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Verge London 2007 Program

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  2. 2. 9882_D_S_Verge 10/9/07 08:59 Page 2 If you haven’t already done so, I recommend you pop out and buy a GPS unit for your car. There are quite a few benefits to this. (According to my own cost-benefit analysis, the entire purchase price is easily justified by the avoidance of domestic arguments and the corresponding reduction in the risk of divorce.) They also generally get you to your destination faster and more easily. So far, so obvious. But there is one more thing they do. They make it a lot safer to try new routes. Previously, if you were stuck in traffic, you sat there, quietly fuming. If you tried taking an alternative route, you’d find it was a cul-de-sac, or just end up hopelessly lost, uselessly circling back-streets while feral kids on bikes sized up the value of your tyres. Suddenly, with a GPS, you can experiment with new directions and immediately find out whether turning right was a good idea or a disaster. In the first few weeks I discovered five new ways of getting to work. Suddenly it paid to be curious. What at Ogilvy we like to call safe adventure. We believe it’s a spirit we all need to adopt more and more in the digital age. Quite simply, the better the information you have on your dashboard, the more advantageous it is to try a new approach. The joy of digital media is that they provide you with information in real time. You can build on your successes (and bury failures) while they happen. Which means the last £1 you spend of your budget can be fifteen times more effective than the first. It’s why the second part of Verge is labelled Experiment. That actually the best way to escape gridlock is simply to try something – provided you can rapidly backtrack when it doesn’t pay. You’ll learn more about this today. But bear this thought in mind as the day unfolds. Rory Sutherland – Vice-Chairman, Ogilvy Group UK
  3. 3. 9882_D_S_Verge 10/9/07 08:59 Page 3 Agenda 13th September 2007 9.45 COFFEE, SIDESHOW & NETWORKING 11.00 INTRODUCTION: Mike Dodds – Managing Director, OgilvyOne & Guy Lambert – Managing Director, Ogilvy Advertising 11.10 KEYNOTE: Rory Sutherland – Vice-Chairman, Ogilvy Group UK Listen 11.30 HOST: Jon Steel – Planning Director, WPP 11.35 KEYNOTE: Bob Garfield – Columnist 12.00 CASE STUDIES: Richard Wheaton – Managing Director, neo@Ogilvy Mark Newton – Vice President, International Interactive Marketing, American Express Bill Kircos – Group Manager, Product and Technology Public Relations, Intel Corporation 12.45 PANEL: Jon Steel – Planning Director, WPP Lunch
  4. 4. 9882_D_S_Verge 10/9/07 08:59 Page 4 Experiment 2.15 HOST: Patou Nuytemans – EAME Digital Director, OgilvyOne Worldwide 2.20 KEYNOTE: Jessica Greenwood – Deputy Editor, Contagious 2.45 CASE STUDIES: Caroline Slootveg – Director of Digital Marketing and New Media, Unilever Alan Flack – UK Strategic Brand Manager, IBM Michael Tchao – General Manager, Nike Techlab 3.30 PANEL: Patou Nuytemans – EAME Digital Director, OgilvyOne Worldwide Engage 4.30 HOST: John Baker – Managing Partner, Head of Interactive and Client Services Director, OgilvyOne 4.35 KEYNOTE: Sam Smith – Head of the Future Media Audiences, BBC 5.00 CASE STUDIES: Rufus Olins – Managing Director, Haymarket Brand Media Clive Peoples – Head of Customer Communications, Aaron Coldiron – Senior Marketing Manager, Microsoft Vista 5.45 PANEL: John Baker – Managing Partner, Head of Interactive and Client Services Director, OgilvyOne 6.00 SUMMARY: Mike Dodds – Managing Director, OgilvyOne & Guy Lambert – Managing Director, Ogilvy Advertising Drinks Dinner The Terrace Restaurant, British Library
  5. 5. 9882_D_S_Verge 10/9/07 08:59 Page 5 Speakers
  6. 6. 9882_D_S_Verge 10/9/07 08:59 Page 6 Rory Sutherland Vice Chairman, Ogilvy UK. Rory Sutherland was born in Usk, Monmouthshire, in 1965 and educated at the local Haberdashers’ school and at Christ’s College, Cambridge. He joined OgilvyOne as a graduate trainee in September of that year. After six months cross training, and thirteen months spent as the world’s worst account man (in a last remedial effort he was booked on a time management course, but got the date wrong) he was moved to the Planning Department. Soon afterwards he confessed an interest in copywriting to his line manager, who agreed this was a jolly sensible move. So sensible, in fact, that he fired him. The experience had not been altogether wasted. For one thing, while in Planning, Rory worked within