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LiveContent v1.0 CC Salon Presentation


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Published in: Technology

LiveContent v1.0 CC Salon Presentation

  1. LiveContent v1.0
  2. Timothy Vollmer, tvol, umichstudent, schoolofinformation, researcher, cc community + media intern, freeculture supporter, cook, bicyclist, musician + many, many others
  3. LiveContent, an idea
  4. Questions? How can content be “alive”? How do we access open content? How can we interact with CC-licensed media and share, remix, reuse content? How can we connect CC and FOSS?
  5. window on
  6. Search tools
  7. Licensing, marking, publishing tools
  8. Open Source platforms and applications
  9. LiveContent v1.0, a test
  10. LiveCD - contents boot directly from CD – no installation required LiveContent can be delivered in various ways—CD, USB, DVD, content feeds Interaction with content is key, formats are secondary
  11. Fedora 7 open source applications OpenOffice, Inkscape, The Gimp, Firefox, Totem, Evince open document templates CC-licensed content 700mb!
  12. Audio
  13. Video
  14. Image
  15. Text
  16. Education
  17. CC relies on supportive content curators to aggregate and spread open content
  18. Creative Commons Content Directories
  19. What does v1.0 look like?
  28. LiveContent v*.0 Future of LiveContent
  29. autocurated content v2.0 for libraries extend to other areas - education integration with other cc tools
  30. How can you get involved?
  31. CC projects are community projects You can be involved! developers, content curators, testers, evangelizers
  32. Available tonight and at LinuxWorld
  33. Creative Commons Timothy Vollmer Scott Shawcroft Jon Phillips Alex Roberts Cameron Parkins Rebecca Rojer Fedora Jack Aboutboul Russell Ossendryver
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