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Ckb max july-eng

  1. 1. The Great Vision
  2. 2. Company Founder Ms Rayla Melchor Santos Dedicated her life to helping children in both East and West Founder of McKinley Hill International School in Manila Partnered with Stephen Covey, author of “Seven Habits” series , to teach leadership in schools Invited by Chinese Ministry of Education to share her knowledge with schools and educators in Beijing, Guangzhou & Xiamen Spoke at United Nations on future of children
  3. 3. Product Lines Interactive learning environment through advanced animation Creative Learning Programs . Inspires creativity and independent thinking in children Enhances children's learning ability & memory Cultivates children’s good habits CKBMax Creative Learning System Instills proper behavior and knowledge of social morals Establishes common international values Beneficial to future world stability and harmony Produces winners in the social environment
  4. 4. Product Lines Inter-active Learning Courses 1) Interactive English Learning system produced by language education experts 2) MemoryMax: Germany's creative memory learning system 3) DiZiGue: Storyboards based on teachings of Confucius
  5. 5. Product Lines 4. 《Rockee Junior 》 Intermediate ESL Program 5. 《FQ Genius》- March 2013 Financial Quotient Training
  6. 6. Product Lines 6. 《ThinkerToys 》 10 - 2013 Creativity Techniques “IdeaKingdom”for Everyone 7. 《EZ Manderine》 - 10 - 2013
  7. 7. Product Lines CKBMax & Golden Cradle Kindergarten Co-produce《Super-Speed Reading》 To be launched in June 2014
  8. 8. CKBMax Outreach
  9. 9. CKBMax Outreach Donation of E-learning programs to aboriginal school children in Tai Wan, Jan 2013
  10. 10. Propelling Partnership Global Committee Members 10/18/2013
  11. 11. Propelling Partnership 2 CLAP - Creative Learning Amusement Paradise a better learning environment unleashing the genius in children for optimum benefit and enjoyment. The first CLAP showcase in ShenZhen – June 2012 CLAP Shanghai – March 2013
  12. 12. CLAP Multimedia CLAP’s Weekly Educational Talk Show Broadcasted in Radio MetroInfo FM99.7
  13. 13. CLAP Outreach
  14. 14. CLAP Breaking News
  15. 15. CLAP Breaking News Capital CEO Enterpreneur 100 Director of CLAP Group Florence Leung
  16. 16. CLAP Breaking News
  17. 17. Propelling Partnership E-Biz: The Virtual World
  18. 18. Breaking News Ranked as Top 10 in 11 countries
  19. 19. Business Plan “CKBest Group” and “Angels” together prepare for the conditions of going public. 1、Intellectual property rights 2、Creative Learning Paradises as real assets, franchising entity 3、Record of Angels’ sales performance 4、E-Biz - Virtual World 5、Internationally renowned professional services will help our companies to be listed
  20. 20. Business Plan Online Marketing Angel Plan 1) The task of CKBMax Angel (Online Marketing Angel or OMA) is to share the creative and interactive education system of CKBMax with the parents of the world. Let the children around the world experience and benefit from CKBMax’s education and culture. 2) Not only does CKBMax have a huge income potential, but engagement in CKBMAx affords OMAs participation in far-reaching global educational programs that promotes children’s empowerment through language learning, memory enhancement, and world-class values education. 3) In the process, OMAs can also become shareholders in the company thus enjoying financial freedom for themselves and their families.
  21. 21. Business Plan Becoming a CKBMax OMA Purchase of a starter course package (Starter Program) costs US $ 1,380 Starter package includes : 1) One Course of your choice 2) Course Rental System 2) Angel Business Back Office System 3) US$ 750 of the company's PRPt (Profit Reward Point) profit bonus to share in the company's future. While increasing loyalty, the OMA is also provided with a leveraging opportunity.
  22. 22. Business Award Highlights (US$) Dynamic Rewards Plan • Sales and Marketing Plan The lucrative Payout Plan is dedicated to rewarding the hard work of our Online Marketing Angels (OMAs) participating in the worldwide promotional scheme. • Profit-Reward Program (PRP) PRP is a creative way to allow the OMA to leverage the success of the company. The value of profit-reward points (PRPts) are is used to measure the sales and growth of the company. For every purchase of a super-valued program, PRPts are awarded. Over time, these Profit Reward Points could be a leveraging tools to reduce the risk and increase the overall profit.
