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Samsung project report

  1. 1. Dissertation On “Analysis of market potential forSamsung CDMA Mobile in Mumbai Region” Submitted in partial fulfillment of PGPBM from International School of Business & Media, Pune Guided by: A S Iyer Professor of ISB&M (Viman Nagar) Submitted by: Supriya Kumari Roll No: V2100 PGPBM(Marketing & Finance) 1
  2. 2. ACKNOWLEDGEMENTMy Dissertation on the topic Samsung India Electronics Limited (SIEL)’ would nothave been possible and the learning experience would not have been the samewithout the guidance and care of certain people. Here I would like to acknowledgethose important people.My special thanks go to my mentor Prof. A S Iyer who have molded me to handlesuch Topic. I am deeply indebted for his guidance.Irrespective of all other benefits, it was the unconditional support and aid of myfamily, which enabled me to achieve to the fullest extent of my endeavor.I am also indebted to all the store manager/executive for their cooperation renderedwhiles my course of investigation. Now I conclude the passage with sincere thanksto any and all, I may have forgotten to mention.EXECUTIVE SUMMARYDuring the preparation of my dissertation, I traveled extensively to try & covermaximum dealers of CDMA market of mumbai.The main objective of the survey was to know the position of Samsung in marketand present scenario of CDMA mobile market.The project was done in coordination with the dealers of CDMA mobile market. 2
  3. 3. CONTENTS Pageno. 1. Introduction 6 A. Mobile Market in India 7 B. Company Profile 8 C. Vision of company 9 D. Samsung in mobile business and CDMA business 10 E. Product profile 11 2. Project Design 13 A. Problem identification 14 B. Development of an approach to the problem 15 C. Research design formulation 17 D. Field work or data collection 18 E. Analysis of data. 19 3. Marketing View 35 A. Competitor analysis 36 B. SWOT Analysis 40 C. 5 Force model 41 4. 3
  4. 4. A. Conclusion And Recommendations 43 B. Questionnaire 47 C. Bibliography 49List of figure and charts 1. Indian Telecom GSM Vs CDMA 6 2. Mission of company 8 3. Samsung CDMA mobile business 9 4. Samsung handsets 10 5. Product life cycle 13 6. Availability of handsets 17 7. CDMA market share 18 4
  5. 5. 8. Handset wise market share 189. Comparative market share 1910. Consumer demand pie chart 2111. Comparative study of consumer demand 2212. Consumer pull bar chart 2913. After sales service bar chart 2914. Distribution bar chart 3015. Interpretation charts for Samsung 311. INTRODUCTIONA. Mobile Market in India 5
  6. 6. India is one of the fastest growing mobile markets in the world, having more than400+ million mobile subscribers. Currently in India 2.5G and 2.75G are in theexistence in GSM Technology. Whereas another technology is CDMA (codedivision multiple access), 3G is coming into the existence.As per as mobile market in India is concerned there are number of GSM serviceprovider such as: o Airtel o Vodafone o Idea o BSNL o TATA DOCOMO etc.Whereas in CDMA there are few number of player as compare to GSM mobile,such as: o TATA (TTSL/TTML) o Reliance India mobile o Virgin o MTS.In India GSM is more popular than CDMA.In this sector number of equipment manufacturer or mobile manufacturer presentssuch as: o Nokia 6
  7. 7. o Samsungo LGo Mototolao Sonyo Haiero Intexo HTCo I-staro Chinese mobilesB. Company Profile 7
  8. 8. INDIASamsung India is the hub for Samsungs South West Asia Regional operations. TheSouth West Asia Headquarters, under the leadership of Mr. J S Shin, President &CEO, Samsung India which commenced its operations in India in December 1995enjoys a sales turnover of over US$ 1Bn in just a decade of operations in thecountry.Headquartered in New Delhi, Samsung India has widespread network of salesoffices all over the country. The Samsung manufacturing complex housingmanufacturing facilities for Color Televisions, Mobile phones, Refrigerators andWashing Machines is located at Noida, near Delhi.Employing approximately 138,000 people in 124 offices in 56 countries,Company consists of five main business units: o Digital media Business o LCD Business o Semiconductor Business o Telecommunications o Digital Appliance BusinessSamsung India Mobile:Samsung India Mobile a telecom equipment manufacturer, head office in New Delhiand country head Mr. Sunil Dutt. Samsung has divided the mobile business in toareas:  GSM Mobile Business.  CDMA Mobile Business. 8