a few feet of Miles Young (now head of Ogilvy Asia); Paul O’Donnell (now Chairman of OgilvyOne Europe) and Derek Robson (now at Wieden & Kennedy). For another, it was his spell in Planning that introduced him to online information systems accessible over a squeaky thing called a modem (then operating at a “blistering” 14.4Kbps). If only they could consumerise this technology, he thought, direct marketing could really take off. Of course, had his firing taken place in 1999, fate would have seen him joining a start-up and writing this from his oceanfront house in Santa Barbara. But, sod it, this was 1992. So, two weeks after leaving Planning, Rory joined the creative department as a junior copywriter. At this point things went a bit better. Working first for Steve Harrison and partnered with Mike Simm (now a CofE vicar in Norfolk) and then Cordell, Rory was promoted to Head of Copy in 1995 and Creative Director in 1997. He won some awards. In 2005 he was made vice-Chairman of the Ogilvy Group in the UK in recognition of his improved timekeeping. He remains an advocate of advertising which does different things, rather than just saying things differently.
  7. 7. 9882_D_S_Verge 10/9/07 08:59 Page 7 Listen Jon Steel Planning Director, WPP Jon Steel is an advertising strategist and writer, whose job is to provide strategic and creative direction to WPP Group clients and agencies alike. Prior to joining WPP, he trained as an account planner at London agency Boase Massimi Pollitt, before spending ten years as Vice-Chairman and Director of Account Planning at Goodby, Silverstein & Partners in San Francisco. His client experience includes brands like Nike, Coca-Cola, Hewlett-Packard, Unilever, Sony, Major League Baseball, Porsche and Budweiser. Jon is the author of Truth, Lies & Advertising (1998) and Perfect Pitch (2006), both published by John Wiley & Sons, New York. In addition to his current strategic role, he is responsible for WPP’s Marketing Fellowship programme, an elite recruitment and training scheme designed to attract top graduate talent from around the world to careers in marketing communications.
  8. 8. 9882_D_S_Verge 10/9/07 08:59 Page 8 Listen Bob Garfield Columnist Bob Garfield is a columnist, critic, essayist, pundit, international lecturer and obscure broadcast personality. He isn’t exactly a media whore, but he’s extremely promiscuous. Garfield’s “Ad Review” is a prominent feature of Advertising Age, where each week he singles out an ad for praise or ridicule and thus has become among the more pitifully grovelled-before figures in trade-magazine history. In another life, Garfield is co-host of National Public Radio’s weekly Peabody Award-winning magazine programme “On the Media.” This followed a dozen years as a commentator/correspondent for NPR‘s “All Things Considered.” Dubbed by The New York Times “the Charles Kuralt of Bizarro World,” he specialized in quirky Americana — an act he took to television, as well, producing pieces for public TV, syndication and CBS News. He also served as a political-advertising analyst for CBS, before being bounced in 1992 following an unfortunate Green Room incident. It was his most traumatic TV experience since “Oprah” in 1991, when he was humiliated by Mr. Whipple before a live studio audience. For many years, Garfield was the advertising analyst for ABC News. He’s been a regular on Financial News Network, CNBC’s “Power Lunch” and “Adam Smith’s Money Game” on PBS. He also has been quoted by every major American newspaper, news magazine and broadcast news programme, owing to his fearless willingness to speak authoritatively on subjects he doesn’t necessarily understand. That technique is the secret to his third book, Listen, now being written on his blog in full public view.
  9. 9. 9882_D_S_Verge 10/9/07 08:59 Page 9 Listen Richard Wheaton Managing Director, neo@Ogilvy Richard Wheaton heads neo@Ogilvy’s UK operation, a division of OgilvyOne Worldwide that provides strategic and implementational digital marketing services to a range of consumer and business clients. neo@Ogilvy provides digital media planning and search engine marketing services to American Express, Kodak, Cisco, IBM, SAP and South Africa Tourism. Richard has years of media and marketing expertise, having previously built a digital media agency brand from the ground up, served as European marketing director for a global media business that supplied 75% of its revenue through e-commerce and has experience as an independent consultant, market researcher and commercial publisher.
