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Retailing for Medical Representatives in India



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Retailing for Medical Representatives in India

  1. 1. THE ENABLERS Retailing 1 Retailers coverage and Prescription Audit ABC PHARMA
  2. 2. THE ENABLERS Retailing 2 Why call on a retailer  To make ABC PHARMA products available with retailers in good quantities  To help identify the right doctors for our master call list  To learn about competition and their activities  To utilize the information for effective in-clinic performance
  3. 3. THE ENABLERS Retailing 3 Rx Generation  The health of a pharma company is directly proportional to the number of Rxions it is able to generate – more the Rxions, better the health!  The only way to make our organization healthy is through Rx generation  Maintain stock pressure of ABC PHARMA products at retailers to meet Rx demand 2
  4. 4. THE ENABLERS Retailing 4 Stock the retailers heavily
  5. 5. THE ENABLERS Retailing 5 Availability with retailers  Ensure high visibility of ABC PHARMA products on the shelf  Have better shopper and retail understanding using new concepts  Create superior value and innovation  Help ABC PHARMA win in the marketplace at the first moment of truth
  6. 6. THE ENABLERS Retailing 6 Advantages of high visibility  Counter top displays are highly visible and eye-catching  They present a spill of promotional imagery and product reminders to mothers  ABC PHARMA products on display at retail also serve to reinforce their attraction to mothers  Display of ABC PHARMA products at retail will contribute greatly to the purchasing decision
  7. 7. THE ENABLERS Retailing 7 Empathy with retailer  Empathize with the retailer  Let him see you as an ‘associate’ or a ‘friend’ to help him  Let him perceive you as one who helps him earn extra profits 3
  8. 8. THE ENABLERS Retailing 8 Condition the Retailer  Create a favorable attitude for you and ABC PHARMA  Obtain useful information about users and prescribers of competing brands which will help you in better in-clinic performance  Achieve desired results 9
  9. 9. THE ENABLERS Retailing 9 Retailer as your close friend  Know the retailer by his first name  He should also know you by first name  Visit him regularly at a time convenient to him  Give him the same importance as a doctor  After all, you need his help in identifying the right doctors for your list, isn’t it?  Aim to make ABC PHARMA his ‘top-of-mind’ company
  10. 10. THE ENABLERS Retailing 10 Retailer – your close friend
  11. 11. THE ENABLERS Retailing 11 Retailer should see you as one who helps him earn profits. How?  Analyze his product mix – see whether he has the right quantity of products which are on our active promotion  Check his stocks for slow moving and near expiry products  Rotate his stocks  Eliminate wastages 4
  12. 12. THE ENABLERS Retailing 12
  13. 13. THE ENABLERS Retailing 13 Medical Representative as profit earner for retailer
  14. 14. THE ENABLERS Retailing 14 Who is the customer? The proprietor His assistants Counter clerk Pharmacist Cashier Do not ignore any one. All should know ABC PHARMA brands ‘by heart’ 5
  15. 15. THE ENABLERS Retailing 15 Do not ignore anyone in the retail shop Everyone is important
  16. 16. THE ENABLERS Retailing 16
  17. 17. THE ENABLERS Retailing 17 Monitoring - 1  Retailer should be conditioned to willingly give information about our products and of competition  Phone him up regularly to know the movement of our product  He should ‘by reflex action’ convey competitor activities to you 6
  18. 18. THE ENABLERS Retailing 18 Monitoring – 2  He should be keen to have an higher inventory  He should keep notes for you  He should voluntarily give names of Rxers of other competitors 6
  19. 19. THE ENABLERS Retailing 19 Orders  Ask for an order- it is your birthright!  Stockist salesman is not your competitor  Adequate stocking is important to meet Rx demand you havDo not forget the art of booking orders  e generated 7
  20. 20. THE ENABLERS Retailing 20 Order booking is not a forgotten art
  21. 21. THE ENABLERS Retailing 21 Summary  He should voluntarily give names of Rxers of competitors  Doctor/Retailer coverage equally important  Stock display of ABC PHARMA products will help  Rx generated are honored in totality  Pre-empt competition  Let him see you as a profit generator for him 8
  22. 22. THE ENABLERS Retailing 22 Please Visit
  23. 23. THE ENABLERS Retailing 23