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Michigan Open CourseWare dScribe and Intellectual Property introduction


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Michigan Open CourseWare dScribe and Intellectual Property introduction

  1. 1. MICHIGANOPENCOURSEWARE Faculty Primer dScribe Model Copyright and Intellectual Property
  2. 2. Why OCW? How is OCW environment different from Ctools? What is the role of dScribes? Rights, uses, future of open education
  3. 3. Why OCW?
  4. 4. Open CourseWare sites are growing both domestically and internationally
  5. 5. OCW sites add value for teaching and learning in many areas: Faculty Students Institutions The World
  6. 6. Faculty prepare materials for an upcoming class increase visibility of course materials Connect with faculty at UM and other schools guide future curriculum planning OCW site as “authoritative source” enhance personal knowledge
  7. 7. Students preview courses before registering complement current course content with materials from another course help plan long term course track connect with faculty and contribute with student-generated content enhance personal knowledge
  8. 8. Institutions support University of Michigan mission recruitment tool for prospective students connect with university alumni
  9. 9. The World share diverse course content with the world support open access education demonstrate framework for future development of OCW sites
  10. 10. How is OCW environment different from Ctools?
  11. 11. At The University of Michigan, faculty use Ctools to manage course materials Students in the class Within this content management can download these framework, faculty can post materials articles, lecture slides, photography, audio, video, etc.
  12. 12. The Educational Fair Use guidelines allow faculty to use copyrighted materials for... ...non-commercial instruction or curriculum- based teaching by educators to students at nonprofit educational institutions
  13. 13. Ctools enables this provision because access is restricted by authentication
  14. 14. The Fair Use allows Open CourseWare is not educators to use granted the Fair Use some copyrighted exemption because items materials in class will be available to all on settings the web fair use fair use OCW sites classroom
  15. 15. 3 OCW Intellectual Property (IP) Considerations Getting permission from faculty or other contributors of course materials to publish them on OCW Clearing, replacing, removing embedded third-party elements from materials to be published Granting a license to OCW end-users to use, reuse, adapt, and redistribute materials for non-commercial educational purposes, in accord with the OCW concept
  16. 16. Before course material can be uploaded to the OCW site, we need to address intellectual property considerations These might include: linking to books or articles instead of providing file download seeking permission to publish materials from secondary- source educators providing citations of or removing protected product logos, audio and video content
  17. 17. ...we have a Sounds like a process set lot to do... in place The transformation of materials will involve faculty and dScribes
  18. 18. How will dScribes help?
  19. 19. dScribes are “Digital Scribes” dScribes are motivated students currently in the course dScribes organize, clear, and tag course materials dScribes are familiar with technology dScribes know about intellectual property and copyright
  20. 20. dScribes prepare materials for a new life on the web
  21. 21. Process
  22. 22. Easy Steps for Faculty Set up Ctools course site Choose and tag materials for OCW export Give dScribe access to Ctools course site
  23. 23. Set up Ctools course site
  24. 24. Choose and tag materials for OCW export Home | Manage DScribes | Manage Course Materials | Review & Export Manage Course Materials Tags Manage: dScribe Review (3) Course Materials Selected for OCW Select: All, None Tag as: Lecture notes Remove Drupal CMS Week 1 Screencast: First steps Video -- Tag As: -- Sample text Faculty retain full control of which items they want on OCW site
  25. 25. Give dScribe access to Ctools course site INSTRUCTOR: Add DScribe Home | Manage DScribes | Manage Course Materials | Review & Export Add DScribe Current DScribes Fabio McKluskey ( remove Add DScribe Add a student's email address and the system adds the student as a DScribe
  26. 26. dScribes will work throughout the semester to prepare Ctools materials for OCW site begin mid-semester check IP questions final check IP, Visual layout OCW site export
  27. 27. Copyright and Intellectual Property Rights and Uses
  28. 28. What’s the difference between copyright and licensing? copyright = right to copy license = right to distribute
  29. 29. Michigan Open CourseWare Legal Principles faculty retain the intellectual property rights to their work faculty grant a non-exclusive license to share their work
  30. 30. Michigan OCW materials will be distributed with a Creative Commons license “Creative Commons provides free tools that let authors, scientists, artists, and educators easily mark their creative work with the freedoms they want it to carry.”
  31. 31. “Attribution-NonCommerical-ShareAlike”
  32. 32. Which means: Users are free to: copy, distribute, transmit the work adapt the work Under the conditions: attribution to the creator non-commercial uses only share alike with the same license
  33. 33. OCW aims to maintain quality and integrity of course and assures faculty teaching autonomy while promoting new ideas and tools for building openly accessible course materials
  34. 34. OCW aims to work closely with other university outreach initiatives Deep Blue, University of Michigan archiving repository UM Library Intellectual Property Office, which helps educate university faculty and students on IP issues
  35. 35. OCW can support an open educational resource (OER) movement By incorporating diverse faculty course materials With the help of knowledgeable and motivated dScribes
  36. 36. Resources Michigan Open Courseware - MIT Open CourseWare - Open CourseWare Consortium - Creative Commons - Creative Commons Search Engine - Michigan Copyright website - Stanford Copyright & Fair Use Center -