Troubleshooting access issues off campus


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Guide for Psychology students at Middlesex University who may be having problems accessing journals, databases or ebooks off campus.

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Troubleshooting access issues off campus

  1. 1. Help getting in! Troubleshooting access problems off campus: Databases, ejournals, ebooks Image courtesy of:
  2. 2. As you may know from experience there are many errors that can occur. Both to do with the machine you are using and of course linking errors do occur with the different online resources we have access to. So, if you see any of the below screens .......
  3. 3. .... 1. You need to look for ‘OpenAthens’ or ‘Institutional login’ or ‘Athens authentication’
  4. 4. 2. You may need to select your institution from a list or search as below .... Your institution may appear automatically You may need to search for it in a search box Or you can scroll down and find Middlesex University in the list
  5. 5. This screen may appear within the database itself depending what resource you are using ... Just do the same: either search or select ‘Middlesex University’
  6. 6. 3. Which will take you to this screen (you may also have seen this straight away without having to select your institution). And click the link which will take you to .... Make sure the box is ticked to allow Athens to install cookies on your computer and remember you
  7. 7. 4. Middlesex University Login Login with your regular UniHub / computer login
  8. 8. This may look like a lot of steps but it should ONLY TAKE A FEW SECONDS REMEMBER! You need to allow your browser to accept cookies so it can remember you and you only need to authenticate yourself once (some extra security software like noscript or adblockers may need adjusting)
  9. 9. BUT remember – we don’t have access to everything! If you are not sure whether you are having a problem with access or if we just don’t subscribe to a journal then open the library catalogue and do a journal search..... and the catalogue will show you whether we have it or not, AND which years we have access to
  10. 10. Still need help?! You can:  Use the online Ask a Librarian function to get a quick answer from home  Come to the specialist help zone on the first floor of the library which is staffed by librarians 11-3 every day. The librarians are also on call on the below telephone number 9-5 Mon – Fri (during term time)  Phone a librarian on call 9-5 Mon – Fri (during term time) on: 07920507926  Contact your librarian – Viv (contact details and working hours to the left)