  9. 9. C. Vision Of CompanySamsung is guided by a singular vision: to lead the digital convergence movement.Samsung believe that through technology innovation today, we will find thesolutions we need to address the challenges of tomorrow.From technology comes opportunity—for businesses to grow, for citizens inemerging markets to prosper by tapping into the digital economy, and for people toinvent new possibilities.It’s our aim to develop innovative technologies and efficient processes that createnew markets, enrich people’s lives and continue to make Samsung a trusted marketleader. Mission of CompanyEverything we do at Samsung is guided by our mission: to be the best “digital-εCompany”. 9
  10. 10. D. Samsung CDMA Mobile BusinessIn CDMA segment Samsung is in market with two functional area that are:  Operator handsets.  Open handsets o Operator handsets are handsets manufacture by Samsung but it is collaborated with any network operator. Samsung india has collaboration with following telecom service provider in different telecom circles.  TATA (TTSL / TTML)  MTS (SSTL)  Virgin Mobile (VMI) o Open handsets are handsets manufacture by Samsung and handsets is compatible to any CDMA network, there is no restriction of any specific CDMA network. 10
  11. 11. E. Product ProfileSamsung has wide range of CDMA products in the market…. 11
  12. 12. 12
  13. 13. 2. PROJECT DESIGN 13
  14. 14. A. Problem identification / Objective Find Out Dealers expectation to sell, promote a particular brand of CDMA mobile. Find Out the consumers expectation to buy a particular brand of CDMA mobile. How a consumer choose a new CDMA handset, how does a CDMA mobile consumer upgrade handset choice, it mean what features he/she wants in handset. What features customer likes more in handset? Analysis regarding customers complains. Samsung rating on dealers and consumers expectations. Need gap analysis.B. Approach To The Problem 14
  15. 15.  In Indian Mobile CDMA Market the SAMSUNG CDMA mobile is in growth stage. In growth stage we need to do following type of market studies.  Awareness studies: In this study we need to know how much customer awareness about the availability/lucrative features of Samsung handsets in the market.  Attitude studies: This study elaborates the expectations and thinking’s of seller and consumer as far as the CDMA mobile handset is concern.  Positioning: By this study we would know positioning of Samsung CDMA mobile handsets in the mobile market.  Promotion test: By this study we would know what are the factors that improve the sales of Samsung CDMA mobile handsets?  Tracking studies: This study shows how Samsung CDMA mobile is competing with the competitors is. What are the factors we need to change/improve to beat the competitors?  Type of meeting: It would be personal visit/interview to retailers and distributors.  Advantage of Personal visit:  High response rate.  Can ask difficult Questions. 15
  16. 16.  We have to visit the whole Mumbai: for the proper plan of action of the project we divided the Mumbai into the following regions:  South Mumbai:  Central Mumbai:  Western Mumbai:  Thane:  Navi Mumbai:  Dombivali, Vilas nagar. Where to visit: Web worlds, TVH, TVS, Modern Trade, Retailers, and Distributors. Purpose of visit:  Want to know the customer thinking.  Their liking and disliking about handsets.  Sellers/retailers expectation about handsets.  What improvement is needed in the existing handsets?  Where the major problem arises in distributions of handsets.  Where the Samsung CDMA mobile is, in Customers and Sellers mind.  Plan of action:  There are 14 working days in data collection phase.  The target is to visit of 140 retailers.  We have to visit 10-12 retailers/distributors per day.  Timing would be between 11:00 am to 04:00 pm.  Every day 1-2 hours for the data entry into excel. 16
