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Brain storming ideas for tackling the


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Brain storming ideas for tackling the

  1. 1. Brain-Storming Ideas for Tackling the “SLEEP” Problem. - Vaishnavi Chigarapalle.
  2. 2. Solution - 1• Listening to slow music. Research has proved that listening to slow music has made insomniacs get out of their problem.
  3. 3. Solution - 2• Listening to the sound of the waterfalls or the breeze.
  4. 4. Solution - 3• Counting the sheep.• This is one of the most common ways suggested by 90% of the people for insomniacs.
  5. 5. Solution - 4• Sleeping with the lights on.
  6. 6. Solution - 5 • Being surrounded by stuffed toys.
  7. 7. Solution - 6 • Sleeping while watching a video.
  8. 8. Solution - 7• Talking to imaginary friends and slipping in to sleep, in other words talking to self.
  9. 9. Solution - 8• Listening to non-music channels on the radio helps reduce the fear of sleeping alone.
  10. 10. Solution - 9• Having a pet either a dog or a cat might help overcome the problem of sleeping alone.
  11. 11. Solution - 10• A fan for white noise will drown out all the other weird noises.
  12. 12. Solution - 11• Reading comfortable and an unchallenging fiction i
  13. 13. Solution - 12• Door and window alarms that we can install by ourselves gives us a peace of mind.
  14. 14. Solution - 13• Having pepper spray or rod or something that you thing would protect you, right next to you while sleeping.
  15. 15. Solution - 14• Looking under the bed, inside the closet etc., to make sure that no one is present in the room other than yourself.
  16. 16. Solution - 15• If you have 2 beds or chairs in the room you are planning to sleep then make sure to put something on them like a bag or pile of clothes just to comfort yourself saying that there is some known person accompanying you.
  17. 17. Solution - 16• Bed time prayers help a lot.
  18. 18. Solution - 17• Utilize the time staying alone to the fullest. You never know again when you would be getting such a opportunity of enjoying your own company.
  19. 19. Solution - 18• Drinking warm milk.
  20. 20. Solution - 19• Taking a bubble bath would help relax the nerves and would result in falling asleep very soon.
  21. 21. Solution - 20• If it is for a short period of time then inviting a friend or one of the family members to come would do it.
  22. 22. Solution - 21• Sleeping with the door locked of that particular room might also help.
  23. 23. Solution - 22• Talking over the phone until one falls asleep.
  24. 24. Solution - 23• In very rare cases people usually consume sleeping pills to fall asleep.
  25. 25. Solution - 24• Getting a long (5 foot pillow) and places next to you might also help us with the sleeping alone problem.
  26. 26. Solution - 25• Having the door shut and having a phone for emergency would also help us keep the anxiety levels down.
  27. 27. Solution - 26• Pillow Therapy – Talking to your pillow and telling all the stuff that you have been doing since morning is another solution to the problem.
  28. 28. Solution - 27• Avoid taking a nap during the day time.
  29. 29. Solution - 28• Go to bed early. Set a sleep schedule and a diary and note the sleep timings daily. This will help you improve sleeping habits.
  30. 30. Solution - 29• Reward yourself. If you were able to sleep alone then reward yourself.
  31. 31. Solution - 30• Distract yourself. Do something like reading a book, thinking about all the fun times with your friends, watching funny videos.
  32. 32. Solution - 31• Be Logical. If you are old enough then make sure to be logical, the creepy or weird sounds might be just the creaking of the old wood. If some one is hiding in the dark to harm you then think that they would not have to wait for so long to do that.
  33. 33. Solution - 32• Turn the lights on in other rooms if you have a problem sleeping with the light on in your room.
  34. 34. Solution - 33• In some severe cases, consulting a therapist has proved to solve the problem.
  35. 35. Solution - 34• Taking an anti-anxiety medication. This would help bring the anxiety levels down and relaxes the body of the person and eventually resulting in sleep.
  36. 36. Solution - 35• Taking a spoonful of cough syrup that gradually results in sleep is also a solution to the problem but is rarely considered.
  37. 37. Solution - 36• Sometimes in case of ill health, the medication prescribed by the doctor would also result in sleep.
  38. 38. Solution - 37• Having a booze just before sleeping would also help overcome the problem. But consuming too much alcohol would result in health problems.
  39. 39. Solution - 38• Cover yourself with huge blanket. This will make you feel secured and reduces the anxiety.
  40. 40. Solution - 39• Listening to a white noise. White noise reduces or eliminates other weird or creepy noises.