  10. 10. 9882_D_S_Verge 10/9/07 08:59 Page 10 Listen Mark Newton Vice President, International Interactive Marketing American Express Mark Newton is the head of International Interactive Marketing at American Express, responsible for the interactive business in 22 proprietary consumer markets in Europe, Latin America, Canada and Asia. Mark’s responsibilities span customer acquisition, engagement, online product development, spend and customer servicing across the various digital channels at American Express including Web, Mobile, RSS, e-mail and desktop applications. Mark joined American Express in 2003 and has led a significant increase in profit contribution at American Express from digital channels, effectively doubling their size year on year. In 2007 the Internet will be American Express’ most significant customer marketing and engagement channel in the majority of large markets. Prior to his current role, Mark developed a new customer management consulting business at OgilvyOne in Asia, where he advised a number of blue chip clients including FedEx, Royal & Sun Alliance, Northwest Airlines and Nokia and among others on their customer and digital marketing strategies. Mark also worked with American Express previously in the late nineties in a number of international marketing roles including product development, traditional and interactive marketing and partnerships. Mark started his career in mergers and acquisitions in the City of London where he was responsible for a variety of product development and operations re-engineering roles, he’s vowed never to repeat the experience.
  11. 11. 9882_D_S_Verge 10/9/07 08:59 Page 11 Listen Bill Kircos Group Manager, Product and Technology Public Relations, Intel Corporation Bill Kircos is Group Manager of Intel Corporation’s product and technology leadership public relations efforts, overseeing the company’s consumer and enterprise processors, mobile and wireless businesses and manufacturing and R&D efforts. He has been with Intel in a public relations capacity for eleven years and has more than 15 years of experience in the PR and communications fields. Kircos has also been the lead communications manager for the company’s social media outreach since 2005. Prior to joining Intel, Kircos worked for the state of Arizona’s Governor’s Office as a Communications Officer, overseeing several government programmes ranging from child support and protective services to employment and welfare. Preceding this position, he worked as an account manager with two leading public relations agencies based in Phoenix, Arizona representing clients in the real estate, technology and financial sectors. He has a journalism degree from the University of Arizona.
  12. 12. 9882_D_S_Verge 10/9/07 08:59 Page 12 Experiment Patou Nuytemans EAME Digital Director, OgilvyOne Worldwide Patou is living proof of Ogilvy’s reputation as a true, active network. In her 13 Ogilvy-years she has worked in Brussels, Paris, New York, London and Cape Town. A Commercial Engineer graduate, Patou joined OgilvyDirect Belgium in 1992 where she gained valuable experience in customer relationship, direct and integrated marketing. In 1995 she became the Benelux Direct and Online Communications Manager for Microsoft ensuring a great insight into the IT industry. But missing agency life she returned to Ogilvy again in 1998 as the European Client Service Director for IBM Software, based in Paris managing the account internationally and across disciplines. In 2000 Patou became Ogilvy’s first Global Knowledge Manager based in New York. Under her guard Truffles, Ogilvy’s intranet, became an invaluable resource for 11,000 employees in 474 offices around the world. In 2003 Patou joined the Ogilvy EAME team as the region’s Business Performance Manager, supporting OgilvyOne offices in more than 20 countries. She also became the Ogilvy Telco Task Force Leader, facilitating knowledge sharing between teams of Ogilvy’s 40 Telco clients worldwide. Keen to be part of developing great work for clients again and pursuing her love for amazing Africa, she joined OgilvyOne Cape Town in 2005 as the Customer and Digital Strategy Director, combining it with the role of EAME Digital Leader. Now back in a full time regional role and on a ‘digital mission’, today Patou enthuses colleagues and clients on how the digital democracy offers advertisers and agencies so many more opportunities to play a bigger role in consumers’ lives. Her speech entitled ‘Welcome to the All-Ways On Consumer’ has proven popular at conferences around the world. Facilitating international and cross- discipline communities of Ogilvy’s digital leaders and fans, she contributes to making Ogilvy a 21st Century Marketing force to continue to reckon with.