  17. 17.  After that next 10 days is for data analysis and preparation of reports.  29th October would be final submission day of reports and final presentation at Samsung. C. Research Design  IntroductionThe research was conducted in Mumbai to find the market potential of CDMAhandsets. The study determines the future potential of CDMA handsets in abooming economy where organization is going for new technologies in order tomaintain their supremacy over other.  Scope studyThe internship was done under Samsung India Electronics Limited Mumbai. TheCDMA mobile market is going for a boom in world market. This study provides aninsight to the current scenario as well as the future trends of CDMA market. Thus itcan help to find out or to predict the future of CDMA in Indian market.  Sample Size The sample size was 132 respondents taken.  Questionnaire would be:  It would be maximum 15 questions.  Maximum questions would be open ended questions.  Except one or two questions would be closed ended questions.  Time spent to retailers and distributors would be 5 to 10 minutes.  Limitations of Study  Lack of time  Constraints in getting appointments  Low awareness  Lack of time to cover all the accounts D. Field work & Data Collection 17
  18. 18. In the data collection phase I traveled extensively to try & cover maximum dealersof CDMA market of Mumbai.Following are the list of locations where I visited during data collection phase: o Dahisar. o Matunga o Matunga Road o Mahim o Santacruz o Fort o CST o Churchgate o Kandivili o Kurla o Vile parle o Thane o Andheri o Ghatkopar o Dadar o Borivali o Bandra o Malad o Mulund 18
  19. 19. 3. ANALYSIS OF DATAIn this market survey, we have collected data from 132 dealers/retailers (samplesize) of Mumbai region. All data is base on the market research of the 132 retailstore.Brands presents at the dealers:  SAMSUNG  LG  SPICE  HUAWEI  MICROMAX  HAIER  ZTE  NOKIA  OTHERS (INTEX, HTC, I-STAR etc.)Collected data (from 132 shops) Brands H/S Availability in shops (out of 132) % Availability LG In 122 shops 93.39 % Samsung In 126 shops 95.28 % Spice In 98 shops 74.52 % Huawei In 84 shops 63.65 % 19
  20. 20. Micromax In 25 shops 18.86 % ZTE In 8 shops 5.66 % Haier In 95 shops 71.69 % Nokia In 12 shops 9.43 % Others In 34 shops 25.47 %Availability of handsets in shops  Above figure shows that Samsung is most preferred brand in CDMA mobile handsets among all the brands.  LG is close competitor of Samsung with 93%+ availability in retail mobile stores.  The availability of Spice, Huawei and Haier is also good in CDMA market with availability more than 50% mobile retail stores. 20
  21. 21. CDMA Mobile Market Share  Zigzag line shows CDMA market shares in retail stores.  CDMA mobile market share is vary in different stores.  Majority of CDMA mobile market share in stores vary between 20% - 40%.CDMA Mobile Market Share (Handset wise) in 132 shopsCollected data (from 132 shops)Market Share Samsung LG Haier SpiceLess than 20% 1 shop 2 shops 79 shops 28 shops20% - 30% 23 shops 33 shops 22 shops 39 shops30% - 40% 38 shops 42 shops 22 shops 21 shops40% - 50% 39 shops 23 shops 3 shops 21 shopsMore than 50% 36 shops 29 shops 5 shops 5 shops 21
  22. 22.  Samsungs market share is high among all the brands. In majority of mobile retail stores Samsungs CDMA mobile market share is half or more than 50%. In most of the mobile stores Samsungs CDMA mobile market share is 30% - 40%. LG is close competitor of Samsung; in majority of mobile shops market share of both of the brand is almost equal. 22