  41. 41. Solution - 40• Placing the bed attached to any two corners of the room would also be helpful. Sleeping against the wall and placing plush toys or huge pillows on the other end would comfort the nerves and reduces the anxiety levels in a person.
  42. 42. Solution - 41• In case you have a choice among bedrooms then choose the one that has a bathroom attached to it. Waking up in the night to use the restroom that is inside the room than going out of the room also helps.
  43. 43. Solution - 42• Secure your house. Make sure to have turned on the security alarms and also make sure to check that all the doors and windows have been properly locked.
  44. 44. Solution - 43• Thinking about someone you like or reloading your all time favorite memories and slipping in to sleep is also another best method.
  45. 45. Solution - 44• People in some parts of Asia believe that placing Lemons at the four corners of the room or the bed would drive the evil spirits away. This is just their belief but has proved to work out wonders with the people’s imagination.
  46. 46. Solution - 45• Sticking your favorite photos on the wall right in front of your bed. This would help you feel safe and secure while sleeping or when you wake up all of a sudden in the middle of the night.
  47. 47. Solution - 46• Placing the Holy books under the pillow or next to your head might help you feel safe psychologically.
  48. 48. Solution - 47• Watching cartoons. Watching cartoons would deviate the mind and there would be no weird thoughts going around in it.
  49. 49. Solution - 48• Chatting with friends. This helps lose the fear of being alone. Having a funny and crazy conversation with friends really helps.
  50. 50. Solution - 49• Having a video call. This is also another form for conversation. Since you get to see and speak to that person, this would make you stay calm and composed.
  51. 51. Solution - 50• Sticking Radium stars on the roof and watching them or counting them will make the person fall asleep soon.
  52. 52. Solution - 51• Playing GAMES. This is one of my favorite remedies to tackle the sleep problem. Playing games would not let you ponder over silly things. Instead they would leave you with bleak chance of allowing such thoughts to cross your mind.
  53. 53. Solution - 52• Indulging oneself in work that needs you to bend your body and not sitting in front of your system for hours together would make you tired and would result in hitting the bed early.
  54. 54. Solution - 53• Cover the rest of the bed, leaving the space for you to sleep, with plush toys, blankets and pillows leaving no space for another person would also help you get out of the problem.
  55. 55. Solution - 54• Calling your family or friends and asking to continue their work leaving the phone on while you are sleeping is another silly yet efficient remedy.
  56. 56. Solution - 55• Be a megalomaniac and start thinking about all the great things you have done in your past. This would not only make you feel proud and happy about your self but also deviates the mind from weird and silly thoughts.
  57. 57. Solution - 56• Drinking Hot chocolate would also solve the sleep problem.
  58. 58. Solution - 57• Taking Bubble bath just before going to sleep might help.
  59. 59. Solution - 58• Having an oil massage before hitting the bed is one of the best ways to slip in to sleep immediately.
  60. 60. Solution - 59• Drinking Carrot flavored milk would also help in falling asleep.
  61. 61. Solution - 60• Think about a calm and serene place that makes you feel completely relaxed.
  62. 62. Solution - 61• Using a relaxation technique, such as brushing your hair before going to sleep, taking a shower, meditating etc.
  63. 63. Solution - 62• Doing yoga before going to sleep would also help relax the muscles and would relieve stress and therefore instantly falling asleep.
  64. 64. Solution - 63• Adjusting pillows in a straight way. One between the knees and one for a perfect head elevation would also help.
  65. 65. Solution - 64• Getting in to the right sleeping position. Sleeping position is an important aspect, if we are not in a perfect sleep position then that might help.
  66. 66. Solution - 65• Cloud Therapy. Imagine to be sleeping on a fluffy, big, soft cloud then feel the texture of the cloud and then feel the weightlessness and the existence of the cloud.
  67. 67. Solution - 66• Make yourself comfortable that is by wearing comfortable clothing and painless hair bands that would not ruin your sleep in any way.
  68. 68. Solution - 67• Drinking a relaxing beverage. Placing a glass of water by the bed side will help when you wake up in the middle of the night.
  69. 69. Solution - 68• Put on eye mask. When you are scared to sleep alone and when you turn on the lights to scare the fear away sometimes you might not be able to sleep because light is known to keep you awake. It also simulates the body to feel awake and alert.
  70. 70. Solution - 69• Avoid watching TV or playing games or sitting in front of your laptop or PC one hour before sleeping.
  71. 71. Solution - 70• Sing yourself a lullaby. This is not a joke, we usually feel drowsy when singing it.
