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Lead Generation on Facebook


Published on This is just one of the methods i teach on "HOW To Get Leads on facebook"

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Lead Generation on Facebook

  1. 1. Lead  Genera)on   Method   With     Raza  Begg   214  727  3599      
  2. 2. Hello  everyone  thanks  for   taking  the  2me  to  A5end   this  LIVE  Training  today  
  3. 3.     My  Name  is  Raza  Begg.      
  4. 4. I  am  the  CEO  of  a  Global  SEO  &  Online   Marke)ng  Company  with  over  200  employees     which  helps  Local  Businesses  and  Online   Businesses  Rank  their  businesses  on  the   internet  thru  varies  online  marke)ng  methods  
  5. 5.     I  will  share  with  you  one  of   the  best  kept  secrets  I   learnt  thru  Try  &  error  that  I   hope  you  can  learn  from  my   mistakes    
  6. 6. I  Have  Built    Down  line’s  of   thousands  of  affiliates  in  varies   companies   …  be  shocked  one  day  to  find   out  either  the  company  shutdown   or  they  turned  off  my  website  
  7. 7. ….losing  the  names  and  emails  of   my  whole  downline……….  I   realiazed  I  made  a  mistake  and  did   not  build     ……..MY  Own  Email  List  
  8. 8. I  built  1000's  of  friends  on  my   Facebook  alone  and    the  quality  of   the  connec)ons  that  I  was  making   was  just  absolutely  amazing  but   despite  the  success  
  9. 9. I  s)ll  made  one  very   crucial  mistake     can  you  guess  what  ?    
  10. 10. I  Failed  To  Build         My  OWN     Email  List  
  11. 11. Fast  forward  to  today  I'm  doing   high-­‐level  Internet  marke)ng  and   consul)ng  as  well  as  crea)ng   automated  and  passive  sources  of   income  online  and  teaching   thousands  of  people  
  12. 12. how  to  make  money  online   working  from  home  but  this  )me   around  I  am  making  sure  that   everyone  is  focused  on…….   building  a  list.    
  13. 13. I  learned  a  long  )me  ago   that  wisdom  comes   from  two  places    
  14. 14.   Mistakes  and  Mentors  
  15. 15. SO…..Find  a  Mentor  or   Make  a  Bunch  of   Mistakes…….Fail  Quickly   &  Learn  from  it.    
  16. 16. But  hopefully  you  won't   have  to  make  the  same   mistakes  I  made  earlier   by  NOT  building  an  Email   List  
  17. 17. Make  sure  you  take  a    lot  of   notes  &  build  a     Huge  Email  list  
  18. 18. Today  we're  going  to  focus   on  the     “3  C's  of  marke)ng”    
  19. 19. Create     Capture     Convert    
  20. 20.   My  goal  today  is  to  teach   you     How  to…..  
  21. 21. Create  more  Traffic   Capture  more  Leads   Convert  more  Sales    
  22. 22.     If  you  can  master  the  3  C’s  I  can   promise  you  you'll  become  a   Powerhouse  in  the  internet/ MLM  marke)ng  world    
  23. 23. And  my  goal  is  to  teach  you   these  3  C's  in  a  way  that  is   so  simple  that  the  average   person  can  have  success    
  24. 24.   So  lets  get  started   with  todays  strategy  
  25. 25. This  lead  genera)on   method  is  something   that  you  can     do  for  Free    
  26. 26.   And  requires  less  than  an   hour  per  day.  
  27. 27.   And  What  I  share  with  you   right  now  ,  its  going  to  be  so   obvious  that  you're  going  to   wonder  …….  
  28. 28.   Why  haven't  i  been  doing   this  the  whole  )me?  
  29. 29.   Today  we  are  going  to  focus  on   Facebook    
  30. 30.   And  I  am  going  to  show  you   something  that  you  probably   didn't  know  was  possible  to  do    
  31. 31.   Or  perhaps  you  just  didn't   thing  about  doing  it  to  this   extent  ….  
  32. 32.   In  Fact  some  of  the  things  i  will   show  you  are  so  new  most   people  do  not  even  know  they   exist  yet    
  33. 33.   According  to  Facebook's  latest   public  filing.    
