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Blog 19.04.2013


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Blog 19.04.2013

  1. 1. Team Synchro have been Busy Little Bees as usual this weekchasing up all the leads from CastExpo, We have had avery positive response so far and we were delighted to havetwo contracts signed on the booth!!This week MD/CEO Chris Collins has been on business in theUK and is returning to his office in Spain today.Jean-Marie is now Australia Training and Implementing.The Marketing Department have been busy as ever this weekworking on post CastExpo E Flyers , getting ready forFoundry Workshop UK Third Edition and making upmore Brochure packs as we ran out at CastExpo!!The Support Team have been there usual busy selves lookingafter our customers and they deserve a big pat on theback and Special Thanks for all the extra hours theyput in during CastExpo - Synchro ERPs standards never dropeven at busy times - 110% and nothing less even if it meansworking 16 hour days.As you all know Synchro have strong beliefs when it comesto being healthy and you cant get better than home grownfruit and veg - Our MD Barbara Nolan has the perfect weatherto do this and she shared a picture with me this week that iwant to share with you guys...
  2. 2. How amazing are these onions? Every summer I grow myown fruit and veg too, Unfortunately I dont have a plot to doit in so we use pots.Leah really enjoyed helping me plant up the seeds this yearand they have just started popping up nicely!
  3. 3. We still have more to plant this weekend - We are growingTomatos (Cherry and Normal), Green Beans, Sweet Peas,Courgettes and Strawberries. (So Far!!) I will keep you postedas they grow.All of Synchro ERP were saddened to hear aboutthe Fertilizer Plant Disaster in Texas this week andwant to let all those involved know that our thoughtsare with them at this very difficult time.I hope you have entered our competition on Facebook to wina Microsoft Surface Tablet, If not please make sure you do -closing date is the 21st of April and the winner will be drawn
  4. 4. on the 22nd April - That only gives you thisweekend to enter!!!!!!!!I am so pleased to finally see the sun over here and we haveall been enjoying it...
  5. 5. Leah had great fun at the park and her Dad couldnt helpjoining in!!
  6. 6. The Daily Brainteasers have been proving very popular thisweek and in case you missed them I thought I would shareone with you now ..Can you tell me what this rebus photo puzzle means???
  7. 7. A while back I told you all about Kiva Loans and howSynchro had lent money to two of their borrowers - We wereexcited this week to find out that Stanley one of the Kivaborrowers we lent to has made a re payment to us. Its great toknow we have helped him start his business.All in all a very busy week for Team Synchro.I hope you all have a wonderful week and look forward tochatting to you all more on Facebook next week.Victoria x