  13. 13. 9882_D_S_Verge 10/9/07 08:59 Page 13 Experiment Jessica Greenwood Deputy Editor, Contagious After graduating from Birmingham University with a degree in English and Italian in 2002, Jess spent a stint teaching music in France and Italy before returning to London to work as a music producer. One more career change landed her in the advertising industry as Editor of The Reel (a monthly publication showcasing the best global creative in advertising, music videos and short films), before helping to launch the award-winning Contagious in December 2005. Jess is currently Contagious’ Deputy Editor, covering the entire spectrum of the most innovative, effective and non-invasive strategies and campaigns in marketing, branding, design, technology and pop culture. She is a regular speaker at new marketing conferences, and has helped to build the Contagious consultancy, offering advice and insight to a number of clients from both agencies and advertisers. Jess is fluent in Italian and French, and is a self-confessed Internet junkie.
  14. 14. 9882_D_S_Verge 10/9/07 08:59 Page 14 Experiment Caroline Slootweg Director of Digital Marketing and New Media, Unilever Caroline Slootweg is the person tasked with helping Unilever get it’s head around digital. She leads the digital marketing and new media unit which advises and guides brand teams on their digital marketing strategy, and encourages the company to experiment and innovate. Caroline has already taken several key steps, such as setting up a digital agency roster for brands to work with as well as ensuring that Unilever’s top brands have robust digital strategies in place that cover more than just banners and websites. She joined Unilever in Rotterdam four years ago and moved to the London HQ the year after. Previously, she worked at 180 in Amsterdam and Ogilvy in New York.
  15. 15. 9882_D_S_Verge 10/9/07 08:59 Page 15 Experiment Alan Flack Strategic Brand Manager, IBM Alan is the Strategic Brand Manager for IBM in the UK, with responsibilities that include Advertising, the IBM Forum Customer Centres and IBM’s marketing and sponsorship of the Wimbledon Championships. He has been with IBM for most of his career and for the past 12 years in various Services Marketing and Brand Management senior roles. He has been closely involved with IBM’s transformation from a product company to a market driven, consulting-led organisation and launched a successful first campaign for IBM Global Services in 1999 which featured real IBM people.
  16. 16. 9882_D_S_Verge 10/9/07 08:59 Page 16 Experiment Michael Tchao General Manager, Nike Techlab Michael is General Manager of Nike Techlab, a digital technology innovation group within Nike chartered with developing new products and services for Nike’s sport and fitness consumers. As part of this job, Michael’s group also manages technology partnerships including the partnership between Nike and Apple which led to the award-winning Nike+iPod system announced in May of 2006. Prior to joining Nike, Michael spent six years in technology and marketing strategy consulting for technology companies including HP, IBM, Microsoft, Sony, Kodak GM OnStar and Disney. Before consulting, Michael spent 10 years at Apple in Product Development, Product Marketing and Strategic Alliances, helping to define, develop and launch hundreds of hardware and software products. Michael helped found Apple’s first Multimedia Products group and headed up Product Marketing for Apple’s first foray into consumer electronics, the Newton PDA.
  17. 17. 9882_D_S_Verge 10/9/07 08:59 Page 17 Engage John Baker Managing Partner, Head of Interactive and Client Services Director, OgilvyOne John started his interactive agency career at Modem Media in the US in 1995 and two years later joined Organic in NY as the Director of Business Development. In 1999 he moved to London to open Organic here, taking it from a start up to 100 people strong agency within two years. During this time he managed a number of pan-European accounts including DaimlerChrysler and HP. John’s next challenge was head of Digital Services at Proximity London where he focused on CRM projects integrating digital marketing with more traditional direct marketing tools. Clients there included Royal Mail and Sainsbury’s. He joined Ogilvy in March 2006 as a Managing Partner, Head of Interactive and Client Services Director.
  18. 18. 9882_D_S_Verge 10/9/07 08:59 Page 18 Engage Sam Smith Head of the Future Media Audiences, BBC Sam has worked for the BBC for seven years, initially as the Head of TV research, and 18 months ago she became the Head of the Future Media Audiences team. She often speaks at conferences, currently specialising in the take up of technology and what it means for the media industry. At the BBC her teamwork across the Internet, mobile, red button services and Digital switchover. Before the BBC she worked at Sky and ITV. She lives in Camden with partner Dave, Arthur (aged 6) and Spike (aged 3) – all experts in Wii boxing.
