Cast expo 2013 write up


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Cast expo 2013 write up

  1. 1. CastExpo 2013 Write-Up - By Shane Allen.WOW! BEYOND BELIEF! WHAT A VENUE! WHAT A TURN-OUT!EXCEEDED EXPECTATIONS! ECONOMIC RECOVERY IS IN FULLSWING!Everyone I talked to was comparing St. Louis to the prior CastExpo inOrlando and how much better this show-and-tell was! Many think it mighthave been to do with the venue, so many people took the opportunity tovisit Mickey Mouse in Orlando with the family in-tow that they neglectedreally attending CastExpo. Plus, at the time, the economy was in the tank.This year’s CastExpo was wild! Sandy of Tonkawa Foundry emailed thatshe stopped by the booth several times, and each time there was "no roomon the booth" as everyone was busy doing sales leads. At times, therewere four demonstrations in process and metalcasters were lined upbegging for more. We could have used an extra hand or two or maybeeven three! Saturday and Sunday were the busiest of days and Mondaywas not all that bad. The venue in St. Louis was ideal and the weatherperfect. Staring off on a Saturday really set the stage.Daniel, the newest member of the team, certainly earned his stripes withthe number of on-the-booth demonstrations that he performed, especially inSpanish. Simon and Chris were certainly kept busy with demonstrationafter demonstration - one right after the other on the stand. At the end ofeach day, I can safely say that the entire team was wiped out - just drainedof energy. I personally was in bed just after 8pm the first night and 9pm thesecond night. Even Daniel said he went to sleep very early!How do you judge if a CastExpo is successful? What the metrics used todefine a successful CastExpo. The number one matrix is always the"conversion rate" of sales leads to actual sales. The second matrix is thenumber of sales leads obtained on the stand - good solid bona fide "today"leads. Although the "tomorrow" leads are very important as well as it doeskeep the fire burning. The overall attendance at the show, 8,000+ by allaccounts, is an important matrix as well. Also, the number of equipmentsales is a leading indicator of how the economic environment is doing.Much of the equipment appeared to be already sold as it was being setup
  2. 2. on the floor, and by the end of the show, it looked like all of the equipmenthad been sold. This is the big boy equipment - costing hundreds ofthousands if not millions of dollars. I am sure there are "deep" discountson the show floor during the negotiating process as an equipmentmanufacturer would prefer to ship the equipment to a customer instead ofback to the warehouse. Also, a very important indicator is the "quality-ortype" of person you meet with - is it the decision maker - what is their roleand goal in life? We came away having talked with the big boys - the topdogs - the ones that approve the writing of the checks. We met the HeadHoncho of Dotson Castings who is the new AFS President and also metwith the IT Director for all of Waupauka Foundries. These are the moversand the shakers. I do know that the top dogs of Bradken were there, butwe did not get to meet them, unfortunately. They were there purchasingnew heavy equipment.So, in recap, the most important is the "conversion" rate into new sales andI predict we will have a good conversion rate in the coming weeks andmonths.Shane AllenHead of North American OfficeSynchro ERP