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KE4CAP learning survey: Exploring good practices and challenges - Julia Barrott


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This presentation outlines a planned survey for climate adaptation platforms aimed at helping share knowledge on good practices and challenges. For more information about the event associate with this presentation and about he KE4CAP project click here:

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KE4CAP learning survey: Exploring good practices and challenges - Julia Barrott

  1. 1. Learning survey: Exploring good practices and challenges This event has been organised with the financial support of the European Union’s Partnership Instrument. The opinions expressed are the sole responsibility of the speakers and do not necessarily reflect the views of the European Union.
  2. 2. Why a survey? • Gather information of interest to all • General – who is doing what and where? • Inspire – how are others doing it? What is working well? • Support – what challenges do we share? Where is support and discussion needed? • Crowdsource and share examples of the value added • Global recognition - delivering the Paris Agreement • Support individual business cases for CAPs • Enables time for reflection, and for a team response, at your convenience
  3. 3. KE4CAP survey Scope All established and planned platforms focused on climate change adaptation and related issues working at the sub-national, national and international level and acting as a link between science, policy and practice. Focus • General/background information on platforms, for context • Topic-specific information on good practices and challenges Topics will be unpacked more in mini-surveys prior to topic-focused VKEs
  4. 4. KE4CAP survey: Outputs and uses • Summary report: analysis and drawing together of good practice examples and remaining challenges • Highlight innovations; including specific examples from CAPS, where permitted • Anonymise negatives: summarise as shared and specific challenges • All responders (platforms and associated individuals) acknowledged • Report will be emailed to all and uploaded on the KE4CAP workspace
  5. 5. KE4CAP survey: How to contribute • Shared by email and on the KE4CAP workspace, • Format: Online form (SurveyMonkey or similar) • One response per platform • Survey will be tailored to account for the fact that different platforms are at different points in their planning and development Timeline: • Send out survey: Mid July • Surveys completed by: End August • Report: Mid September • Second VKE will be held in late September
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