  23. 23. Comparative study of Market Share  As per the above figure the market share of Samsung and LG are overlaping in some of the stores. It mean where demand of both the brand is equal.  The above figure indicated that LG and Samsung are the close competitors.  Somewhere LG is leading in CDMA market share, somewhere Samsung is leading. 23
  24. 24.  Majority of availability of Spice mobile in retail stores is less than 20% of market share. Where as almost Samsungs market share in mobile stores is more than 20%. Sales of Haier mobile are very good in some of mobile stores because of low price of handsets available in Haier. In some of the stores Haier mobile market share is more than 40%. But its market share is less as compare to Samsung. 24
  25. 25.  The above figure shows that Samsung is most preferred brand in the CDMA segment by consumers.  Samsung has the direct competition with LG.Consumer Demand of CDMA handsets of different brands (in 132shops)Collected data (from 132 shops)Consumer Samsung LG Haier Spice Huawei DemandExtremely 12 (9.4%) 10 (10.3%) 3 (2.6%) - - HighVery High 80 (61%) 63 (48.2%) 25 (18.6%) 3 (2.6%) - High 28 (21.7%) 40 (31.5%) 50 (38.3%) 44 (38.2%) 9 (6.2%) Average 3 (2.4%) 6 (4.7%) 14 (10.3%) 38 (33%) 64 (53.2%) Less 2 (2%) 3 (2%) 8 (5.6%) 39 (32.3%) 4 (3%) Very less - 1(1%) 3 (2.6%) 4 (3%) 1 (1%)No demand - - 1 (1%) 3 (2.6%) 5 (3.5%) No resp./ 9 (5.9%) 12 (8.8%) 27 (22.4%) 37(30.3%) 38 (28.9) Product is not availableThe above tables shows the number of retail mobile stores where consumer demandof each brand of handsets.In brackets the percentage is given of consumer demand for each brand of handsets. 25
  26. 26. Extremly high Average Less No response or product is notavailable Very high Very Less High Not at all demand 26
  27. 27. In more than 70% of stores Samsungs demand is high/very high.Comparative Study of Consumer demand: 27
  28. 28.  Above figure shows consumer demand of Samsung CDMA mobile is very high. In 61% of retail mobile stores consumer demand is very high.  Approximate in 10% of retail mobile stores Samsung consumer demand is extremely high.  LG is close competitor of Samsung CDMA mobile, having 48% of very high consumer demand.  Haier demand is also very good among the consumer because of low price handsets.Consumer pullCollected data (from 132 shops)Consumer Samsung LG Spice Haier Huawei pullVery high 71 shops 50 shops 24 shops 1 shops -Above avg 37 shops 58 shops 42 shops 9 shops 23 shops Average 12 shops 9 shops 30 shops 36 shops 46 shopsBelow avg - - 3 shops 49 shops 19 shops Not at all - - - 8 shops 5 shopsPdt not avl. 12 shops 15 shops 33 shops 30 shops 39 shopsNo response 28
  29. 29.  More than 50% of mobile retail stores in Mumbai where consumer pull for Samsung CDMA handsets is very high.  Almost 80% of the mobile retail stores where consumer pull for the Samsung mobile is satisfactory.  But in 10% stores the distribution of Samsung is not satisfactory.After sales serviceCollected data (from 132 shops)Consumer Samsung LG Spice Haier Huawei pullVery high 8 shops 7 shops 3 shops - -Above avg 79 shops 81 shops 75 shops 22 shops 37 shops Average 29 shops 27 shops 9 shops 74 shops 42 shops Below avg 4 shops 4 shops 7 shops 8 shops 13 shops Not at all 2 shops 1 shop 3 shops 3 shops 10 shopsPdt not avl./ 9 shops 13 shops 35 shops 25 shops 29 shopsno response 29
  30. 30.  From the above graph we can conclude that after sales service of LG CDMA mobile is some what better than Samsung CDMA mobile.  After sales service is not satisfactory for all the brands.DistributionCollected data (from 132 shops)Consumer Samsung LG Spice Haier Huawei pullVery high 39 shops 34 shops 32 shops 23 shops 29 shopsAbove avg 41 shops 47 shops 26 shops 34 shops 51 shops Average 28 shops 26 shops 29 shops 12 shops 14 shops Below avg 9 shops 7 shops 6 shops 4 shops 6 shops Not at all 5 shops 5 shop 3 shops 2 shops 3 shopsPdt not avl./ 9 shops 13 shops 36 shops 25 shops 29 shops 30
