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  2. 2. 1 -Sleep in a bubble plastic and burst the bubbles to listen a more relaxingnoise!2- Download an App that makes you wanna sleep.3- Create an imaginary friend that wears cute pijamas4- Create an imaginary friend that helps you count to 1000 until you sleep5- Count to 1000 by yourself6- Invent a machine that plays with your hair7 -Drink a tea made of passion fruit and camomile8 -Create a sleep fictitious entity and say a pray for it.9- buy a tomography machine and sleep inside of it10 -make a fake isolating capsule with cardboard or other material you like11 -Pierce your eardrums with Torture objects.12 -Put play dough in your ears13- Become Mr Potato Head of Toy Story and don’t use the ears.14-Put your head in a water bucket so your ears would be blocked15 -hire a lawyer and see if you could go on justice to solve your problem16 -Drink up to you faint17 -Go live in another planet18 -Smoke marijuana19 -Take hallucinogens teas20 -try hipnose21- read until you’re asleep22- fill your room with balloons filled with little Styrofoam balls.23- create a game in which you have to stay awake to win points – it willprobably work with the reverse technique, and you will be so worried aboutstaying up that you will fall asleep.24- try meditation25 -do lots of physical exercise until you’re so tired you will sleep anyway
  3. 3. 26 -put the fireplace channel on tv27 -buy a cd with whistled music28 -Singing mantras29- Use the silence cone from Agent 86 (Get Smart movie)30- Rent a booth at a capsule hotel in Japan to sleep alone in a claustrophobicway31- Wear a hearing protector32- Pretend you are Van Gogh and CUT your ear out.33- Do an intense sleeping training into a noisy truck, so you Will get used toworst noises.34 Only imagine the silence35- Imagine that you are at Savannah36- listen to indian songs37- Drink water with sugar38 -make tiny rolls of paper and pretend they are sleeping pills, so it will have aplacebo effect39- go to a doctor and see if there is an alternative way to get to sleep40 -take actual sleeping pills41- Make a booth of blankets in a isolated room of your house42 -Use headphones43- Buy good quality speakers and play relaxing music44- Play the sound of the rain45 -Hire a harp player to play for you every night
  4. 4. 46 -Build a big bubble like the simpsons one (in the movie) against the noite47 -Cover your house with egg boxes48- buy an universal remote control and put the world on mute49- Invent a pillow with the sides higher than the middle – overstuffed- to mufflethe sound50 -Transform your room into a big aquarium and install an oxygen tank in it foryou to put your bed and sleep51-Cover your Windows with Styrofoam52- Change your windows for one that has double glass.53- work at night and sleep in the morning (change shifts)54 -help promoting another stablishment to compete with the one that disturbsyou that is far from your house.55 -put on a blue light bulb in your room,the colour has got a low frequency andcalms you down56- play a cd with lullabies57 -ask someone to sing you soft kitty (Sheldon Cooper – the bigbang theory)58 -call the power rangers to help you fight the noisy people59- spread posters through your neighborhood informing the problem you’rehaving60 - try and organize a meeting with your neighbors to see if you could do apetition so the noisy places won’t be open until so late61 - Turn on your radio louder than your neighbors62 - Dont sleep, ultil you can’t stand it anymore63 - Live near the mountains.64 - kill your neighboors65 - buy an oxygen booth and go live on the ocean66 -use the old trick of put a pillow over your head67 - buy a desert Island and go live there68- sleep in your parents house69 - enjoy your neighboors party70 – buy a water bed and feel relaxed with the sound of the water
  5. 5. 71- try setting your alarm up for one hour before the time you use to wake up,so at night you’ll feel more tired and will sleep more easily72- try making a tent inside your house and put sound isolating materialsurrounding it73- try using a sleeping bag and decorate your room with jungle motives, soyou’d feel the adrenaline of sleeping in adverse conditions and will sleep aftersome time74- try finding a group of anonymous people who suffer from the same thing asyou75 – try the laughter therapy76 – go to yoga classes77- open your own business at night, so you’ll work at the time you wouldn’tsleep anyway and could sleep in the daytime78 – sleep inside your car79 - bathing very hot and long term pressure lowering and you go limp andsleepy80 - make chocolate milk to feel snug81 - use a blanket from childhood, if you have one82 – kill yourself83- burn the stablishment