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new to Learning Pool Learning Pool Live 2017 presentation


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new to Learning Pool - Learning Pool Live 2017 presentation

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new to Learning Pool Learning Pool Live 2017 presentation

  1. 1. Key to success with Learning Pool
  2. 2. What we do Bullet point one to go here Bullet point two to go here Bullet point three to go here 9 Catalogues Built in Adapt and fully editable New modules and updates Catalogue Admin & learners Help desk & Learning Consultant Events and webinars Support Learning & performance Highly customised Anytime & Anywhere LMS Award winning solutions Range of treatments Gamification Custom Content
  3. 3. Learning Maturity Model
  4. 4. Learning Pool Total Role based learning Blended Learning Programmes / Certifications Advanced hierarchy Performance management Sophisticated reporting
  5. 5. Audience based learning Blended Learning Sophisticated reporting Learning Pool Essential
  6. 6. Our Support
  7. 7. Hosting • Fully hosted in Rackspace • Available 24x7 • 24 hour monitoring • Free upgrades + maintenance • ISO 27001 Hosting Hosting Support • Dedicated helpdesk • AdminSupport • Dedicated helpdesk • Admin & Learners • Unlimited 7 days a week • Learning Consultant • Training – Academy & onsite • Quarterly onsite reviews • Events + webinar Support
  8. 8. Catalogue and Bespoke Our Content
  9. 9. We ensure that every customer has face-to-face contact with someone from the senior team at least twice a year; We review our service levels every year and ask for customer feedback and suggestions for improvement. Financial Services Are you looking for a flexible and modern e- learning solution that allows you to customise content to meet Financial Services compliance and your corporate responsibilities? All of this is easily achieved with our Financial Services Catalogue. Health As the preferred supplier to many strategic organisations in the UK health sector, we've created a suite of health e-learning modules that will enable staff to be trained quickly, easily and in line with the Core Skills Training Framework. Housing Ensure your staff and tenants have access to the relevant training they need, wherever and whenever they need it. Created in partnership with housing organisations across the UK, you can be confident that we’ve got your training agenda covered. Social care Our social care e-learning modules will allow you to increase the reach of your training, make extensive savings and have peace of mind your employees are fully compliant with the obligations presented by the Care Act, which includes 15 modules covering the Care Certificate. Our catalogue range 10 ILM recommended and packed full of great modules like leadership and management, the sales process, and developing personal resilience, this catalogue gives you the tools you need to develop a highly effective team. We've worked in partnership with over 200 government organisations to build this catalogue jampacked with sleek and engaging e-learning modules designed to improve performance in your organisation.. So, we really do know our stuff! Significantly reduce your training costs and enhance employee knowledge with our effective hospitality e-learning suite. Packed full of great titles like Food Safety and HACCP, this catalogue gives you everything you need to underpin your e-learning service. Complete with over 90 different e-learning modules, this catalogue is perfect for teaching those key skills needed in any workplace. Including mandatory topics such as anti-bribery, manual handling and equality in the workplace, this catalogue gives you the building blocks you need to transform your organisations training. our new catalogue combines innovative gamification with compelling storytelling and outcome driven content to create compliance training like you’ve never seen. Business Government Hospitality Core Skills Compliance
  10. 10. Adapt Builder 11 Online builder Immersive deep scrolling experience Visually rich Multi-device Collaborative development platform
  11. 11. 12 A closer look at… Onboarding Impactful welcome to new starters Efficient training method Visuals that communicate the company brand Mixed media resource hub Explorative design Screen examples from glh, Starbucks and RBS induction courses.
  12. 12. 13 A closer look at… Business and systems skills Designed to suit the busy learner Gamification Practical activities that embed key learning points Mentor characters Branching scenarios Screen examples from Burberry, RBS and PwC modules that teach employees how to carry out different aspects of their jobs.
  13. 13. 14 A closer look at… Compliance Bringing content to life Bitesize information Gamification Scenario-led Assessment Tracking through the LMS Screen examples from compliance courses of differing treatment levels for Tesco, Tesco Mobile and Global Radio.
  14. 14. There are various illustration styles that we can use to create a mentor character. The range below demonstrates different treatment levels at an increasing level of detail. Let’s talk about… Appealing visual styles 15 1 2 The most basic treatment level showing a very boxy shape and simplistic features, but the clothing is still fairly customisable. 3 4 Shows the body becoming more proportionate, with added features such as fingers and facial hair becoming part of the character’s expression. 5 A little more complex, with multiple shades of color adding a slight 3D effect without affecting the simplicity of the character. A fully proportionate body and the clothing make this the most detailed level of treatment, but it lacks the playfulness of the other styles. The body shape is more realistic but the head to body ratio still makes it look playful. 1 2 3 4 5
  15. 15. Game formats There is also the option to present the key learning points within an immersive, highly interactive game. There are many game formats available and we’d design yours based on a thorough analysis of the content and a tested learning design process. Recent example One example we have recently produced is shown here. Learners were required to control a flying bird, in order to collect eggs and answer multiple choice questions along the way. This piece was very successful as learners actually wanted to return to the game and perform well in it, due to its fun nature. A closer look at… High level games 16 The SKY Flappy Bird game was a fun awareness piece developed for Learning at Work week. Users were encouraged to login each day to play a new level of the game.
  16. 16. Board game Another example of a high level game that we can offer is our bespoke board game. The screens on the right demonstrate the board game that we designed especially for Santander. The format Learners must choose an avatar and make their way around the board by rolling a virtual dice. Along the way, they are required to complete a range of fun mini challenges, that emphasise the key learning points Popular The fun nature of the game and the freedom that it provides learners with, to choose which challenges they complete first, motivates individuals to engage with it. Santander required a high-impact course to assess learners’ understanding of Data Analysis techniques. Each mini-game tested them on a certain aspect of the topic. More about… High level games 17
  17. 17. Questions?