melaleuca.comProduct Experiences“Not long after acquiring a kitten sheaccidentally scratched me as I pickedher up. The scratch was not deep butit became fiery red, sore and tookseveral days to settle down. Even todayI have slight scaring. Not long ago shescratched me again but this time thescratch was deeper and longer — thejoys of life with a kitten. I showed myhusband the scratch and he suggestedI try the Melaleuca Oil T36-C5 on it.I could not believe the results! Theredness and stinging died down within Melaleuca Oil T36-C5® 5.8mlthe next hour. I re-applied the Melaleuca 2163 2 Pts AU$6.95pc / NZ$7.95pcOil T36-C5 a couple of times that dayand three days later, all signs of the Melaleuca Oil T40-C3® 5.8mlscratch were completely gone.” 2164 8 Pts AU$16.95pc / NZ$20.95pcCarol Alston, NSW l e a d e r s h i p i n a c t i o n