Low deuterium oxy cristal


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Food supplement Liquid Oxygen, Low deuterium oxy christal CaliVita International

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Low deuterium oxy cristal

  1. 1. WATER POWER www.zivisastilom.com
  2. 2. Water…
  3. 3. …and oxygen are basics of life.
  4. 4. They created higher level form of life…
  5. 5. … and since then they are indispensable for humans.
  6. 6. We can live maximum 3 minutes without oxygen and 3 days without water!
  7. 7. OXYGEN• Very important element ofbreathing and energyproduction.• Helps the body to rebuildand maintain a strong andhealthy immune system.• Cells need it to renew.
  8. 8. WATER• Transports differentnutrients (vitamins, mineralsalts) to our cells.• Participates in theprocess of breathing andthermoregulation.• Ensures normal blood flow.
  9. 9. Did you know? 70%Water content of our body is about 70%. Just like our globe’s.
  10. 10. But due to wasting and pollution, clear water is becoming a rare treasure and…
  11. 11. ..the oxygen content of air has been continuously decreasing.
  12. 12. These two problems and stress or unhealthy way of life may result in the faulty functioning of our body.
  13. 13. What can you do?
  14. 14. TRY OUR NEW PRODUCT: ®LOW DEUTERIUM OXY CRYSTAL ! A magnetically structured, low deuterium content water concentrate enriched with stabilized oxygen.
  15. 15. Magnetically structured water • It has a higher density than other kinds of water, that is why it may increase the stability of molecules, and helps cells keep themselves stable. • It hinders the production of the free radicals.
  16. 16. Did you know?The structure of water changes under the effect of magneticfield and it keeps this effect; what is more, it delivers it toother liquids even if it amounts only to 3% thereof.
  17. 17. Stabilized oxygen • It enhances the oxygen supply of cells and boosts metabolism. • It fills up the body with energy and increases menthal and athletic performance. • It promotes the absorption and utilization of vitamins, minerals and herbs.
  18. 18. Did you know?The cancerous cells like living in such environments that arepoor in oxygen. Increases in the quantity of oxygen prevent theproliferation of cancerous cells.** (Prof. Dr. Otto Warburg, Nobel laureate scientist, The Prime Cause and Prevention of Disease)
  19. 19. Low deuterium content water • It may slow down cell division process – that is “aging” of the body.* • It may decrease the incidence of faulty cell multiplication.* • It may help detoxifying as well.* * Dr. József Kohán, Water Power, 2010., Nutrition&Health
  20. 20. When do werecommendLOW DEUTERIUMOXY CRYSTAL®?
  21. 21. If you would like to energize your body.
  22. 22. If you do sports regularly or perform hard physical work.
  23. 23. In the course of detoxifying cures.
  24. 24. If you are exposed to theharmful effects of civilization damages.
  25. 25. Main benefits
  26. 26. Its structured physical construction may forward extra energy and more oxygen to the body.
  27. 27. Due to its features may increase concentration ability.
  28. 28. It may contribute to the harmony of the physiological and chemical processes of our body.
  29. 29. CALIVITA® LOW DEUTERIUM OXY CRYSTAL®The new member of the CaliVita® family is available in the global network!
  30. 30. www.zivisastilom.comCHEERS!