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The Best Anti Aging Secrets


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Anti-aging research refers to slowing, preventing, or reversing the aging process.Some degenerative symptoms of aging can also involve osteoporosis, arthritis, cataract, loss of hearing, breast cancer, etc. As a human being, you should also consider some key elements also like Peptides, Alpha-hydroxy acids, Retinol, Resveratrol and Antioxidants. Vagheggi offers face products DL/DLux Line and Facefence Line for preventing anti- aging. The professional approach with facefence and D/L line kit using new formulations , technologies based on the nature and made in Italy. Use our new online site to purchase vagheggi beauty products.

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The Best Anti Aging Secrets

  1. 1. The Best Anti­Aging  Secrets
  2. 2. Anti­aging has a number of different  meanings and connotations, depending  on who is being questioned. In the scientific community, anti­aging  research refers exclusively to slowing,  preventing, or reversing the aging  process.
  3. 3. Anti Aging Symptoms Symptoms of aging can often involve  menopause, changes in your skin tone,  premature graying of hair, getting  spectacles for reading, increase in hair  fall, etc. You may even feel tired more easily  and constantly lack energy. Some degenerative symptoms of aging  can also involve osteoporosis, arthritis,  cataract, loss of hearing, breast cancer,  etc.
  4. 4. What are the anti-aging strategies? Successful anti­aging strategies generally take between 1 ­ 3 years  before results can be seen. You are doing well if you can follow 25% of the strategies within  90 to 180 days, 50% of the strategies within 1 to 2 years, and 75%  of the strategies within 2 to 3 years.
  5. 5. How to Integrate Anti­Aging Quality, nutritional supplements are a critical component to anti­aging
  6. 6. Anti­Aging: Behind the 5 Key Elements Our desire for skincreams, balms and gadgets to try and keep the  years at bay, is expected to expand the market from $80 billion in  2011 to $114 billion in 2015.  When it comes to commonly listed active ingredients in anti­aging  products, here are some additional scientific evidence as to whether  or not they work.
  7. 7. Key Elements : 1) Peptides :  Peptides  the small proteins that help stimulate new cells to grow are  supposed to make the skin more plump and, therefore, younger  looking. Only anecdotal evidence to show peptides reduce wrinkles.
  8. 8. 2) Alpha­hydroxy acids : Alpha­hydroxy acids, including lactic, glycolic and citric acids, are  natural ingredients found in fruits and milk sugars. They can work as an exfoliant, removing dead skin cells to make  room for new ones.  Lactic acid, for example, brightens the skin by removing dead skin  cells while glycolic acid makes skin look smoother by reducing fine  lines and wrinkles.
  9. 9. 3) Retinol :  Reduces the appearance of wrinkles  and boosts the thickness and elasticity  of the skin and is backed up by ample  evidence. Retinol is found in a variety of over­ the­counter skin creams.
  10. 10. 4) Resveratrol : Studies show that drinking wine in  moderation has some health benefits,  but the jury it out as to whether  supplements have a similar effect.
  11. 11. 5) Antioxidants : Antioxidants are chemicals that  interact with and neutralize free  radicals, thus preventing them  from causing damage. Antioxidants are commonly  thought to help protect cells from  free radicals. These are unstable  molecules that could hurt cells  and increase the risk of cancer.
  12. 12. Best Anti Aging Foods Diets are always believed to be good if you want to lose weight, or to shape up your body. Little is known about the anti-aging effects of some effective diets. Some diets can give dieters an old man's face as well as a stressful look.
  13. 13. Anti Aging Food Pyramid : Some helpful food tips:
  14. 14. Strawberries One of the healthiest fruits. Have anti­inflammatory properties             and help prevent some types of  cancer.    Effects can be very beneficial for those  with arthritis or other problems of the  muscularity system.
  15. 15. Blackcurrant  Blackcurrant Contains high levels of vitamin C and other    antioxidants. Beneficial to health both physically and mentally.   Helps improve cardiac function and the health of  the veins and arteries. Excellent for the health of the urinary system. 
  16. 16. Blueberries The high level of anti­oxidants  found in  blueberries help fight free­radicals,  protecting us from damage and illness. Improves balance and helps boost  memory power. 
  17. 17. Avocado Contrary to what many people believe  Avocado is not a vegetable, it's a fruit. Very good source of mono unsaturated  fats, needed to fight bad cholesterol. Rich in vitamin E, this fruit has anti  aging properties that keep your skin  healthy and fights premature aging. If you are fond of salads, Avocado is a  great addition to your salad dressing, or  you can even add it to your breakfast.
  18. 18. Watermelon Containing over 90% water,  watermelon is an excellent anti­ aging food and a delicious one too. Watermelon consists of vitamins,  minerals and essential fats that are  a SWAT team against free radicals.  The zinc in watermelon is  particularly good for cleansing  toxins from the body.
