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Mediaq Upload Metadata First

We propose some interesting ideas, e.g., small amount of metadata is transmitted to a server in real-time while video content will remain on the device; the server will ping the device when it wants the user to upload the video.

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Mediaq Upload Metadata First

  1. 1. Upload metadata first 1 Capture a video Metadata first? NO YES 1. Upload metadata by login users • Add a checkbox to Settings: “Upload video metadata automatically” Login? YES 2. Upload metadata anonymously NO Workflow of Mobile Apps when After Capturing a Video
  2. 2. Upload metadata anonymously 2 • Upload metadata anonymously (for instant recording) • Use (device_id with video_id) to uniquely identify the uploading metadata. • These ids can be used to match the metadata with its content that will be uploaded later on server.
  3. 3. Upload video content passively 3 Server asks client (with device_id) to upload a video content (with video_id) YES Upload video content Login? NO Server matches video metadata and its content Workflow on Server and Mobile Apps when Server ask a Client to Upload Video Content This can be done with some code on the server to send push notification to Android/iOS Consent ? User receives a notification to upload a particular video, e.g., “Please upload video with id (or keyword)?”. User response with YES/NO. YES Show a message “Upload video content requires log in”. When user login he can see the highlighted videos need to be uploaded
  4. 4. Upload video content actively 4 Metadata first? NO Upload both video metadata and its content Upload video content Server matches video metadata and its content Workflow on Server and Mobile Apps when User Choose to Upload a Particular Video YES User choose to upload a video