  72. 72. Solution - 71• Rock yourself. Sleeping in a rocking chair is another best practice.
  73. 73. Solution - 72• Curl your toes. “Curl your toes tightly for a count of seven, and then relax," reports writer Brittani Renaud. "Repeat through each muscle group, working up form your toes to your neck. Drifting off to sleep is guaranteed.
  74. 74. Solution - 73• Establishing a bed time ritual should help teach your mind how to fall asleep faster.
  75. 75. Solution - 74• Exercise tires you out, so doing exercises before bed time would relax you out and thereby resulting in making you fall asleep.
  76. 76. Solution - 75• Ensure that you have the best sleeping environment to help you fall asleep faster.
  77. 77. Solution - 76• Herbal remedies ( such as passion flower, chamomile, Lavender, Lemon balm etc.)
  78. 78. Solution - 77• Stop smoking one hour before bedtime even if you feel that it relaxes your nerves, it is sure to wake you up in the middle of the night craving for nicotine.
  79. 79. Solution - 78• Avoid eating heavy meals or spicy or sugary foods one hour before hitting the bed.
  80. 80. Solution - 79• There is an app known as “Sleep Machine” that helps you fall asleep by providing noises such as crickets, rain, breeze, white noise, chimes, waves etc.,)
  81. 81. Solution - 80• Cookies and milk. The tryptophan in milk will help you feel sleepy, but you need some carbs to get where you want it to go in your brain.
  82. 82. Solution - 81• Adjust your sleeping surface. If the mattress is getting soggy or poky then flip it over. If it is getting too hot then flip the pillows over.
  83. 83. Solution - 82• Mindfulness is a great thing to learn and put into practice if you have trouble with stress, worry, anxiety, depression or just need to find a way to calm down your mind.
  84. 84. Solution - 83• Attitude towards sleep. Try not be afraid of not getting enough sleep. Try to boost up yourself by saying that you can perform perfectly well even if you lose some sleep.
  85. 85. Solution - 84• Eating good food before bedtime. Good food to eat before bed includes milk, cereal bananas and light protein-containing foods.• Any food that contains Tryptophan may help you fall asleep quicker.
  86. 86. Solution - 85• Alcohol can seriously reduce the quality of the second half of the night’s sleep and is also known to decrease the amount of time spent in deep sleep. It can also wake you up in the middle of the night due to the effects of withdrawal.
  87. 87. Solution - 86• Try not to take a nap during the day. In case if you really have to then keep it short may be for 40 minutes or less.
  88. 88. Solution - 87• Make sure to have a comfortable mattress and a comfortable bedding.
  89. 89. Solution - 88• Instead of listening to music through ear phones trying putting it out loud but not too loud that people around you might be disturbed.
  90. 90. Solution - 89• Reading a boring book while listening to slow and serene music is a great way to fall asleep.
  91. 91. Solution - 90• Changing sheets time to time. Changing the bed sheets time to time and having a pleasant print on them would also do the job !
  92. 92. Solution - 91• Relaxation. Try not to focus or recollect the things that has been happening since morning. Leave alone all the worries and focus on having a good sleep so that you can get up fresh and tackle your problems and manage your day.
  93. 93. Solution - 92• Fish especially Salmon fish is known to boast vitamin B6 which is needed to make melatonin.• Melatonin is a sleep-inducing hormone triggered by darkness.
  94. 94. Solution - 93• Calcium Deficiency – In case if there is a calcium deficiency in the body then have foods that boasts calcium such as yogurt, milk etc.
  95. 95. Solution - 94• Almonds – they provide sleep and muscle relaxation.
  96. 96. Solution - 95• Hard cooked egg is known not only to put the person to sleep but also making him stay asleep.
  97. 97. Solution - 96• Sweets high in carbs result in lowering your sugar levels thereby resulting in lack of sleep and waking up in the middle of the night.
  98. 98. Solution - 97• Having a small bowl of cereal – Complex carbohydrates – rich foods increase the availability of tryptophan in the bloodstream, increasing the sleep-inducing effects.
  99. 99. Solution - 98• Getting cozy – Setting the right temperature, perfect position and comfort clothing will do the work.
  100. 100. Solution - 99• Imagination can also work out wonders – Imagine that you have your perfect house built and now you decide what interior decorations and what colors you need to put for each room and where should a particular object be positioned etc.
  101. 101. Solution - 100• Try playing a game. Try playing a game of your choice in your mind or create your own game and play it while lying on bed.
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