  19. 19. What is Anti­aging Treatment? Anti­aging treatment is a reincarnation of traditional  medicine, but in this era, it incorporates the science of anti­ aging. No longer do we accept aging as inevitable or, when disease  occurs. We can treat its symptoms and its consequences. Anti­aging treatment is based on the concept that the signs,  symptoms, and consequences of aging can be delayed and in  many cases reversed. 
  20. 20. Anti­aging treatment recognizes that successful therapy  necessitates a healthy lifestyle including the following: A low glycemic index diet Appropriate nutrient supplementation Appropriate hormone balance The absolute need for physical exercise
  21. 21. Who needs anti-aging therapy? The short answer is everyone can benefit from anti­aging  treatment. Proper diet and exercise must be incorporated  early in life and continue for the duration. At age 30, close monitoring of hormone decline and hormone  balance should begin.  Anti­aging physicians are taught to observe these early signs  and symptoms of aging. Proper tests may be needed, only  then can the anti­aging approach to prevention of disease  and disability make a difference.
  22. 22. One highly recommended anti  aging treatment, is skincare  products that make use of  plant stem cells.  This type of treatment is  offered by many Asian  countries especially China,  Thailand and Malaysia.
  23. 23. Anti Aging Products   Vagheggi Offers proven Anti Aging Products : 1)DL/DLux Line 2) Facefence Line Vagheggi lines have the highest number of natural active ingredients  and are dermatologically tested, nickel tested, paraben free, parafin  free, non­animal tested
  24. 24. Facefence Line Anti-aging, oxygenating and lifting skincare line Vagheggi line for all aged skin, all year around, for whose who want an overall anti-aging action, especially when skin needs to be revitalized, oxygenated and brightened Protagonist: Maca root, Black pepper berries and active molecules from Nasturtium flower for a deep moisturing action
  25. 25. SILKY CLEANSER Delicately  cleanses  the  skin  and  can  be  used  to  remove  make­up,  whilst eliminating impurities.  When  mixed  with  water,  this  oil  releases  a  milk  with  a  naturally  scented essence to rebalance the hydrolipid film.  Rich in Omega­3 and Oil of Plum, it nourishes even the driest skins  leaving them silky and soft. Biological Plum Oil: Hydrolipid film : Vitamin E, antioxidating, nourishes and protects the skin for a silky effect, perfect for dry and mature skin.
  26. 26. Active Reticle Lotion Precious texture that creates a network gel on your face for secure  hydration, toning and revitalizing.  Rich in hyaluronic acid and red hematite, it leaves a silky film on  your skin. Soft smoothing effect that restores the natural protection  from external agents, preparing it to receive active treatment. Hematite: hyaluronic acid: Hydrating, plumping Improves oxygen the cellular Fights against free radicals Stimulates the production collagen
  27. 27. Regenerating Total Night Cream An invisible texture that is substantial and nutritious. Incorporates an  unprecedented number of natural active ingredients. Maca root and Nasturtium, re­oxygenates the skin during sleep, when  the skin has the opportunity to heal itself.  Maca root : Nasturtium Stimulates the activity of aged fiberblasts Helps the oxygen process of the skin hyaluronic acid: Hydrating, plumping
  28. 28. DL Line DL or Dlux is the premier line of products for the face and body, where  rare active ingredients such as gold, are matched with the most  advanced research. Designed for aged and mature skin, enveloping scents which  accentuate the feeling of well­being. Specific anti­aging effect to stimulate the body’s production of collagen, thanks to peptide technology.
  29. 29. IDEAL CLEANSING Soft and nourishing cream that cleanses the delicate skin of the face,  and neck.  Butter promotes the skin's natural protection and a special "booster"  stimulates the skin receptivity and the penetration of the valuable  assets of the professional treatment. Collagen Booster Protect your skin from sun Vitamin C , Vitamin E , Selenium, Vitamin B8 Skin Healthy and Beauty
  30. 30. DL Neck And Décolleté & Firming Concentrated Serums Specific Vagheggi products to fight early signs of aging that appears on the neck and décolleté. Personalised if you have dry, combination or sensitive skin. Tripeptide combined with hyaluronic acid redefine shape and iron out wrinkles beta-glucan acts on your skin texture to give it new-found smoothness. Arbutin and a sun filter slow down the appearance of blemishes. Black Quinoa, a plant typical of the high plains in the Andes, known as the sacred grain of the Incas. Guaranteed moisturising, deeply nourishing and lifting effect.
  31. 31. Rehydra Line Vagheggi Rehydra cleanser, toner, moisturizers and serum range  designed for dry and extra dry skin. Contains hyaluronic acid for an  anti­aging effect. Violet, strawberry leaf, pink Jasmine, shea butter, jojoba oil, allantoin  are some of the active natural ingredients. Altea officinalis Karite butter
  32. 32. Lime Vitamin C Line Vagheggi Lime Vitamin C line contains the highest amount of vitamin C in a skincare product. A patented extraction method to deliver all the goodness. Anti-oxidating action, revitalizing and brightening, protecting & rebuilding skin cell structures, collagen stimulating, anti-aging prevention by fighting free radicals, UV protection before and after sun exposure. Orange flowers Calendula oil & jojoba