  31. 31. no response  In some mobile stores of the Mumbai region where distribution of Samsung is not up to the mark.  There are few places where distribution of Samsung is worst. Interpretations / Conclusion for Samsung (By SPSS software)Consumer pull – After sales service 31
  32. 32. Note: This is conclusion concluded by Chi square test by SPSS software. Only major component has taken. After sales service Consumer pull Very Good Good Average High 4 38 14 Medium 2 25 9 Average - 4 -  There is no significance impact of after sales service to consumer pull.  There is very high consumer pull despite average after sales services.  In most of the shops after sales service is good but not very good despite this consumer pull is high, where as in some shops after sales service is just average but consumer pull is high.  So we can say that there is no significance impact of after sales service to consumer pull.Consumer pull – Distribution 32
  33. 33. Note: This is conclusion concluded by chi square test by SPSS software. Only major component has taken. Distribution Consumer pull Very Good Good Average Below avg High 29 26 3 1 Medium 24 14 1 - Average 1 2 1 - There is no significance impact of distribution to consumer pull. Very high consumers pull despite average distribution of Samsung. Very good distribution in some places but there is medium consumer pull. 33
  34. 34. Key challenges in CDMA facing by dealers.  Handsets:  Very limited model is available.  Existing models are not attractive.  CDMA handsets software is slow.  More handsets problem comes in CDMA as compare to GSM handsets.  Battery problem and network problem are most.  Another problem like slow software problem and handset is warm while talking.  In existing model FM + color display phones are in demand.  LG/Samsung/Haier are in demand.  Handset restriction in CDMA.  It requires quality of handsets  Nokia handsets should come in CDMA also.  Market:  It is main market for first time buyer.  Very good market for low income people.  Very limited selling of high range phones.  But Sales is increase day by day.  Good market for price range 900-3000 Rs phones.  Good Market because FM + color display is available in just 1300 Rs.  Some of the models are not coming in the market.  Nokia is not available in CDMA market, except single model.  Price:  CDMA is low price handset market.  Only 1k-2k models are in demand.  Very less selling of more than 3000 Rs handset.  LG/Haier is cheaper handsets.  Samsung is little bit costlier than LG/Haier.  Price of CDMA handsets are high compare to GSM handsets.  Recently price is increased that impacted the CDMA market.  High switching cost in CDMA.  Nokia is giving Bluetooth + Camera + FM in just 3000 Rs. CDMA customer also expect it.  Price of CDMA handsets should reduce.  Network: 34
  35. 35.  Reliance and TATA are doing good in CDMA market.  More operator should come in CDMA.  There are very limited plan and scheme are available in CDMA.Key motivator for dealers to sell a particular operator CDMA handsets  Variety of handsets of same range.  Quality of handsets with additional features.  Stylish, good looking, fancy, attractive handsets.  Best voice, display and battery quality.  2k Rs model.  FM, color display, speaker phones demand is most.  Models with good features in least price.  Better quality phones, sound quality should be like sony erriction and battery quality should be like Nokia.  Price should be 1k to 2k Rs.Dealers suggestions for Operators CDMA handsets  Any new feature should come in CDMA.  Price should less then GSM phones.  Camera, Bluetooth, memory, music should come in 3k-3.5k Rs.  Camera also comes in 2k Rs mobile.  Data cable comes in 2k Rs range.  Display size should bigger than existing size.  New functions should come in basic handsets.  Good quality of software should come in operator handsets.  At least some memory should also give to the operator handsets 35
