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Tackling the sleep problem


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Tackling the sleep problem

  1. 1. Tackling the SLEEP Problem - Vaishnavi Chigarapalle
  2. 2. Introduction.• There are many people who suffer with sleep problems.• The term that is used to define it is known as Insomnia.• Some of the examples include: – Some have snoring partners. – Some have babies that keep them awake the whole night. – Some have tensions regarding a project deadline that is fast approaching. – Some might have recently lost their loved ones. – Some might be scared to sleep alone. – Some of them might be light sleepers, so at the sound of a very little noise they would get up. – Some might have had a bad dream that keeps them awake for days. – Some might be thinking about the breakup they had about days or weeks ago. – Some might have a Jetlag.• There are several examples that result in Insomnia.
  3. 3. Insomnia• Insomnia is a sleep disorder and is often characterized by difficulty in falling asleep or staying asleep.• There are two types of Insomnia: – Primary Insomnia. – Secondary Insomnia.• Primary Insomnia indicates that the person is having sleep problems that are no way related to the health condition.• Secondary Insomnia indicates that the person is having problems related to sleep either because of health conditions or the medication they are taking to cure a particular problem.• The other types include: – Transient Insomnia. – Acute Insomnia. – Chronic Insomnia.
  4. 4. Symptoms of Insomnia• There are many symptoms to see if a person is suffering from Insomnia.• The major symptoms that can tell us clearly if a person is facing the problems related to Insomnia are as follows: – Sleeping during the day. – General tiredness. – Irritability. – Problems with concentration or memory.
  5. 5. Focus : SLEEPING ALONE.• The prime focus or the problem that I have decided to solve is the problem with sleeping alone.• There are cases in which a person might stay awake with the sleep disorder.• For this topic the prime focus would be on sleeping alone.• Examples of sleep disorders for sleeping alone: – A person might have had the worst nightmare ever. – Psychological feeling that something or someone strange and scary is around him/ her. – Believing in the existence of ghosts. – Scary or spooky noises from the surroundings.• Some of these might last of for less than a week and some might last for a month and some other might last longer.
  6. 6. Insomnia Types for sleeping alone• In general there are three major types of Insomnia that lasts for different periods of time.• Transient Insomnia: – This generally lasts for less than a week. – Ex: When a person gets the scariest nightmare and cannot sleep until someone is next to him.• Acute Insomnia: – This generally lasts for more than a month. – Ex: When a person loses his loved one with whom he/she was destined to live.• Chronic Insomnia: – This generally lasts for longer than a month. – Ex: This type of fear usually is related to the psychological feeling of the existence of ghosts or imagination of some strange this or person watching over them.
  7. 7. Symptoms (Sleeping Alone)• One can identify the person with the sleeping alone problem with various symptoms.• The symptoms may not be exact but are approximately similar to the one mentioned below: – She/he tends to stay up till late, if she/he has to sleep alone. – She/he would usually try to sleep with someone next to them. – They avoid all situations that requires them to sleep alone during the night. – They somehow manage to sleep alone during the day if they are required to but when it comes to night they would do anything to avoid that situation. – They usually tend to sleep between people rather than sleeping in the corner. – If they are sleeping alone they tend to cover themselves with thick comforters and surround themselves with some sort of toys or something to make them feel that someone close to them is next to them.
  8. 8. How does a person feel aboutsleeping alone ?• Persons scared of sleeping all alone during the night time have a weird feeling.• When they are alone at night, and when they turn of the lights, they have a weird feeling that someone or something is looking at them hiding somewhere in the closet or under the bed etc.,• Even though they know that the thought is completely irrational, their imagination always plays with them and scares them.• They usually feel as if something or someone will get them once they fall asleep or when they close their eyes.• They imagine themselves to be part of some really horror and scary movie.
  9. 9. How do they usually try to getaway from the fear ?• People suffering from this type of fear usually tend to do one of the following in order to ensure themselves that they are safe and can sleep well: – They usually tend to turn on the lights in the room they are sleeping. – They usually play videos on their laptop and sleep listening to it without turning it off. – They sleep when they can hear their family members speaking for hours together. – They sleep to the source of light from the street lights, if their room is right to the street with huge street lights. – They usually surround themselves with huge toys and cover themselves with heavy comforters.
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