Positioning roulette - What's your brand story?


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Positioning-Roulette is a tool designed to stimulate your thinking when creating a compelling positioning platform and brand story for your brand or when trying to identify the most motivating messaging strategy for your communication. Positioning-Roulette is based on 26 key “areas” that each represents a different but proven effective approach to positioning your brand and telling your brand story. These areas are based on the analysis of several thousands case studies of effective brand building (IPA cases, Effies, etc.) from around the world and across many different categories.

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Positioning roulette - What's your brand story?

  1. 1. www.Positioning-Roulette.com 26 proven ways to stimulate your thinking when creating your brand story Ulli Appelbaum
  2. 2. “Our heads are round so our thoughts can change direction.” Francis Picabia Ulli Appelbaum
  3. 3. www.Positioning-Roulette.com Stimulate the Senses Ulli Appelbaum
  4. 4. www.Positioning-Roulette.com Brand Archeology – Dig into Your Brand’s Past Ulli Appelbaum
  5. 5. www.Positioning-Roulette.com Identify your Band’s Archetype Ulli Appelbaum
  6. 6. www.Positioning-Roulette.com Identify your Brand’s Defining Attributes Ulli Appelbaum
  7. 7. www.Positioning-Roulette.com Dramatize the Brand’s Reward Ulli Appelbaum
  8. 8. www.Positioning-Roulette.com Create a Brand Ritual Ulli Appelbaum
  9. 9. www.Positioning-Roulette.com Disrupt the Category Conventions Ulli Appelbaum
  10. 10. www.Positioning-Roulette.com Share Your Creation Story Ulli Appelbaum
  11. 11. www.Positioning-Roulette.com Be part of Culture Ulli Appelbaum
  12. 12. www.Positioning-Roulette.com Identify an Enemy Ulli Appelbaum
  13. 13. www.Positioning-Roulette.com Create a Sense of Scarcity & Exclusivity Ulli Appelbaum
  14. 14. www.Positioning-Roulette.com Let Experts Tell Your Story Ulli Appelbaum
  15. 15. www.Positioning-Roulette.com Claim the Gold Standard Ulli Appelbaum
  16. 16. www.Positioning-Roulette.com Romance The Way The Product Work Ulli Appelbaum
  17. 17. www.Positioning-Roulette.com Celebrate the Ingredients Ulli Appelbaum
  18. 18. www.Positioning-Roulette.com Romance Your Brand’s Origin Ulli Appelbaum
  19. 19. www.Positioning-Roulette.com Overcome Consumption Barriers Ulli Appelbaum
  20. 20. www.Positioning-Roulette.com Give Meaning to the Brand’s Weakness Ulli Appelbaum
  21. 21. www.Positioning-Roulette.com Identify your Purpose Ulli Appelbaum
  22. 22. www.Positioning-Roulette.com Emphasize the Brand’s Benefit Ulli Appelbaum
  23. 23. www.Positioning-Roulette.com Tap into Consumer Rituals Ulli Appelbaum
  24. 24. www.Positioning-Roulette.com Submit Your Brand to a Torture Test Ulli Appelbaum
  25. 25. www.Positioning-Roulette.com Resolve a Category Problem or Paradox Ulli Appelbaum
  26. 26. www.Positioning-Roulette.com Identify Shared Values Ulli Appelbaum
  27. 27. www.Positioning-Roulette.com Re-define Your Business Ulli Appelbaum
  28. 28. www.Positioning-Roulette.com Leverage The Brand’s Usage Context Ulli Appelbaum
  29. 29. What is Your Brand Story?
  30. 30. We Create Positioning Platforms & Brand Stories That Build Businesses www.Positioning-Roulette.com Positioning Platform Development & Brand Story Creation Positioning-Roulette Training Messaging Strategy Development& Quantitative Testing Contact: Ulli@first-the-trousers.com
  31. 31. All Illustrations by Helmut Kruse www.HelmutK.com Positioning Platform Development & Brand Story Creation Positioning-Roulette Training Messaging Strategy Development& Testing