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Vitality nutraView

  1. 1. Focus on the Big Picture NOW WITH ZEAXANTHIN The Natural Solution for Clearly Superior Vision SupportFrom the smiling faces of children and grandchildren to the simple joy ofthe morning paper, 80 percent of what we perceive and know about theworld depends on our eyes. That’s why NutraView contains the research-recommended amounts of lutein, zeaxanthin, vitamin C, and zinc plus aproprietary blend of blueberry and bilberry for superior, natural, overall eyehealth. Nothing is more precious than your sight, and nothing else offersall the natural protection and support NutraView does.*
  2. 2. Superior Science for Optimal Vision Support A Natural Feast for the Eyes Targeted Nutrition for Overall Lutein—A powerful antioxidant found Eye Health in leafy green vegetables like spinach The ingredients in NutraView target and kale, lutein plays a critical role the three most sensitive areas of the in fighting free radical damage to the eye to provide overall eye protection retina and supporting the health of and support. the macula.1 * Zeaxanthin—A powerful antioxidant LensYour eyes, more than any other found in egg yolks and leafy Maculaorgans of your body, are constantly vegetables that is concentrated in Pupil the macula. Together with lutein, itexposed to elements that can induce acts as an internal pair of sunglasses,free radical damage. Over time, helping filter harmful blue lightwavesthis damage can lead to permanent and protecting the macula from free Cornea Retinaimpairment of your vision. radical damage.1, 2 * Iris Vitamin C—A powerful natural Fortunately, researchers have antioxidant that has been shown tofound that powerful nutrients and have a positive effect on eye health.3 *antioxidants can help protect against Lens: The lens of the eye helps focus Bilberry—long reputed to help improve light waves on the retina. A healthy lensfree radicals in the eye—nutrients night vision, bilberries have also been is transparent. Antioxidants like luteinand antioxidants like those found shown to help maintain the strength and vitamin C help protect the lens from of tiny blood vessels in the eyes.4 * environmental factors that may cloud itsin NutraView.* surface.* Blueberry—A super-powerful antioxidant,5 blueberries are known Macula: The macula is responsibleIncorporating the Latest as the “vision fruit” in Japan.* for helping us to see close up, to focus,Scientific Advances Zinc—an essential mineral shown to and to distinguish detail. When healthy,Leading the charge in the discovery of support eye health.6 Lower levels it contains a high amount of lutein and of zinc in the eye have been tied to zeaxanthin.*natural solutions to eye health is theAREDS 2 project. This Age-Related Eye cloudy, impaired vision. Evidence suggests that when taken with Retina: The retina is a light sensitiveDisease Study 2 is a six-year, multi- tissue lining the inner surface of the study sponsored by the National other essential nutrients, Zinc can The optics of the eye create an imageEye Institute. And while the final study help prolong healthy vision. Zinc is of the visual world on the retina, whichresults will not be ready until 2013, the powered by Oligo in NutraView to serves much the same function as the help support optimal absorption.* film in a camera. The antioxidant blend inpreliminary findings show great promise NutraView helps fight free radical damagefor formulations used in the study. to the retina.* NutraView’s unique formula incor-porates the components and modifica-tions that show incredible promise inAREDS 2, as well as a proprietary blend 1. “Effects of lutein and zeaxanthin on aspects of eye health,” 4. “Protective Effects of Bilberry (Vaccinium myrtillus L.)of antioxidants exclusive to Melaleuca. Journal of the Science of Food and Agriculture, vol. 90, Extract against Endotoxin-Induced Uveitis in Mice,” no. 1, January 15, 2010, p. 2–12. Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry, March 12, 2010. 2. “Xanthophylls and eye health of infants and adults,” Le Journal médical libanais, vol. 57, no. 4, Oct–Dec, 2009 5. “The Miracle Berry, ” Prevention, June 1999, p. 122–127. p. 261–267. 6. “Reduced zinc and copper in the retinal pigment *These statements have not been evaluated by the 3. “A randomised controlled trial investigating the effect of epithelium and choroid in age-related macular Food & Drug Administration. This product is not nutritional supplementation on visual function in normal, degeneration,” American Journal of Ophthalmology, intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent disease. and age-related macular disease affected eyes: design and vol. 147, no. 2, Feb 2009, p. 276–282. methodology, ” Nutrition Journal, Oct, 2003, p. 12. © 2010 Melaleuca, Inc. • 3910 South Yellowstone Highway • Idaho Falls, Idaho 83402.6003 • • 800.282.3000 05/10U