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Yet another trend presentation


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A wintry February day we were invited to advertising agency Le Bureau in Stockholm to share and inspire. Here's the result. Enjoy.

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Yet another trend presentation

  1. 1. Yet another trend presentation
  2. 2. HumblebeeHumblebee is a new creative digital production agency. Togetherwe fuse research, creativity, design and technology with a focuson creating social, interactive and smart solutions. With a humble attitude, we strive to explore the forefront of technologicaldevelopment and innovation. We deliver everything from conceptand design to responsive web, mobile apps, campaign sites and installations that inspire, challenge, motivate and engage users.Our focus is to deliver effective projects based on a lean approachwith a focus on prototyping and early evaluation according to build, measure, learn.
  3. 3. The Pirate Bay now even has a special download category, physibles, which are patterns to use on 3D Printers
  4. 4. The rise of virtual manufacturing
  5. 5. movie timeThe World first3D Photo booth 6eWOr97I
  6. 6. Design, win, get- On a monthly basis Robocraft
  7. 7. 2 Lazy is the new blackSo many services allows us to be lazy. I for one do not mind
  8. 8. Automate your digital life
  9. 9. Avoid supermarkets, stay healthy
  10. 10. Outsource your chores
  11. 11. 3Next-gen of crowd-funding No idea is too crazy in 2013 - Kickstarter 2.0
  12. 12. In 20122,241,475 people pledged a total of $319,786,629 and successfully funded18,109 projects
  13. 13. Reduce the risks of productdevelopment? Go Kickstarter!
  14. 14. Building a betterfuture of financing
  15. 15. 4 A new way of e-learningSoon it’ll be less about the name of the school you attended and more about whose online course you took
  16. 16. Most badges when he dies, wins
  17. 17. Learn from real people, in the real world
  18. 18. 5 Intelligent objects The dawn of the personal ecosystemAs more ordinary items become interactive, our interactions with them will get more interesting, enjoyable and useful.
  19. 19. Enhanced Vision
  20. 20. Physical toys intodigital gameplay
  21. 21. The Battle of the WristFuelband · Fitbit · Jawbone
  22. 22. 6 Invisible Computers are dissolving in three directions -into the cloud, into the environment and into our bodies Focus on what can be removed rather than what could be added
  23. 23. movie timePhysical vs Digital LeapMotion/Kinect
  24. 24. Invisible Apps
  25. 25. 7There’s an API for that!“Just as no man is an island, in a world driven by apps, no company can solve every problem.”
  26. 26. Earn Fuel to lower your insurance Nike Fuelband
  27. 27. Even Campbell’s does it!
  28. 28. 8519 APIs.And
  29. 29. Thanks and goodbye!Re-imagine the boring things and make them engaging +46 72 171 50 20