  36. 36.  Only basic model should come in 700 Rs.Key motivator for dealers to sell particular open CDMA handsets  Quality of display and size of display.  Software uses in handsets.  Sleek, thin and good looking attractive model.  Good sound, battery and display quality.  At least 2 Mega pixel camera and 1 GB memory.  It should be extendable memory.  Music phones with 5k range model.  Slide mobile is also in high demand.  5k Rs = camera (at least 2 MP) + 1GB memory + Bluetooth + slide shape.  CDMA + GSM phones customer likes more than GSM + GSM.  Extra accessories like headphones, data cables, cds.  Generally customer asks for memory, how many songs can be stored.  3.5k to 7k Rs model are good in demand.Dealer’s suggestions for open CDMA handsets  3k-5k Rs model should available in more variant.  More variant of slide phones and touch screen phones should available.  Touch screen phones should come in 8k Rs range. 36
  37. 37. Key factor that motivate consumer to buy CDMA handsets  Customer goes for feature and function of handsets.  Very few customers go for brand of handsets.  Operators brand is matter while buying.  Customer wants good looking, sleek, light weight handsets.  Customer wants better display, good battery backup, good sound quality.  Customer chooses the model according to features and price of handsets.  Mainly in CDMA customer prefer 1k-3k Rs range mobile.  Very few times customer goes for above 3k range mobile.  Still CDMA + GSM mobiles are very good in demand.  Customer pays 1000 Rs for basic handsets, 1500 Rs for handsets with FM and in 3000 Rs customer expects camera and memory.  Customer CDMA handsets feature and quality should better than GSM handsets.  Very important is network operators plan and scheme. 37
  38. 38. Key Factor that consumer consider while making 1st time handsetspurchase  Customer wants 1k-2k Rs range mobile.  Customer goes for basic models but if FM facility is there than prefer that.  Basic model + color display + FM + speaker phone in 2K Rs range is most prefer handsets.  Customer pays 1000 Rs for basic models and more than that amount they expect FM.  Display of handsets and software of handsets is also play major role while purchasing.  Other features like phone book memory at least 500 contacts storage should be there.  In message storage at least 150 messages storage should be there.  Customer goes for the look of the handsets.  Customer expects headphones with the models.  Customer always asks for battery backup while purchasing. 38
  39. 39. Key Factor looked in handsets by consumer while upgrade of handsets  Slide mobile is in demand of this segment.  CDMA + GSM handsets have more no of selling than GSM + GSM handsets.  Attractive model look, thin model and light weight model customer want.  Customer goes for display quality, clarity of display and software used in model.  4k-8k Rs range model are good in market.  Camera clarity in megapixels, at least 2 MP should be there but 3.2 MP is preferred.  At least 1GB memory should be in model, extendable memory should be there.  Bluetooth is must.  Recorder should be present in model.  Internet/ GPRS facility should be in model.  Multimedia phones are also in demand.  Good battery backup. 39
  40. 40.  Extra accessories like head phones, data cables CDs should provide by company.  Free ringtones, songs and software should provide by dealers.Dealers Suggestions to promote CDMA handsetsHandsets:  Quality of handsets should available.  Variety of handsets should available in CDMA.  Good looking, stylish, attractive handsets like sony & Nokia should available in CDMA.  New model should launched by the company, frequently.  Battery backup and handset functionality should improve.  Voice quality should improve.  Change/improve the quality of software; come up with good quality of software.  More number of 4k-5k Rs model should available  Song as ring tone should come in CDMA basic models.  Camera, music, recorder, memory should also come in 3k-4k Rs range.  Camera should also come in basic handsets  Handsets should use in both CDMA as well as GSM network. 40
