Blog 3.5.2013


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Blog 3.5.2013

  1. 1. Synchro NewsFirstly Synchro ERP would like to say a massivecongratulations to Darren Liew of Yoonsteel (M) SdnBhd for winning the Microsoft Surface TabletCompetition. we will look forward to seeingpictures when you receive it.Thank you to all of you that took part and helped shareour Facebook page too - Your continued support meansso much to Synchro ERP, Please keep your eye on thepage for future competitions.Well its been another busy week here at Synchro ERPas usual the support department have been supportingour customers, The marketing department have beenbusy working on new projects and looking intomerchandise for the next Expos - Let us know what youwould like by answering the poll on Facebook. Thetraining department have been busy on site with
  2. 2. customers and the rest of the team have been busy inthe office.Bianca Catherall our Marketing Project Manager istaking part in this years Race For Life.Check out her page here; look forward to following her on this journey.
  3. 3. News from within the industry - German FoundryDay.More than 600 visitors attended the GermanFoundry Day in 2013 and the 5th GIFA forum inFellbach.The visitors were viable to catch up on the latestDevelopments in the foundry industry with a total of 30lectures The current situation of foundry industry whatBrought to light in the opening presentation.Lars Steinheider, President of the "Association ofGerman foundry professionals" ( VDG ) GermanFoundry Association of Professionals, Described in hisspeech, "Do not miss out on the future - this is foundrytechnology of tomorrow with people of today ". TheGerman foundry industry will focus on new campaignstargeting in skills shortages and recruitment campaigns.The German foundry industry is one of the worldsleading foundry nations. With modern productionmethods, innovative economic casting solutions can berealized in this country. "Only with highly trainedprofessionals, can we maintain this leading position,"says Steinheider, president of the VDG . Dr. EngineerWill Fox (VDI) Explained in his lecture, "Does productionhave a place in Germany in the future?" So he didExplained future innovations are the key to economicsuccess in Germany. Especially in times of Increasingglobalization and more importantly, says Fox, to expandthe technological leadership of the German foundryindustry. "A standstill is a step backwards," said Fox.
  4. 4. Dr.-Ing. Erwin Flender, president of the Association ofthe German Foundry Industry ( BDG ) gave a detailedview of the "situation and potential of the Germanfoundry industry." Flender turned his attention to theeconomic development of the foundry industry. Hisoutlook for the second half of 2013 is seeminglyoptimistic. "The German foundries are well-Positioned inthe international competitive environment and havesignificant expertise advantages, "says Flender.A main focus of discussion was the cost of the energytransformation, the increase enlarge in the cost of rawmaterials and the associated negative results of Germanfoundry industry tips and strategies to continuemanufacturing high tech casting products in Germany.The German foundry industry is covering thetransformation energy policy, but understands the needfor reform in the EEG.The Federation of German foundry industry Stronglyadvocates retention and a smooth entry into thishardship in order to avoid distortions of competition.Technology trends Current Throughout The entireprocess chain were presented to the interested public ofsuppliers of the foundry industry. Visitors of the foundryday received a 2013 technology insight into currenttrends of major suppliers .The topics of lightweight construction, sustainability andenergy efficiency were thus current topics in theforefront. The Exhibitors were impressed not only by thenumber of visitors, but the quality of talks so that theyhad At Their Board.
  5. 5. Exhibitors Already have confirmed Their participation inthe coming year. The German foundry in 2014 will takeplace on the 15th and 16th of May in Hamburg and the6th GIFA forum during the event of the GIFA from the16th to 20th of June 2015 in Dusseldorf.Catch up soon.VictoriaHead Of Social MediaSynchro ERP.