  19. 19. 9882_D_S_Verge 10/9/07 08:59 Page 19 Engage Rufus Olins Managing Director, Haymarket Brand Media Rufus Olins is Managing Director of Haymarket Brand Media, which includes the UK’s leading marketing and communications properties, Brand Republic, Marketing, Campaign, PR Week and Media Week. A journalist by background, Rufus was voted business magazine editor of the year by both the British Society of Magazine Editors and the Periodical Publishers Association in 2000 when he re-launched Management Today. Previously Rufus was a senior journalist at The Sunday Times and Hong Kong’s Eastern Express. He sits on the board of the Almeida Theatre, the development board of the National Portrait Gallery and the Advisory Council of the RSA.
  20. 20. 9882_D_S_Verge 10/9/07 08:59 Page 20 Engage Clive Peoples Head of Customer Communications, Clive Peoples joined as head of customer communications in September 2007. His areas of responsibility have also grown into retail director over the past year. Clive was born in Northern Ireland and grew up in the town of Carrickfergus outside Belfast. He graduated from the University of Newcastle in 1993 with a bachelor of science. Taking some time out after university, Clive decided to go travelling and visited Eastern Europe, Cambodia, Vietnam and Laos. Post travelling, he began his career as a marketer in advertising agencies. He joined the Scottish Tourist Board in 1995 and headed up international strategy before leaving in 1999 to join British Airways. Clive held the post as director of digital marketing and later as director of segment management. He spearheaded the development of BA’s new masterbrand and also set up their digital marketing globally. Clive is quite an outdoor enthusiast and enjoys cycling, horse riding, scuba diving and travelling.
  21. 21. 9882_D_S_Verge 10/9/07 08:59 Page 21 Engage Aaron Coldiron Senior Marketing Manager, Microsoft Vista Aaron Coldiron is a Senior Marketing Manager focused on consumer marketing at Microsoft Windows and most recently the viral marketing for the launch of Windows Vista. Over the past three years he has led the Community and Blogger Relations Team and where he oversaw Windows relationships with online influentials and the Windows Vista Blog. Aaron is a leader in word of mouth marketing, and was responsible for the successful Windows Vista viral marketing campaign Vanishing Point – an interactive, alternate reality puzzle game which blurred the boundaries between online and the real world and spanned the globe. Prior to joining Microsoft, Aaron worked at Disney in business planning and finance where he developed business plans for new attractions and entertainment at Disney’s theme parks, and early in his career spent time in consulting for non-profit organizations. Aaron has an MBA from the University of California Irvine, and lives in the Seattle area with his wife and two sons. Blog link
  22. 22. 9882_D_S_Verge 10/9/07 08:59 Page 22 Auditorium Foyer & Bar Engage Entrance Meeting Room 4 Listen Kitchen Meeting Room 3 Experiment Meeting Room 2
  23. 23. 9882_D_S_Verge 10/9/07 08:59 Page 23 Showcase
  24. 24. 9882_D_S_Verge 10/9/07 08:59 Page 24 Listen: Fizzback Fizzback captures customer feedback sent at the point of experience through instant channels like SMS text or mobile e-mail. The Fizzback engine instantly analyses feedback, closes the loop with the customer and delivers real-time actionable insights to the provider that are used to manage the customer experience and drive loyalty. Bunnyfoot Bunnyfoot is the leading commercial eye tracking consultancy in the UK. We have the most innovative action based approach to cross-channel advertising evaluation available today. Through the application of novel research techniques we have the ability to understand the emotional and behavioural factors of consumer engagement. We work with a number of leading brands and agencies and apply eyetracking to register behavioural changes that relate to specific variations in engagement, revealing invaluable consumer insight. M:Metrics M:Metrics is the mobile media measurement authority. As the only research firm to measure the audience for mobile media, M:Metrics provides the most accurate metrics on actual mobile content consumption by applying trusted media measurement methodologies to the mobile market. Ramp Ramp Industry carries out bespoke research and trend intelligence for the most demanding brands. Ramp research is where creativity and innovation meet robust insight, focused planning and strategic implementation.
