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DE Material Photostory

  1. 1. About The lesson: Microsoft Photo Story 3 is a type of multimedia authoring program .It helps you create exciting video stories from your pictures. You could create a video story that features narrated photographs or a video story that includes pictures and sounds. This tutorial will help you to create a video story in a few simple steps. You will learn how to open the program, import and arrange your pictures, add titles, record narration and add customize motion, add background music and save your story or project. Objectives: The main objective for this tutorial is, that you will be able to create a project using Microsoft photo story 3. o You will be able to open new project using Microsoft Photo Story o You will be able to import and arrange images into program. o You will be able to add a title into images o You will be able to add narration and add customize motion by using Microsoft Photo Story o You will be able to add background image to the story o You will be able to save his/her story movie >>Go to next page to start the lesson
  2. 2. To produce movie story here some steps you should follow: STEP 1: Opening the program 1. Click start button 2. Select program 3. Choose Photo Story 3 for Windows STEP 2: Opening the program 1. Open Photostory 3. 2. Select “Begin a ew Story” 3. Click ext. STEP 3: Import and arrange your pictures 1. Click “Import Pictures” for selecting the picture that you need to create your story.
  3. 3. 2. Select all images that you want to add, Click OK 3. You can reorder your images, by drag your images in the timeline, or use “Move back”,”Move foreword”, Delete” button next timeline. 4. Click “remove black boarders”,you can delete black borders in each side of your image. Click yes. 5. Editing Effects: Click “Edit”, you can rotate and Crop, Auto Fix and Add Effect on your picture Edit picture Move forward Timeline Delete Rotat OTE: You can always add other images by repeating step 2 above.
  4. 4. Step 4: Add a title to your picture 1. Click on the slide you wish to add text tool. Type your title into the window and use the various tools to change the font, font color and the positioning of the title on the slide. 2. Click ext. STEP 5: arrate your pictures 1. Select the image you want to record sound on. 2. Click on the record sound button. 3. Record your narration. Click on the stop button. 4. Test your voice-over by selecting the Preview button
  5. 5. STEP 5 :Customizing Motion and Transitions Customizing Motion 1. Click on the image in the timeline you wish to work with. 2. Click on the Customize motion button directly below the picture 3. The program defaults to the motion and duration tab. 4. Click the Specify start and end position of motion. 5. Preview the effect 6. Save the effect. OTE: this is a save function just for this image effect-it does not save the project. 7. Use the arrows to migrate to the next image. Transitions: 1. Click the Transition tab across the top. 2. The program displays the previous picture and the current picture with the effect between it.
  6. 6. 3. Select the transition and preview. 4. Use the arrows below the time display to migrate from picture to picture. 5. Click Save (again, saves the transition effect to the slide and not the file itself) 6. Close if you are done and repeat as necessary. STEP 6: Add background music 1. Click the Select Music button or the Create Music button to create your music yourself. 2. Play to preview the music. If you like it, click OK. 3. The music will now load into the track 4. Make sure to reduce the volume of the music track 5. Go ext. >>Go to the next page to finish your movie.
  7. 7. STEP 7: Save your story 1. Select the location of the completed movie. 2. Click ext Photostory builds your movie 3. Click on view your story. Go to Activity in next page >> Congratulations!!! You now have a completed digital story
  8. 8. Activities 1. Microsoft Photo Story 3 is a type of multimedia authoring program 1. True 2.Fules 2. You can creat your own music as background on the picture 1. True 2.Fules 3. You can add sound and …………….... on your picture 4. The images that you add will be appearing in………….. 5. Create movie story using photostory program by import only 7 pictures in the program. 6. match between the number and the name as you see in this picture (Timeline- Rotate- Reward button-Import picture) 3 2 4 1 >>Submit your answer s and photo story product to this e-mail to get the feedback and correct answers. And if you have any questions and comment just click on e-mail link. or