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All Exemplary Leaders Listen to Feedback


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Great leadership involves listening to and evolving through feedback—both positive and negative. Feedback offers opportunities for leaders to assess how they're doing, the impact they have on others, and find areas for growth. You can become a better leader tomorrow by asking for feedback from constituents today.

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All Exemplary Leaders Listen to Feedback

  2. 2. Without feedback you cannot grow.
  3. 3. Our research shows that asking for feedback is the behavior in which leaders engage least frequently.
  4. 4. A major reason leaders avoid asking for feedback is because they are afraid of being exposed— as not being perfect, not knowing everything, not being as good as they should be.
  5. 5. But the best leaders are active learners; they look for feedback because they never believe they know it all.
  6. 6. These leaders are open to new ideas and know feedback has to come from constituents, the only people who can reliably report the impact a leader’s actions have on them.
  7. 7. Develop a habit of asking for feedback.
  8. 8. Solicit feedback from people you trust, and who trust you. Let them know you value their observations. (And never punish anyone for honest feedback when you’ve asked for it!)
  9. 9. View feedback through the frame of a growth mindset, in which you assume your capabilities are always evolving.
  10. 10. You can overcome deficiencies if you put in the effort, and even painful information can motivate you to improve.
  11. 11. If you practice reframing feedback as an opportunity to improve it will get easier over time.
  12. 12. Be sure to demonstrate that you’ve heard and understood the feedback, not only in your words, but most importantly in your actions.
  13. 13. Leaders must go first in creating a climate in which people trust one another enough to provide valid and useful feedback. Learn more about the five fundamentals of becoming a better leader.