  34. 34.   They  have  a  close  to   Billion  ac)ve  users!  
  35. 35. Nearly  200  million  of  those   users  live  in  the  United   States  alone!  
  36. 36.   But  that's  only  the   beginning.  
  37. 37.   Those  people  are  spending   over  10.5  billion  minutes  on   Facebook  daily  
  38. 38. And  that's  not  even   including  mobile  devices    
  39. 39. The  boiom  line  is  this  is   where  people  are  hanging  out    
  40. 40.   Once  you  figure  out  exactly   how  to  tap  into  this  massive   community  of  people    
  41. 41. It  could  be  huge  thing   for  your  business.  
  42. 42. But  you  need  to  be     Crea)ve  
  43. 43. And  you  need  to  avoid  coming   across  "Spammy"    
  44. 44.   You  need  to  be  a   Professional      
  45. 45. And  most  importantly  you   need  to  have  a  System    
  46. 46.   So  that's  what  I  want  to  show   you  today.  
  47. 47. My  system  for  genera)ng   hundreds    
  48. 48. …or  even  thousands  of  high-­‐ quality  leads  from  Facebook  every   single  month.  
  49. 49.    Today  we  are    going  to   focus  on  the     4  main  components  of  the   system  
  50. 50. How  to  USE  Advanced   Search  Filters  to  find  a   Target  Market  on   Facebook.  
  51. 51. How  to  Use  the  New   Open  Graph  Smart   Features  
  52. 52.  How  to  Use  Ice   Breakers  to  Effec)vely   Create  Quality   Engagement  
  53. 53.  How  to  Use  Follow  Up   Techniques  to  keep  Your   Leads  Engaged  and  Move   Them  to  the  Next  Step    
  54. 54. Now  get  out  your  pen  and   paper  and  let's  take  some   notes.  
  55. 55. The  System   Capture   Page   Email  Opt-­‐In   Free   Traffic   Presenta2on   Video   Paid   Traffic   Email  Capture  System   Aweber   Email          1   Email            2   Email          3  
  56. 56. Make  A  Decision  Today!   •  Would  You  Want  an  AUTOMATED  SYSTEM   Like  This?     •  DO  You  Want  to  Make  Money  on  the   Internet?   •  IF  You  Are  Interested  in  Making  Money  on  The   Internet  and  Want  to  build  or  have  an   AUTOMATED  System  like  this….   •  CONTACT  Your  Sponsor  &  Tell  HIM  You  Want   This!!    
  57. 57. Lets  go  to  Facebook    
  58. 58. Summary   I  showed  you  the  New  Feature  of   Facebook  how  to  search  for  your  target   market,   some  of  the  icebreakers  that  we  can  send   out  some  of  the  different  searches  the   demographics  of  the  search  for  how  the   Facebook  open  graph  now  works  
  59. 59. Now  let's  take  a     look  at  some     numbers..  
  60. 60.  )me  to  do  some  math  …    
  61. 61. Lets  say  that  you  dedicated  just   one  hour  per  day  5  days  per  week   on  this  strategy  
  62. 62. And  let's  see  if  you  could  create   20  to  25  conversa)ons  with   people  in  that  hour.  
  63. 63. And  I  recommended  you  keep   it  to  under  25  or  less  from   being  banned  from  Facebook.  
  64. 64. That  means  that  you  could  be   connec)ng  with  100-­‐120  new   leads  per  week  
  65. 65. Which  would  result  in   400-­‐500  highly  targeted   leads  per  month.  
  66. 66.  Are  you  gekng  excited  yet?  
  67. 67. NOW  imagine     That  you  have     a  small  team  of     About  10  people     You  were  working     closely  with.  
  68. 68. Between  you  and  your  team   you  could  generate  4000-­‐5000   highly  targeted  leads  per   month!  
  69. 69. Now  imagine  what  that   could  do  for  your  business!  
  70. 70.  But  like  I  said  earlier  in  this   webinar,  the  key  is  having   an  effec)ve  system  
  71. 71.   You  see  i  have  shown  you   the  technique  
  72. 72.     I  have  shown  you  a  couple   of  ice  breakers  
  73. 73.   And  i  hope  you  have  found   value  in  the  training  i  have   shared  with  you  today.