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®  Calmicid   Fast, Effective Antacid with a   Soothing Herbal Complex   For fast relief from   heartburn, indigestion   a...
M        E       L       A        L       E       U       C    A       P    H    A    R    M     A   C    Y   ®C          ...
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RX calmicid


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RX calmicid

  1. 1. ® Calmicid Fast, Effective Antacid with a Soothing Herbal Complex For fast relief from heartburn, indigestion and upset stomach associated with these symptoms, reach for new mint-flavored Calmicid. This great- tasting advanced formula combines acid-neutralizing power with a one- of-a-kind natural Some liquid antacids and herbal blend to help tablets contain aspirin-related ingredients, you feel better quick. which can irritate your stomach and interfere And because with certain health conditions. Calmicid con- Calmicid has calcium, tains no aspirin. it’s effective relief that’s good for you too.Fast Relief with Exclusive Natural New Minty FlavorCalcium Blend• Calmicid with calcium neutral- • Contains three natural ingredients — • New mint flavor will have you con- izes acid fast without unpleasant ginger root, chamomile and fennel vinced that a powerful antacid can side effects seed — used historically to combat also taste great nausea, cramps and irritation
  2. 2. M E L A L E U C A P H A R M A C Y ®C almicid means fast relief New Minty Flavor when painful heartburn, Industry Reports Most antacids can leave a indigestion and upset stom- Show … chalky aftertaste, but notach associated with these symptoms Calmicid. This powerful for-strike. Why? It combines the acid- 1. Americans spend about mula now comes in a pleasingneutralizing power of calcium with $1 billion annually on mint flavor that tastes exclusive herbal blend so you get heartburn remedies. Did you know: Mint has his-fast relief that’s gentle and calming to 2. Nearly half of all adults torically been used to helpyour stomach. Plus, Calmicid’s new in the U.S. experience calm the stomach?minty flavor tastes great and leaves heartburn at least once a When heartburn, indiges-no chalky after-taste. month. tion and upset stomach strike, turn to the one that not onlyCalcium: provides fast relief, but isAcid-Neutralizing Power Nature’s Best Medicine actually good for you.To digest food, the stomach secretes To help relieve the causes of indiges-acid and the enzyme pepsin. These tion, heartburn and upset stomach,compounds work to break down food Melaleuca turns to nature for itsinto a more absorbable form. calming remedies. This select herbalHowever, if you eat a late The Benefits of blend helps bring soothing relief fornight snack or a large irritation. Calmicid®meal when your Ginger root extract is includedbody is at rest, • Neutralizes acid for its soothing properties. Studiespepsin doesn’t have shown that ginger helps fast with calciumwork as effi- improve digestion. Theciently to With Calmicid, extract chamomile has • Doesn’t producebreakdown relief is just been historically used unpleasant sidefood. This seconds away! to calm and soothecan lead to the stomach. It is also effects; aspirin-freeheartburn, valued because it hasindigestion and upset been shown to have powerful anti- • Natural blend usedstomach. Calmicid with calcium works spasmodic effects. Add fennel seed, historically for nau-fast to neutralize acid buildup, yet is and you have a very effective antacid.gentle on your system. It does not sea, cramps and This extract has traditionally beencause unpleasant laxative or constipat- shown to relax and calm the stomach. stomach irritationing side effects often associated withretail brands. Only Calmicid has this unique • New minty flavor Another benefit of Calmicid is that combination of natural extracts. Asit’s aspirin-free. Some antacid liquids tastes great you can see, Calmicid is the mostand dissolvable tablets contain aspirin- complete antacid you can buy!related ingredients, which can furtherirritate your stomach and interferewith certain health conditions. Calmicid® Contains Ingredients that are Actually Good for You! • Calcium • Ginger Root • Chamomile • Fennel SeedThis information sheet is intended only for use in the United States.The material contained herein is written in compliance with U.S.requirements. Please use only those materials that have been specifi-cally approved for marketing this product in your country.Printed in the USA 08/00 PH100U