  41. 41.  Every operator comes up with variety of handsets.  Price should reduce.Offers / Marketing  Company should provide free ring tones, wallpapers, and softwares in CDMA.  Company should provide extra accessories like headphone, data cable & CDs.  Create awareness about CDMA brands.  Advertisement, branding is requiring of CDMA handsets.  Large advertisement board is required.  Offers, consumer offers, festive offers.  Improve the distribution of CDMA handsets. 4. MARKETING VIEWCompetitors AnalysisFollowing are the main competitors of Samsung CDMA Mobile: o LG o Huawei o Haier 41
  42. 42. o Micromax o Nokia o Spice o Intex o HTC o I-StarCompetitor’s Model Analysis 1. Product LG 3100 : Name CDMA Handset FM Radio Speaker 32 Polyphonic Ringtones Long Battery Life, 1 e-mail 3 Way Calling and more.. Category : CDMA Handsets Brand : LG Price Range : Rs. 1710* ( * approx. price) 42
  43. 43. 2. Product LG 3500 : Name CDMA Handset LG 3500 Mobile phone comes with Reliance have the distinguish Features as good battery backup ... Category : CDMA Handsets Brand : LGPrice Range : Rs. 999 to 1,999 3. Product LG RD 3000 : Name , CDMA Handset Stylish looking bar type color phone High capacity battery 32 polyphonic rington ... [ Read More ] [ Specifications ] [ Description ] Category : CDMA Handsets Brand : LG Price Range : Rs. 1199* ( * approx. price) 43
  44. 44. 4. Product : LG VX8300 Cellular Phone, CDMA Handset Name This slim and sleek VX8300 is built for serious mobile fun. Exchange vCards ... Category : CDMA Handsets Brand : LGPrice Range : Rs. 3200* ( * approx. price)5. Product : LG Chocolate VX8500 Cellular Phone CDMA Handset Name LGs mobile treat, the VX-8500 Chocolate offers minimalist-inspired style and more… Category : CDMA Handsets Brand : LGPrice Range : Rs. 12000* ( * approx. price) 44
  45. 45. 6. Product name : Haier Sumukha CDMA Features: Network CDMA 800 MHz Dimensions 100x42x15 mm Weight 80grams Type 1.5, 65K CSTN Size 128x128 pixels Phonebook 200 entries Call Records 10 missed, 10 dialled, 10 recevied calls Messaging SMS, MMS Clock Yes Alarm Yes Games Yes T9 Dictionary Stand-by Up to 115.00hrs Talk time Up to 3 hrs 00 min5 Force Model 45
  46. 46. -- Threat of new entrants [ High ] There are lot of competition in Indian telecom market ,Chinese mobile companies are also entering into the sector. In Indian telecom market having more than 400+ million subscribers with 42% of teledensity, still there is lot of potential is remaining.- Bargaining power of suppliers [ Low] As we know that there is very difficult to switch in B2B Market.- Bargaining power of buyers [ High] Indian market is very price sensitive market. Awareness about the mobile is very high so that bargaining power of the customer is also very high.- Threat of substitute products [ High ] GSM is as a substitution for the CDMA mobile so threat of substitute is high. 46
  47. 47. -- Rivalry among competing firms [ High ] There if very high competition among the mobile equipment manufacturer. Chinese companies also coming in Indian market. SWOT Analysis  SWOT analysis of Samsung CDMA mobile:  Strength: o Samsung is well known brand in electronic market. o Samsung is in both direct market as well as open market in mobile segment. o Collaborations with TATA, MTS (SSTL), Virgin mobile. o Large range of CDMA mobile product from 1K to 14K. o Strong National distribution channels.  Weakness: o Samsung’s late entry in Indian mobile market. o Samsung is not market leader in mobile market segment.  Opportunity: o Tele density is increasing in Indian telecom market. o CDMA mobile would play a major role in rural penetration. o 3G is coming into existence. o Falling ARPU’s of Indian telcos. o Foreign telcos are coming into Indian market would be opportunity for direct market. 47
