Libraries, Mobile, Policy: A Report Back and Response


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The information revolution has reached our pockets, and as this mobile transformation continues to unfold, libraries will experiment with tools to support the information needs of their users, wherever they are. Mobile tech and services can alter some of the relationships between libraries and their users, and introduces novel challenges to reader privacy. Simultaneously, the proliferation of mobile devices and services reiterates standing concerns of access to information in the digital age, including content ownership and licensing, digital rights management, and accessibility.

With the release of the policy brief Thereʼs an App for That! Libraries and Mobile: An Introduction to Public Policy Considerations, OITP will present on its research, and invite members of the library and policy communities to respond to its findings and recommendations. Panelists will include Timothy Vollmer, consultant to OITP and Open Policy Fellow at Creative Commons, Cody Hanson, Technology Librarian at the University of Minnesota, and Sherwin Siy, Deputy Legal Director at Washington, D.C. based public interest group Public Knowledge.

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Libraries, Mobile, Policy: A Report Back and Response

  1. 1. Libraries, mobile, policy: A report back and response There’s an App for That! Libraries and Mobile Technology: An Introduction to Public Policy Considerations American Library Association 2010 Annual Conference June 27, 2010 Timothy Vollmer Timothy Vollmer Sherwin Siy Cody Hanson Policy Brief No. 3, June 2010
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