Bathroom Design Presentation Vartika Khandelwal


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1st year Residential Design presentation

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Bathroom Design Presentation Vartika Khandelwal

  1. 1. Residential Design Project
  2. 2. Content: 1. Work Of Interior Designer 2. Residential Design 3. Climatology 4. Location of the Site 5. Building Envelope 6. Orientation 7. Daylighting & Ventialtion 8. Drainage system 9. Plane 10. Design Concept 11. Colour Wheel 12. Asian Colours 13. Colour Scheme 14. Style 15. Texture 16. Bathroom Design
  3. 3. Work of Interior Designer : 1. Manipulation of spaces keeping in mind the Orientation of the building, Building Envelope. 2. Emphasis on Planning. 3. Create spaces which means “Machines for Living” said by “Le Corbusier” (The person behind designing the city of Chandigarh.) 4. Connectivity Between the spaces, space which increases the efficiency of a Human Being. 5. Focuses on Working Drawings, Specification, Orthographic Projections, Axenometric views and Perspective Drawings etc.
  4. 4. Residential Design : “ A good surrounding makes a person love life and live better.” 1. “ Where a person does not adjust the house but the house adjust with the person ..” said by Le Corbusier. 2. Where the places planned on Anthropometrics and Ergonomics.
  5. 5. Gradual Move towards the green Buildings: 1. 2. 3. 4. Climatology Orientation Building Envelope Daylighting & Ventilation
  6. 6. Climatology : 1. Macro Climate 2. Micro Climate
  7. 7. Location Of Site : Ajmer Hospital Landmarks Savitri Girls College ,Ajmer Map of the Site
  8. 8. Building Envelope : 1. Building envelope is the surrounding envelope of the building. Building envelope are such element that separate the interior and exterior environment of building. 2. Helps to repel rainwater, control water vapor, retain heat or coolness, and handle air transmission. 3. Building envelope include protection from weather and climate, indoor air quality, durability and energy efficiency.
  9. 9. Orientation 1. The Building Orientation can have a impact on heating, lighting and cooling costs. 2. Building Orientation maximize daylighting through building facades reducing the need for artificial lighting.
  10. 10. Daylighting and Ventilation :
  11. 11. Drainage System :
  12. 12. Planning Consideration : 1. Based On Shape and Form. 2. Needs of the Person/Client. 3. Functional Spaces so the person can feel the space express himself at the same time enjoy the space. 4. Must see the Outside Building Envelope along with Orientation and Climatology. 5. By-Laws must be followed. 6. Principle of Planning must be followed.
  13. 13. By-Laws : 1. Building Bye laws are framed by municipal or urban development board. 2. Bye-laws are based on Current scientific and engineering knowledge, experience and techniques and modern methods of construction. 3. Prevents the Construction of building in Haphazard manner. 4. Buildings which are planned based on bye laws are comfortable to live in , have proper light and ventilation. 5. Bye laws are framed due regard to the weather condition, local construction practice and according to the weather conditions. 6. Set backs should also be considered. Set Backs
  14. 14. Principles of Planning – 1. Aspect 2. Prospect 3. Grouping 4. Privacy 5. Furniture requirement 6. Roominess 7. Circulation 8. Sanitation 9. Elegance 10. Flexibility 11. Economy
  15. 15. Plan of the House :
  16. 16. Boundary Wall Design
  17. 17. Boundary Wall Design
  18. 18. Pillar Design
  19. 19. Pillar Design
  20. 20. Plane : Plane I took Depressed Base plane in my Shower enclosure area. Depressed Base plane Base Plane
  21. 21. Plan of the House :
  22. 22. Brain Storming :
  23. 23. Brain Storming : Plan A Plan C Plan B Plan D
  24. 24. Principals of Designing : 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Balance Rhythm Proportion Emphasis Unity
  25. 25. Gestalt Theory : 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. Law of Similarity Law of Common Fate Law of Closure Law of Good Gestalt Law of Good Proximity Law of Symmetry Law of Past Experience Law of Continuity
  26. 26. Plan Master Bathroom : Kajaria gialo blanco Wall tile Symphony Red Kajaria Wall highlighter Duravit Senso Wash toilet Duravit Bidet Darling New Duravit Shower Enclosure Kajaria Omega Blanco Corian Top Handrinse wash basin duravit Areca Palm Wall light philips
  27. 27. Bathroom Elevations : Law of Good Gestalt and Law of Symmetry And continuity ELEVATION A ELEVATION B
  28. 28. Bathroom Elevations : Law of Good Gestalt and Law of Symmetry ELEVATION C ELEVATION D
  29. 29. Thought Process Video….