  48. 48.  Threats: o Popularity of GSM mobile. o Competitors are focusing only in telecom segment. o Entry of foreign player in mobile equipment market. o Threats from Chinese mobile market5. CONCLUSIONS & RECOMMENDATIONS Conclusions  CDMA market has 30-35% of total mobile market share.  CDMA sales are increase day by day.  Samsung Market share is high among all the brands.  Market share of LG is very much similar to Samsung in mobile stores.  CDMA mobile market is very price sensitive market.  Maximum selling of 1k-2k Rs lower range handsets.  A handsets restriction is biggest problem in CDMA segment.  Customers are very much aware about every feature of handsets.  In CDMA mobile market there are limited player are available.  There are very close competition among some players of handsets manufacturer.  In CDMA very limited handsets is available.  In CDMA variety of handsets is required.  In CDMA handsets battery problem is biggest problem.  Price of CDMA handsets is high as compare to GSM handsets.  Basic handsets + FM + speaker are most demand model in operator handsets. 48
  49. 49.  Camera (>=2 mp), memory (>=1GB), slide model are important factor that influence the customer.  Samsung is most preferred brand among the consumers.  After sales service of Samsung CDMA mobile is average.Recommendations  Variety of handsets should available.  Company should provide free ring tones, wallpapers, and softwares in CDMA.  Company should provide extra accessories like headphone, data cable & CDs.  Create awareness about CDMA brands.  Advertisement, branding is requiring of CDMA handsets.  Large advertisement board is required.  Offers, consumer offers, festive offers.  Improve the distribution of CDMA handsets.  3k-5k Rs model should available in more variant.  More variant of slide phones and touch screen phones should available.  Touch screen phones should come in 8k Rs range.  Any new feature should come in CDMA.  Price should less then GSM phones.  Camera, Bluetooth, memory, music should come in 3k-3.5k Rs.  Camera also comes in 2k Rs mobile.  Data cable comes in 2k Rs range.  Display size should bigger than existing size. 49
  50. 50.  New functions should come in basic handsets.  Good quality of software should come in operator handsets.  At least some memory should also give to the operator handsets  Only basic model should come in 700 Rs. QUESTIONNAIRE CDMA Mobile Market SurveyRetailerName___________________________________________________________Location______________________ Date______________Time__________________Type MBO WW WWE TVH TVS Modern Trade1. a. Total Handset Sales : ____________________________ b. CDMA handset sales, total : _______________________ c. CDMA Handset Sales share in % of the following brandsLG_______ Spice ______ Samsung_______ Micromax____________ Huawei____________ ZTE_______________ Others__________________ 50
  51. 51. 2. Please rank the following CDMA brand in terms of best consumer demand for the brands.LG____, Samsung___, ZTE_____, Huwaei_____, Spice_____, Micromax_____, Haier_____Others ________3. What are the key Challenges that you are facing in CDMA?4. What are the key motivators for you to sell particular CDMA handsets? Also Rank the orderof importance? Operator Handsets Open Handsets5. What are the key factors that motivate a consumer to buy a particular brand of CDMA Handset? Also Rank the order of importance.6. What are the key factors looked in handsets by a consumer who upgrades in CDMA?8. Please rank the brands on the below parameters7. What are the key factor that consumer consider whileservice a first time handset Brand Consumer pull After sales making Distributionpurchase from an operator. 51
  52. 52. LG ________ ___________ ___________Samsung ________ ___________ ___________Huwaei ________ ___________ ___________ZTE ________ ___________ ___________Spice ________ ___________ ___________Haier ________ ___________ ___________Other9. What are the key steps any brand should take to increase the sales of CDMA handsetsfrom your shop? Thanks for Kotler Marketing ManagementNaresh Malhotra Marketing ResearchTull & Hokins Marketing Research. 52
  53. 53. 53