  23. 23. Business Plan Owning these programs leads to an extra potential Income CKBMax Angels can earn rental income by owning these online programs: Course Rental system which allow Angels to rental their courses to students 1) Suggested monthly rental is $50usd 2) Each course purchased can rent to 4 students and each has a separate student account 3) The Rental management system can be accessed thru back office 4) The rental profit can be very attractive: Eg. $50/month x 4 students x 12 months / $1,380 = 188%
  24. 24. Future Strategy Ecloud -Training Center Ecloud -Training Center Inter-active classroom setting rolling out Ecloud – Training Center in 2014
  25. 25. Sales and Marketing Plan 1. DIRECT SALE COMMISSION The OMA who directly makes a sale will earn $120usd in direct sale commission Example 1: 4 repeat sales from your own account Direct sale commission is $120 x 4 = $480usd Example 2: Direct sponsorship of 3 people who each purchased an OMA starter package Direct sale commission is $120 x 3 = $360usd
  26. 26. Sales and Marketing Plan Reward Suggestions – 2x2 system Use volume to get extra income and increase the income of your downlines Placement Sponsor Diagram You You A OMA B OMA C OMA A OMA D OMA Ranking is based on Sponsor Diagram, Not Placement Diagram C OMA D OMA Diagram B OMA Placed OMA1 Placed OMA3 Placed OMA2
  27. 27. Sales and Marketing Plan Reward 2. INDIRECT ORGANIZATIONAL BONUS Based on Placement organization Personal Qualification 0sales 3sales 5sales 8sales Level 2 $40 $40 $40 $40 Level 3 Level 4 Level 5 Level 6 Level 7 Level 8 8$40 personal direct sales $40 $40 $40 $40 earn you $40 for $40 every sale $40 $40 $40 under your 10 levels $40 beyond the first level $40 $40 $40 $40 $40 $40 $40 Level 9 $40 Level 10 $40
  28. 28. Sales and Marketing Plan Reward 2. INDIRECT ORGANIZATIONAL BONUS Example: If you have 2,044 OMAs in 10 levels who purchased 5 courses each, then your indirect organization bonus would be: $40 x 2044 x 5 = 408,800usd 8 sales OMA 2 level 4 3 level 8 4 level 16 5 level 32 6 level 64 7 level 128 8 level 256 9 level 512 10 level 1024 Total: 2,044 OMA
  29. 29. Sales and Marketing Plan Reward 3. LEADERSHIP MATCHING BONUS Leadership Matching Bonus – a % match of your placement member’s indirect organization bonus 0sales Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 Level 4 Level 5 Level 6 Level 7 Level 8 Level 9 Level 10 3sales 5sales 8sales 10sales 10% 10% 10% 10% 10% 10 personal direct sales 10% would 10% 10% 10% qualify 10% for10% levels of you 10 10% Matching Bonus which could 10% 10% 10% 10% means 20 levels 10% of bonus from 10% $32 to $2 With 2x2 fully placed 20 levels organization, there is a potential of 2 million team members 10% 10% 10% 10% 10% 5% 5% 5% 5% Potential income: 2,000,000x$10x5 = 100 Millions
  30. 30. Sales and Marketing Plan Reward 4. MANAGEMENT ACHIEVEMENT BONUS CKBMax’s Rank Advancement OMA BA Business VP BM BD
  31. 31. Sales and Marketing Plan Reward BVP Business VP BD Business Director Business Manager Busiess Associate OMA BM BD BM USD180.00 OMA USD100.00 BM BA BA USD140.00 BD BA OMA USD50.00 Accumulate 7 courses
  32. 32. Sales and Marketing Plan Reward BD Direct + Management $120+$140=$260 BVP To infinity levels OMA Purchase a package BD Rank Bonus: $10 BD BM To infinity levels OMA Purchase a package BD Rank Bonus: $10 To infinity levels BA OMA To infinity levels OMA OMA Purchase a package Purchase a package BD Mgmt BD Mgmt Bonus: Bonus: $140-$100=$40 $140-$50=$90 To infinity levels OMA Purchase a package BD Mgmt Bonus: $140-$0=$140
  33. 33. Sales and Marketing Plan Reward Fast Start Plan BA1 -------- Join as OMA and purchases 8 courses 10/18/2013
  34. 34. Sales and Marketing Plan Reward Fast Start Plan Fast start promotion – top up extra PRPtZ BA within 30 days - 18,000 PrptZ BM within 30 days - 36,000PrptZ BD within 30 days - 68,000PrptZ BVP within 30 days - 80,000PrptZ
  35. 35. Sales and Marketing Plan Reward EVP Override bonus and World Pool $5 override to each new sales generated from BVP group 3 organization of BVP Receive 1% world pool $5 override to each new sales generated from EVP group 3 organization of EVP Receive 1%+1% world pool $5 override to each new sales generated from SVP group 3 organization of SEVP Receive 1%+1%+1% world pool
  36. 36. Profit-Reward Program Profit-Reward Program (PRP) The Rate of Appreciation is set as follows: Every 3,000,000 PRPts awarded via purchase of Business Pack, the value of PRPt will go up 0.001usd.  Profit-Reward Point is a value-appreciation unit based on the growth rate of the company. Its value is a function of that growth rate.  Members owning these PRPts can gain more value from the growth of the company rather than just from his/her personal and/or own group efforts.  In other words, CKB members can leverage the growth of the entire company and gain profit from it.
  37. 37. Profit-Reward Program PRPt  For every US$750 value of PRPt, members can exchange an Online Learning Course for personal use or to reselling purpose.  PRPts can also be used to purchase Promo-Pin.  PRPts can be redeemed as coupons to partially pay for the products listed under QMart can be used to redeem and/or exchange the following items:  PRPts can also be bundled (frozen for any redeem activities) and request to be exchanged for CKB Holding company shares (private, non- public, company shares)  Under an optional and voluntary choice, OMA can join the Internal Membership Auction Platform to sell their PRPt strictly among other affiliate members.
  38. 38. Profit-Reward Program PRPts can be used exchanged for Shares: - Bundled (frozen) the PRPt to exchange Shares and to get additional yearly Bonus Additional Yearly Bonus (1% - 15%) • 120,000PRPt –1 % yearly bonus paid in quarterly • 240,000PRPt - 2 % yearly bonus paid in quarterly • 480,000PRPt –4% yearly bonus paid in quarterly • 960,000PRPt –6% yearly bonus paid in quarterly • 1,920,000PRPt –12% yearly bonus paid in quarterly • 3,840,000PRPt – 20 % yearly bonus paid in quarterly • 7,680,000PRPt - 24% yearly bonus paid in quarterly
  39. 39. Profit-Reward Program UNIQUE PRP Profit Reward Plan(PRP) For members purchases, the package will be rewarded $750usd of PRPt Profit Reward Point ** 25% of commission to be retained for auto repurchase – goes into PRPt Wallet The Best Rewards Plan – Dynamic Rewards Plan 1) High payout ratio 2) Value appreciated Program to leverage the success of the company
  40. 40. Welcome to be CKBMax OMA