  25. 25. 9882_D_S_Verge 10/9/07 08:59 Page 25 Experiment: Vialuna Vialuna has taken some of the essential ingredients of online and offline marketing and added some proven techniques to produce groundbreaking results. Vialuna’s Dialog Engine delivers a personalised campaign experience instantly capturing campaign responses for real-time tailored follow up and can be deployed across any sector, in both B2B and B2C environments. Wonderworks Wonderworks Media has been incorporated to commercialise 3D projection technology. We provide our clients with access to “State of the Art” 3D visual communication techniques. 3D projection without the need for special 3D glasses. Wonderworks Media’s team of 3D pioneers has over 35 years of commercial 3D and multimedia experience. We are the 3D ideas company. Hyperspace Hyperspace is an innovations agency providing Ogilvy clients with cutting edge ‘out-of-home’ solutions involving technology, digital media, specialist production or bespoke locations. Neil Evely – Domain, Ogilvy Neil Evely is the Technical Director (chief nerd) in Domain, and combines his unique knowledge of TV post production together with his love of all things digital. Recently he played god for a day and flooded certain areas in the virtual world ‘Second Life’ to help Adventure Ecology raise awareness of rising sea levels. He’ll be around all day in the Experiment Room, ready to guide you through the choppy digital waters of Second Life and other virtual worlds.
  26. 26. 9882_D_S_Verge 10/9/07 08:59 Page 26 YDreams YDreams develops high-tech marketing and advertising solutions aimed at building brand experiences for global corporations such as Adidas, Vodafone and Nokia. Our creative mix of innovative solutions includes interactive billboards, motion sensors and tangible interfaces engaging an increasingly demanding generation of consumers through interactivity. Engage: Vividas Vividas provides technology and services that enable video streaming live or on demand, full screen and up to high definition. Vividas industry-leading technology allows the user to view content over a variety of bandwidths without needing to install software. Vividas widens the reach of events, advertising campaigns, corporate announcements and live sports, creating an exciting viewing experience and creating new revenue channels for video content. New Street Media New Street Media is the leading company delivering in-game and games related advertising. Offering a full 360 games solutions to advertisers from in-game advertising in latest console titles to advergames on iTV and mobile. As an independent player, New Street Media liaises between games publishers/developers and advertisers identifying and delivering most appropriate opportunities for brands to utilise interactive entertainment within their communications mix. Working comprehensively across all platforms, including PC, console, mobile, web, SecondLife and iTV, New Street Media services include: – Product placement integration and advertising within games – Partnership marketing and promotional initiatives between brands and games – Advergames development
  27. 27. 9882_D_S_Verge 10/9/07 08:59 Page 27 Response Mobile Response Mobile is a mobile marketing agency that brings a direct marketing approach to creating and developing marketing and services applications that use the mobile channel. We manage every aspect of a mobile marketing campaign from strategy, to ideas, creative, solution design, development, delivery, management and reporting. BT Martin Percy is BT’s Senior Interactive Filmmaker, working with the sponsorship team to make interactive videos for BT’s sponsorship partners – Tate, NT, BFI. While it works for our partners, it works even harder for BT: providing a platform to transform perceptions of BT by creating innovative broadband-only content. moblog:tech moblog:tech is a mobile blogging services company providing social media products for the mobile and web. We enable you to engage your customers using a bridged web and mobile product suite. The C Word Ltd The C Word works for agencies and brands to Originate, Operate and Optimise video content for digital platforms using proven collaborative processes to converge creativity and accountability and enable experimentation, whilst delivering planned outputs, results and value – linking its own success to that of its clients. The C Word will showcase video content created, served and searched online so brands can harness the power of TV and targeting of the Internet to increase the speed, ease and cost-effectiveness of their customer and staff communications, and show how the content take-up can be managed, audited and responded to – for a fraction of the cost of producing traditional video material.