  30. 30. Residential Design Project
  31. 31. Kathakali the most wellMy Conceptis:Indian state of known dance drama of the south Kathakali & 1950’s word Kerala. The Kathakali literally means “story play”. Kathakali has a long tradition. It dates back to the 17 given its present form by Mahakavi Vallathol Narayan Menon, who was the founder of the Kerala Kala Mandalam. The themes played out in the Kathakali are usually from religion or mythology. That typically deals with the Mahabharata, the Ramayana and the ancient scriptures known as the Puranas. A Kathakali performance is a major, all-night social event. It generally begins at dusk and is performed throughout the night. Kathakali is usually performed only by men. Female characters are portrayed by men dressed in women’s costumes. Another distinct feature of Kathakali is its elaborate costume and make up. It is a magical sight to watch Kathakali artistes performing in their traditional attire. Each character is instantly recognizable by his characteristic make-up and costume. The make-up is so elaborate that it is more like a mask than make-up in the usual sense. The materials used in the makeup are all locally available. The white material is made from rice flour, the red is made from Vermilion (a red earth such as cinnabar) and black is made from soot. The colours are not merely used for decoration, but are also a means of portraying characters. For instance, red on the feet is used to symbioses evil character and evil intent.
  32. 32. Concept board 1950’s Traditional Kerala As per the standard living of the client and needs I took warm colour in his/her bathroom space…. The difficulty was to use the concept Kathakali & 1950’s from where I selected colors to be used in this design of the Bathroom. I studied the houses of the period & saw the usage of wooden flooring, pitched room & more of Ornamental usage in the
  33. 33. Bathroom-Mood board Mood - Grandeur As per the Concept I decided to built a bathroom space, which will have the feeling of Richness.
  34. 34. Collages :
  35. 35. Colour wheel A Colour Wheel is an abstract illustrative organization of Colour hues around a circle that shows relationships between Primary Colours, Secondary Colours and Tertiary Colours. Red Vermillion Crimson Orange Violet Colour Wheel Indigo Ambar Yellow Blue Aqua Lime Yellow Green
  36. 36. Colours All Colours chosen by according to My Concept Kathakali. Which are obtained from Natural substances and Herbs. Red :- This Colour is made by Powdering stones White :- This Colour is made by the mixture of like Lime and rice flours. Chaayilyam and Manayola. Carrot Red Green :- This Colour is Produced by mixing Manayola and Neelam Stones. Pine Green Black :- This Colour is Prepared by burning gingelly oil. Raven Song Ivory White Blue :-This Colour is Produced by mixing Manayola and Neelam Stones. Pacific Blue Yellow :- This Colour is made by Powdering stones like Chaayilyam and Manayola. Sunflower Yellow
  37. 37. Bathroom are a place which need to be design as per client requirement. The first and far most area of thought is hygiene at the same time functional and maintaince friendly and above all the most important being the bathroom should be accident free. I wanted a design to be developed for my client which was focused on Luxury at the same time very-very inviting space. I researched a lot on many designer bathrooms like Kohler, Devon & Devon and I resorted to a colour scheme of expression of Exotic look. I wanted in the bathroom oriental colours like turquoise, Lapis lazuli and tropical colours such as Vivid Magenta, Green, Purple and Yellow-green. Colour Scheme using these colour produce and impression on the Uropian Sensibility and for this type of colour scheme chosen by me was also due to my Fact and also concept Kathakali. I too focused on a variety of textures to come out with this look in the bathroom. The most important part happened to be the choice of impervious flooring along with the choice of highlighters, mirror frames, lighting design. The choice of taps, the choice of moulding and the floor pattern. All these was a difficult task not a easy work. The colour scheme obtaid by me with choice of colours are as below:
  38. 38. Bing Blue 9205 Deep Pool 9206 Wet Grass 9349 Lasting Spring 9350 Green Light 9351 Easy Green 9352 Organic Green 7766 Harvest Season 7767 Radium Green Nursery Green 9354 9355 Aqua Young 9207 Picturesque 9208 Water Jet Soft Blue 9209 Spring Tune Dew Drop Day 9211 9212 Green 9210 Pure Red 8093 Red Earth 8029 Tropical Peach 8022 Orange Nactor 8024 Popsicle 8025 Daylight 8026 Touch of Paprika Peach Organza 8027 8028 Lapis Lazuli Deep Turquoise 7501 Emerald Satin 7502 Teal Blast 7503 Ocean Breeze 7504 Turquoise Treat 7505 Aqua Fusion Baby Aqua 7506 Subtle Green 7507 7508 Turquoise Red Lemon Blast 9365 Drooping Leaves 9366 Citrus 9367 Pearly Green 9368 Green Crescendo 9369 Mint Water Pale Coast Falling Mist 9370 9372 9371 Yellow Green
  39. 39. Final combinations :
  40. 40. TEXTURES To Design my Bathroom the next Step in my design development is the formulation of the type of concept chosen by me. Concept generation can be empirical concept where the select concept that we observe through are necked senses such as the color material type, texture etc. In the abstract concept we develop a design through feelings and mood. In my project I have select the empirical concept where I resorted to the usage of my five senses Eyes, Nose, Ears, Skin and Tongue. And the Concept being Kathakali. The various textures finished and the feel of the various surfaces, the usage of fabric use In my design are all depended on the development of the textures which I have researched and deviced from the concept picture of Kathakali. Texture wheel Concept Color Scheme Mood/Ambience Style of Design Split Complementary Art Deco Kathakali Luxury/ Grandeur
  41. 41. Texture wheel Heavy Warm Smooth Glossy Thick Hard Inelastic Limp Opaque Stiff Waxy Coarse Fine Scroopy Clingy Crisp Sheer Stretchy Soft Matt Rough Cool Thin Light
  42. 42. Ghunghroo Bell Metal Utensils Coconut Craft Rosewood Inlay Bronze Casting Bronze Casting Lamp Bronze Coir Work Kora Mat Weaving Laminated Inlay work Cane Work Horn Carving Layering Metal Mirrors Metal Coir Work Inferences/ Textures Name : 1. Bell Metal Utensils 2. Seashells 3. Marapani Wood Carving 4.Ghungroo 5. Palmyra Basketry 6. Horn carving 8. Metal Mirror 9. Stone Carving 10. Coconut Fronds/Crafts 11. Coir work 12. Natural Fiber 13. Laminate wood 14. Bronze Casting 15. Kora mat weaving 16. Screw pine Craft 17.SilverNails 18. Peaked Cap 19. Headgear 20. Symmetric Wood stringing 21. Brick 22. Madras Stone 23. Rose wood Inlay Metal Casting Jewellery Box Palmyra Basketry Silver Nails Wood Carving Wood Carving Seashells Peaked Cap Pooram Craft
  43. 43. Textures Used in My Design Matt Rough Matt Glossy Rough Glossy Smooth Kajaria Omega Blanco Kajaria gialo blanco Wall tile Rusted Brick Wall
  44. 44. My Style - Art Deco :
  46. 46. Interior Design Bath Room Design In Bathroom Designing, I took the Concept Of Kathakali & 1950’s with the style Art deco. The Mood opted is Grandeur because I want the Bathroom to be lively and refreshing. The Mood Taken was Grandeur, so I wanted the colours to Be taken in Bathroom which gives the feeling of freshness and richness. So I took split Complementary Scheme. In which I took the colours Poster Red, Royal Blue, Pine Green……… To Balance the bathroom I took help of Gestalt Principle and in this the 1 Principle of Law Of Good Gestalt and Law of Symmetry are Followed. Residential Design 1 2 2 Design By : Vartika Khandelwal, M.Sc.-Interior Design E’ cole Dezyne
  47. 47. Design Development Interior Design Process 3 BATHROOM 3D ELEVATIONS WITH Views Residential Design 3 4 4 Design By : Vartika Khandelwal, M.Sc.-Interior Design E’ cole Dezyne
  48. 48. Isometric Views : Interior Design Residential Design Design By : Vartika Khandelwal, M.Sc.-Interior Design E’ cole Dezyne
  49. 49. Thank you