Sust 4103 capstone project poster beckmann


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Sust 4103 capstone project poster beckmann

  1. 1. Internship Learning at The Sustainability Consortium Michelle Beckmann Capstone Experience for Minor in Sustainability What is Being Done to Sustainability Measurement Life Cycle Analysis Sustainability Address Sustainability and Reporting System Contributions Managed Systems: within the Global Supply The Consortium concentrates on promoting Life Chain Network? Cycle Management throughout the Supply Chain system with intent to reduce the Carbon footprint of doing business, promote Sustainable Consumption, Conserve Resources, Promote Resource Efficiency and Cleaner Production and lay the foundation for Innovation. Natural Systems:• The Sustainability Consortium was The Consortium addresses Life Cycle Inputsestablished in 2009 with the goal of creating a such as energy, water, herbicides, pesticides,standardized measurement and reporting manure, and equipment as well as Outputs suchsystem that will help quantify and •SMRS was launched in July 2011 as GHG emissions, runoff, land occupation,communicate the sustainability of consumer Research Assistant and Knowledge Base Editor waste, solid waste, waste water, and fossil fuelproducts. •SMRS is the framework used to research Personal Research & Contributions to SMRS: combustion. Also, addressed is how individual• The Sustainability Consortium is dually and report empirical data for consumer consumer products or categories are contributing goods. Within SMRS is a collaborative style •Product Category Dossiers with most emphasisadministered by the University of Arkansas’ to Climate Change, Eutrophication, Acidity and database that houses Life Cycle Analysis for on Food, Beverage and Agriculture CategoriesApplied Sustainability Center (Walton College Toxicity when it comes to Pollutants of theof Business) and the University of Arizona’s individual consumer goods. •Introduction Narratives Environment.Global Institute of Sustainability but consists •Product Category Supply Chain Descriptions Social Systems:of over 75 members including suppliers, •Each consumer product is given a page and/or Edits within the Knowledge Base (SMRS database) The Consortium is addressing Social Issuesmanufacturers and retailers as well as Bananas entitled Category Dossier which further leads throughout the supply chain network by reportingGovernment and Non-government agencies, Beans (Legumes) issues such as Worker’s Health and Safety, Safeincluding Wal-Mart, Disney, Cargill, Tyson, to Category Sustainability Profile. Beef and Healthy Living Conditions, Social Benefits,Dell and many more. Social Security and Contribution to the • In the present time The Sustainability Sweet Corn• The ongoing collaborative effort of TSC will Economic Development of communities. Other Consortium is diligently working on the Citrusprovide accountability, transparency, and more social issues that may be reported/addressed Level 1 agenda which will lay the foundation Coffee include Child Labor, Suicide Tendencies, Fairinformed decisions makers when dealing with for the Level 2 goals in development (see Cotton treatment, and Education and Training.the supply chain system and consumer goods. diagram above) .  Fish Capstone Experience Soybeans Reflections •Each Category Dossier (SMRS) includes the Field Corn following: Working with The Sustainability Consortium gaveMy time spent as a Research Assistant and Sorghum •Introduction me real insight into what it is going to take toEditor to TSC’s Sustainability Measurement •Category Descriptions (definition, Canned Soup address Sustainability within the Supply Chain.and Reporting System database allowed direct Baby Formula “Our vision is to advance There is a real opportunity to make an impact on variations, exclusions, functions, unitsaccess to the dossiers of the Life Cycle science to drive a new the world if we continue to move forward with measured). Pet FoodAnalysis of the top 100 consumer products generation of innovative sustainable practices from farm, factory, logistics, •Tables of Life Cycle Inputs and Outputs Frozen Mealscurrently being researched by the Consortium. products and supply distribution, retail and consumer. •Environmental and Social Hotspots Potatoes networks that addressThis gave me the opportunity to contribute to •Potential Improvement Opportunities Rice environmental, social, I am unbelievably thankful for the opportunity tothis ambitious movement towards (Performance indicators) and economic have experience, knowledge and understanding insustainability within our supply chain Seed Oil •Discussion imperatives.”~ TSC the field of Sustainability thanks to this program!networks. And more! This poster was prepared in partial fulfillment of SUST 4103 Sustainability Capstone Images courtesy of