  28. 28. 9882_D_S_Verge 10/9/07 08:59 Page 28 LO N D O N Attendees Sarah Murphy Heather Stone Mike Payling American Express American Express BP Caroline Scurr Peter Taswell Janet Ashdown American Express American Express BP Sian Chadwick Debra Davies Des Johnson American Express American Express BP Marie Thomas Alison Sagar Shamilla Bouri American Express American Express British Gas Christine Chau Ian Tomlinson Joanne Hendy American Express American Express British Gas Mark Neirick Wianda Hoogakker Sam Cave-Penney American Express American Express British Gas Kristine Olson Julianne McLaren Jane Saint American Express American Express British Gas Saj Arshad Bruce Whitney Low Dan Mottram American Express American Express British Gas John Dotto Heath Michael Heise Suzanne Johnson-Smith American Express American Express British Gas Victoria Kaczmarek Alex Benady Alison Kail American Express AOL British Gas Jerome Gudgeon Kathryn Ainscough Mark Godfrey American Express Black Rock British Gas Alison Bain Judith Von Gordon Andy Williams American Express Bohringer Ingelheim British Gas Andy Derrick Chris Sedgwick Duncan Cumming American Express BP British Gas
  29. 29. 9882_D_S_Verge 10/9/07 08:59 Page 29 Gareth Moore Emma Gilbert Juergen Teubenbacher British Gas Cancer Research UK Ford Jeremy Simpson Anthony Newman Mark Simpson British Gas Cancer Research UK Ford Scott Gallacher Carolan Davidge Simon Meehan BSkyB Cancer Research UK Ford Otto Rosenberger Andrea Ertl Raquel Faria BT Care Company Glenlivet David Still Sacha Davis Neil Macdonald BT Castrol Glenlivet Stuart Bowden Kathryn Baddeley John Snyder BT Cisco Grapeshot Sudesh Jog Lucinda Routledge Nigel Grimes BT Cisco Grimes Family Nicky Stannett Girish Bhagat Katie Bell BT Cisco GSK Claire Alcock Sarah Uren Gay Haines BT Cisco Hat Pin Hammad Mian Andrew Sibley Sian Davies BT Cisco Henley Centre Marie Jordon David Chalmers Kieron Matthews BT Cisco IAB Mick Hegarty Andrew Davidson Rosie Brown BT Cisco IBM Damion Mower Julian Hayes Kate Pennell BT DHL IBM Chris Black Paul Simmons David Pass BT easyJet IBM Sara Bennison Ramesh Bains Andrew Barraclough BT easyJet IBM Neil Casey Johnson Katie Stitson Anne-Sophie Scher BT easyJet IBM Bill Murphy Claire Hepworth Vincent Mallet BT Ford IBM Roseann Wilson Michelle Faddie Anton Golawski Cancer Research UK Ford IBM
  30. 30. 9882_D_S_Verge 10/9/07 08:59 Page 30 Diana Murray Marc Klinsewiec Rodrigo Ferrari IBM Lenovo Unilever Lyn Christie Anna James Asad Rehman IBM Mothercare Unilever Cheryl Clarke Paul Goode Roger Kirman IBM M:Metrics Unilever Pete Jacob Dag Olav Norem Marianne Schoenauer IBM M:Metrics Unilever Deborah Perrot Ron Kerr Kathryn Harris IBM Nestle Unilever Sonia Desbrieres Louise Ainsworth Rachel Bristow IBM Nielson Unilever Neil Woodcock Jane Campbell Garratt Jean-Laurent Ingles IBM Now & Then Unilever Andy White Jonathan Black Klaus Arntz IBM Oxford University Unilever Saïd Business School Beverly Clarke Luis Di-como Independent Consultant Hubert deRuty Unilever Pfizer Alex Toft Kevin Baughan INEOS Bruce Gilligan Virgin Media Pharmion Chris Hogg Mike Yershon Intel Maureen Johnson Yershon Media The Store Assessment Perveen Akhtar Intel Andres Wardlaw Alex Song The Talent Business Yum! Restaurants James Fulton International Johnson & Johnson Tess Alps Think Box Mandy Pooler Kantar Steve Miles Unilever Antoine Dreyfus Kodak Bernardo Corriea Unilever Ben Clarke Kraft Cate Rees Unilever Dawn Sainsbury Lenovo Harry Tullis Unilever Mike Etherington Lenovo
  31. 31. 9882_D_S_Verge 10/9/07 08:59 Page 31 Notes
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